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The Night They Met

A flash fiction story.

By Caitlin Jill AndersPublished 12 months ago 1 min read
The Night They Met
Photo by Nick Night on Unsplash

The trees swayed too hard that night.

Sophie woke up, blinking hard. All she could see were leaves and darkness. Head pounding, eyes burning. Everything stung. She tried to sit up and let out a wail. Every part of her was caught on something. A tree had come through her roof. She was trapped.

The night moved on. Sophie waited, terrified.

“Don’t move,” said a voice. “We’ve almost got you!” She drifted in and out. All she saw were light brown curls. His warm embrace as he carried her to safety. That was the night she met her husband, Mark.


About the Creator

Caitlin Jill Anders

Full-time writer with anxiety just figuring it out.

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