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The Old Monkey Herminia

by BobBam about a month ago in Fantasy
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When the heart is bound for a long time, even if the limbs are free, there is no direction for life. Hennie is a monkey bred by the monkey juggler Iwaki. According to Yan Ming, Hennie is an extremely smart monkey, a new program, as long as you teach it three or five times will do it, the average monkey needs 30 to 50 times to be taught. But Hennie is so wild that he is always thinking about running away.

Like all monkey jugglers, Iwamaki used hunger, whip, and shackles in an attempt to wear down Hennie's wild nature, but all methods were exhausted, but the effect was minimal. I had no choice but to put the thin iron chain on its neck forever.

In the fourth year of my stay in Manguang Langzhai, Iwamaki suffered from severe arthritis because of the long years in the wind and rain, and had difficulty walking. He wanted to sell Hennie, but Hennie was old and stubborn and wanted to run away at every turn, so he asked several monkey jugglers, but no one would take him. So Iwamaki asked me to help him take Herney to the Mumbanasi forest to be released.

I took Hennie and walked for most of the day to a place called Wild Monkey Ridge. The woods there were as dense as a fence, so I couldn't get through. Iwamaki told me that it was here that he caught Herney twenty years ago with a trap, when she was just a young monkey under one year old. Twenty years have passed, the little monkey Hearne has become an old monkey Hearne, but I did not expect that it still knows this piece of land. As soon as he stepped into the Wild Monkey Ridge, his eyes glowed and his mouth whined and screamed, looking very excited. I had a hard time untying the thin chain that had been tied around its neck for twenty years, and it climbed up a nearby tree, and when it reached the top, it looked back at me and barked with a grin - or to be precise, it barked roughly at the shiny chain in my hand that symbolized human dominance - and ran and jumped into the canopy. No more.

I thought that I would never see it again in my life. I never dreamed that on the third morning, I had just reached the spacious carriage road outside the fortress when suddenly a monkey jumped down from a betel nut tree and blocked my way. I looked down and couldn't believe my eyes, but it was Hennie! Only two days apart, Hernie looks like two years older, dirty, dirty, down and out, like a monkey in the beggar.

At this time, the carriage road and one after another over a dozen hoes and straps ready to work in the fields of villagers, they all know Herney's life, Herney's return is very surprised, so a circle to see rare.

The Hernandez suddenly stood upside down with its front paws on the ground and circled around the circle of people, then it climbed up a tall betel tree, hooked its two hind legs on the trunk and slid down quickly from the top of the tree to the ground, and grabbed an empty basket from a girl who was watching and waddled around the field. Oh, he is doing a monkey show! After performing a show of walking upside down, climbing a high pole and pushing a cart, Herney turned his palms over and made a begging face, kowtowing to the crowd of onlookers. A sister-in-law threw him a bale, and he gobbled it up.

I don't know who told the news of the return of the old monkey Hearne to Yan Ming, the old man on crutches carrying the shiny thin chain trembling from the village, squeezed through the crowd, came to Hearne, with tears in his eyes, said: "I know my old Hearne is unable to leave me, well, it is good to come back, in time, I am well, we will go together to break the dock. " I paid close attention to the reaction of the old monkey Hearne, it did not see the old master and the expression of excitement and joy, its wrinkled face did not change, dull and insensitive gaze.

When its eyes moved to the thin iron chain carried in Iwamaki's hand, its gaze jumped like a flame. It slowly crawled to the side of the rock Ming, grabbed the chain, with a mixture of dislike and joy, fear and love of a very complex look for a long time to stare at the chain that has been chained to it for 20 years. Suddenly, it let out a soul-rending howl, closed its eyes, and wrapped the chain around its neck.

It escaped again and again, and spent its life trying to free itself from the chain around its neck, for which it was scolded, scolded, scourged and tortured.


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