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The Ordeal

Short story

By Georgi JohnPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

I was just casually looking through the front window. It was almost dark and me and my daughter were about to have our dinner. I saw a car pulling up in front of my house. As I was curiously watching, 2 men came out of the car and started walking towards my house. I was not expecting visitors. I live far from town and the nearest house is about 100 meters away. I smelt danger. I could feel something bad is going to happen. I told to myself ˋno matter what happens I am not going to open the door´. I grabbed my 3 years old daughter and I told her to be quiet. The footsteps closed in to the front door and somebody knocked the door. I didn’t answer and we just kept silence. He knocked again. I slowly peeked through the window. I could see one guy going back to the car. He went behind the car and pulled out something looked like a shotgun. My heart started pounding. I took my phone out and called the police. As I was explaining the officer I heard a loud gun shot. It was so loud that I was deafened for few seconds. My hearing came back to the scream of my daughter. ˋThey are breaking iń I screamed to the officer. Then I ran to the back door grabbing my daughter and as I opened the back door I heard another gunshot. They are inside the house. I ran through the backyard and threw my daughter over the fence and I jumped over the fence. I ran to the woods behind my house, but my aim was to reach the neighbours house. I ran a little further in the dark in to the forest and watched my house from a distance in absolute horror. I could see them coming out through the back door and looking outside for us. I reached for my phone but I couldn’t find it I lost my phone. We slowly walked to the neighbour. The robbers were not following us. I reached behind our neighbours house and the fence was too high to jumb over. I thought if I called for help the robbers could hear us. So I slowly went around and reached the front door. The door was open. I slowly walked inside the house. To my horror I could see someone lying down covered in blood. For few seconds I couldn’t move, I was paranoid, I ran back to the forest grabbing my daughter. Now the next house is half a kilometre away. I ran for some time and stopped. I decided to stay hidden in the forest until the police arrive. If they want to rob my house they could do it and get away now, I thought. I sat down holding my daughter tight. I thought I could go back near my house and I can keep an eye on it. I lingered towards my house. It’s total darkness but I could see the light from my house. My daughter was sobbing and I was trying to clam her down. As I moved inch by inch I heard someone walking. I said to myself ‘that’s it we are done’. I stopped and didn’t move. Now I could only say my last prayers. I hugged my baby tight and sat down behind a tree. If I made a move they could hear us and easily catch up. The footsteps came closer. At that moment I was praying for them to go away from us. But they came closer and closer. Suddenly somebody called out my name ˋMr. Johń. I slowly looked up. Thank god it was the police officers. The ordeal was over. The guys who broke into our house had killed 3 people that night and were caught next day. We no longer live in the house.


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  • Alex H Mittelman 3 months ago

    Wow!!! Intense! What a bunch of killers! Good work!

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