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The Perfect No-Good Day

How It All Began

By K.H. ObergfollPublished about a year ago 1 min read
The Perfect No-Good Day
Photo by Jonathan Stout on Unsplash

Shrink-wrapped rolls of four-foot pieces of carpet were all that was left of the house on 15th and Main. The neighbors might've noticed but Jimmy--the local trash collector surely didn't. He was paid extra to turn a blind eye and for good reason. Why I couldn't have his job I'd never know.

I wasn't cut out for this sort of life, after all, I’d only just awoken in this hell-hours before. I should have known when the pretty lady at the bar smiled deviously as she blew twenty-four karat pixie dust over the roaring flames of my tonic whiskey.


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K.H. Obergfoll

Writing my escape, my future…if you like what you read—leave a comment, an encouraging tip, or a heart—I’m always looking to improve, let me know if there is anything I can do better.

& above all—thank you for your time

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