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The Pegasus Project

by Lee Roby 11 months ago in Sci Fi
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Science Fiction

The Pegasus Project

The Advanced Study Institute is primed for the brightest minds. Advanced teleportation techniques, higher learning aptitude.

Regressed transgression hyper hypnotic state for alpha beta wave transmission. This is the super induced state at which mere mortals can fully function their mind through transportation techniques. Kathy is my first subject she is under super trans-missive electro-shock therapy of about one quintillion millivolts of quantum electricity. This is to subvert her mind and un-waken her potential as a super-quasi quantum theorist, and her ability in telekinesis.

Kathy can shape her mind in various ways. I have to be very careful when dealing with Kathy's past as well as her ability to subvert her mind into a chemical weapon. Her brain synapses fire faster than any human being on earth at about 5 trillion times faster. Which make her telekinetic mind move things at the speed of light. She can split atoms and create nuclear fusion as well as nuclear fission. Her telekinetic mind needs constant rest and fuel. Kathy has the power to fuel the world and create enough electricity through chemical means as possible. She has a Ph.d. in quantum physics as well as entanglement theory. Her brain can calculate speeds as fast as any supersonic jet. She has the awesome power to move things with her mind.

My name is Fitch Armstrong and I'm a quantum field physicist as well as a nuclear chemist with degrees in advanced hypnosis. I have a top secret security clearance and don't have any special powers like Kathy has. My only ability lies in keeping Kathy on our side, and not as a weapon to destroy the world or make clones of herself to do so. I'm sort of intimidated of Kathy since she's hotter than the sun and smarter than I am. We talk as colleagues and we're working on controlling the Trinity experiment. We're using her mind to separate atoms at faster than the speed of light speeds and to see the interactions of each. With her mind we can estimate the forces, speeds, and energies of galaxy's far away in the cosmos. We're trying to clone one aspect of her brain to fuel the world. It is better than anti-matter and more stable.

She can calculate speeds of atoms colliding with one another ten times faster than the cyclotron at Caltech. I like to fuck around with engineering and mostly chemical engineering since I'm a nuclear chemist. We're the only ones that can actually feel electrons smashing together and rearranging themselves in little eco-systems. Kathy could scramble my head and fuck me up.

Kathy has an enemy. Kathy's enemy is China, Iran and North Korea, and the fact about energy in the free world. People want her destroyed for the fate of mankind. If she gets in the hands of communist countries wanting to cut her hands off to rule the world we find ourselves into a conundrum. I've actually had the ability to hypnotize Kathy and see electrons fight each other over waves of incandescent light. I could slow down the collisions just as her mind was going through them in her mind. Her mind was a thought experiment. Her mind were explosions of anti-matter and super-quantum gravity fields.

My feelings are mixed since I'm the one that has to control Kathy and embed a neuro-circuit in her brain to control her and shut her down when we need to. It's more covert that the Manhattan Project ever was and I'm the only one who knows about it. If I fail or fuck up I could disappear. The problem is is that Kathy and I are friends and colleagues, and before we met I was in the NSA for four years. We were teamed up together at a CERN meeting. I know Kathy's on the right side and isn't dangerous but nobody else does. They're too frightened of her capability to destroy the earth.

As her hypnotist I hold information that nobody else holds. With her ability we can create space ships moving through galaxies at times faster than light years. We have three blueprints for nuclear fission ships already. I made a pact with Kathy to hypnotize her and open up one area of her brain so she can become a quasi-quantum theorist. She can't do it by herself. We have to tap into her cerebellum and her cerebrum where her particle entanglement theory and open up the strangle force she calls it. Once we open up her mind through hypnosis and she uses her telekinetic mind to split and tear atoms we will find the answer were looking for. She thinks we'll find something she calls the strangle force.

If the higher ups knew that I was in fact making her more powerful, dangerous, or smarter they would have me killed. They still want me to embed the neuro-circuit in her brain while she is hypnotized. They want to know what I know. They want her patents her information and the technology to rule the world just like every other country in the planet. I'm not going to put the neuro-circuit in her brain while I hypnotize her, but that won't stop the higher ups from strapping her down and injecting her with the circuit anyway.

She's been drugged 5 times already and been threatened with secret information. Her knowledge goes far beyond our space program and into fields we can't even imagine. The thought of free energy and once having it at our disposal could destroy the world. That's what game theorists are saying. We're currently using a quantum computer to quantize all the information. There thinking of sending Kathy to Mars in Imitar the new Roswell initiative. It's buried 15 stories beneath Mars crust and the only people who know about it are the United States and Russia. No one knows we have been secretly drilling for years and building with Mars own minerals.

Our top secret initiative with Russia holds that our satellites can't keep things tracked and we can't televise our missions or know anything about them. Imitar is equally funded by the Russians as well as the United States but the energy patents we hold are solely in the hands of Kathy as we speak. We're reluctant to let Kathy go to Imitar for many reasons. First we don't have the security to keep her safe. Now no one knows Kathy's true identity but she doesn't want to be a lab rat forever, she say's she's a competent scientist and it is the future of our race as well as our nation for us to go forward with this Roswell initiative. Mars is bleak but it's the only planet we can secretly use and dispose of chemical gases as well as wastes. If we can set up resources and build peet binder containers that solidly hold lethal waste and store it in the core of Mars we have reached the climate control initiative for the United States Climate Initiative.

With my nuclear chemical background dealing with the hazardous waste and its interactions with different environments makes me one of the people to coordinate the Mars Waste Disposal System, with the interacting of particles at high speeds we want to see the solid liquid waste disappear into something harmless like a gaseous planet or a star. Senator Sessions from Rhode Island is the sub-committee chair to the nuclear and chemical task force. That's never going to fucking happen I said. Kathy stays here where she can get our work done not some stupid fucking waste disposal system. You're talking above your pay-grade Fitch. Fuck the fucking pay grade Andersen. This is our baby and we're almost on totally clean endless fucking energy. We're not going to need a shitty waste disposal system. our energy will keep fusing forever. How the fuck do you think we get our funding from Fitch? We get money from the UN and climate control to fund Imitar for the hope of disposable waste. We need the resources to hold the tanks and the ability to get them to Mars as well as the funding for our current projects.

It's Tuesday. Hi Kathy. Hello Fitch. we're both at an underground location working for DARPA right now. At least that's how we're getting paid right now. We both told the government to fuck off for the last time and to let us specialize in our own special labs costing at about 2 million dollars a piece. Our beakers our tax-payer paid and they're lovely to look at. We were going to save the government millions and billions of dollars. When I was working at the NSA about 30 years ago we had a separate internet to work on, and we do here, but as far as Kathy and I are concerned we need more privacy. We currently live 33 stories underground in a remote location known to only a few people. We grow our own food and have our own ecosystems.

Later that day Kathy and I met with three scientists from CERN and were going over data on the Hadron Collider. We were working on unlocking photons and how they bounced off other photons or nuclei in the center of an atom. Kathy called me a corpuscle of light and we both laughed.

After our meeting we were going into the d chamber room as I call it sort of like a decompression chamber if you're going under water so that you don't get the bends. It's my oasis and it has acoustics as well as Bose-Einstein speakers and many chakra oras. I also do NLP or neuro-linguistic programming. We also do psycho-kinesis as well as map neurons in the brain for vital functions for the human body. We've unlocked a corridor into the mind that the ancient Greeks used in memorization techniques for memorizing long poems or Greek tragedies.

This secret corridor we were looking for was unlocking her potential to be telekinetic and what brain waves she was emitting to move objects with her mind. The actual particles that specifically targeted certain atomic clutter and smashed it to pieces was what we were looking for. We wanted to delve deeper and control to central areas of her brain at once making it an actual possibility of utilizing 40 percent of a persons brain at one time. We have both been using NLP for over 10 years and we have had code words as well as both of us have been under hypnosis while being videotaped so I knew my hypnotist wouldn't go farther than I wanted them to.

We had a mini Hadron collider underneath the ground and we simulated actual atoms smashing each other producing different material like quarks or gluons. Kathy's abilities lie in the fact that she can do millions more processes faster and better than any collider and her measurements are far more accurate. Since she can move objects with her mind faster than the speed of light we have to be careful and so does she. She can move small objects and anything too heavy she can't move so we study her telekinetic powers for nuclear reactions with stars and gamma rays hoping for nuclear fusion or fission. She can see the architectural knowledge of ten pantheons inside her head with a million rooms with different objects sorting themselves in random variables and oscillations. Her brain waves create something called dark anti-gravitorial matter which makes atoms move. Her electronegative circuitry and synapse produce actual energy which makes matter dissipate and create negative fields of energy. She can read anyone like a book and has no time for anyone. Her life is her work. Her work is consumed with my work, and the government is watching what we're doing.

Getting past her gatekeeper is like trying to shut down her nervous system. She has 17 thousand defense mechanisms which can rapidly shut down her body at any moment. If she were to fall into the wrong hands it could be a deadly holocaust disproportionate to death itself but with these defense mechanisms we have made Kathy into the perfect quasi-scientist capable of designing interstellar space ships for the future of mankind and harness energy within explosions such as on Jupiter to effective energy streams. We have unlocked Hammurabi's code to the future. With her mind firing at speeds faster than the speed of light we're finally capable of producing unlimited sources of energy and one day finding another sun to heat our next planet to save our race and our future for all of mankind.

We're working with Boeing right now to fund such an operation. The Roswell Initiative and the waste disposal systems were enacting are going to further free unlimited energy on our planet and foster an economic boom that will pave the way to endless energy. With the accuracy of Kathy's information we have the ability to put into working models the efficiency of controlled nuclear reactions sustained over time. We can extract the energy created in simultaneous explosions and use them to create sustained supplies of energy without causing harm in a catch like system enabled by Kathy's brain.

Kathy's brain can almost attempt moving objects approaching the speed of light. We use these atom smashers as useful calculations for bit pod rate speed vacuum quasor telepathy morph ridden actuary science where are spaceships for Boeing are being built. If Kathy can telepathically move objects with her mind why can't we do the same with space ships that will fuel us to the next Alice in the wonderland planet. Using tripod space ships to morph from one actuary point in time to another telepathically gives us vast resources to save time and money for the future. We have Zeno's paradox to work with slightly jumping spaceships from one point to another in real time.

We have to pinpoint exact locations of telepathy to do so. Sort of a wormhole like experience but with just two locations. Arriving at both places at once would cause great havoc though. Just with quantum computation we see inroads to the future. Kathy's mind has created these space ships lets use them at our disposal.

Approaching and even breaking the speed of light somehow would enable us to approach planet x once our sun dies out and keeping us alive for some billion more years. We have to think about interstellar war and if there is life on these planets. Just looking at planets from millions of light years away won't even tickle our fancy or make good on our promise to save civilization once again. How else can we design our spaceships for interstellar travel.

We can't even approach speeds up to the speed of light yet. We need more quantum science and more brain power to move these objects in real time finding zones that we can capture and store super energy equivalent of more than 20000 million tons of TNT reacting to speeds faster than ever thought. That requires hydrogen one testing and mind map speed relays to capture quantum gravity. So we're saying 3 hydrogen bombs going off and quantizing speeds up to and faster than the speed of light. While targeting all this information and energy into one solar quantum pad morphing and telepathically relocating with another space ship.

Sci Fi

About the author

Lee Roby

I published Trigonometry Simplified on Amazon. I like to write fiction as well as non-fiction. This is all a learning process for me and as I progress through this maze called life hopefully my passion and writing becomes greater.

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