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Love alone can endure anything

By Muthukumar IrulappanPublished 4 months ago 4 min read

"Sundaram" is a boy living alone in a big forest surrounded by thick trees. "A handsome man with broad shoulders, sharp vision, clear purpose, honest character".

He leaves the area and comes into the country for his food needs. Then some of the soldiers of the despotic king Ravi who comes there arrest Sundaram and take him to the king. There the king orders Sundaram to be a slave. Sundaram sees that there are many slaves like him.

A few days later, Sundaram and all are sold as slaves to the chief of the "small fort" island. The island was a horrendous tropical region, with limited access to good water, food, and shelter for the enslaved. Only one area has trees. The slaves came to build a mansion with the wood, stones and many other materials there.

Here Manohar, the chief of the island, has a daughter. She is the "dazzling princess artist with beautiful looks, charming face and eternal youth".

Kalaiyarasi falls in love when she sees Sundaram. Without knowing what she is doing, she goes around enjoying Sundaram. Sundaram also has a similar state of mind. However...

Sundara was a slave, a forest dweller, a poor family, living alone without a mother and father. In contrast, Kalairasi is an island princess, living in a comfortable royal household with many maids serving her.

Kabaddi dances as love is found between the two. However, their background is like two different poles, like heaven and earth. But who has fate left.... Sundaram who was somewhere in the forest has been brought to this small fort island. Without reason, everything is for art.

Even though he obeyed all the orders of the leader like a slave, Sundaram melted a little in the eyes of the artist.

Days passed...

Sundaram's love for the actress went beyond measure. The reason is the pure love of the artist. Valluvan's lines of "Anpiduum Undo Adakkundhal" were enthralled by both of them.


"Is it not a laugh that laughs three times

Not a fire that touches the whole chest

Psalms are not the language of rain

Happiness is not the way

My temple is not an idol"

- that in the wild,

"There is no sea without waves

There is no body that does not walk with the shadow

Awake with unblinking eyelids

There is no race that does not belong to a partner

My mane is nothing without you"

- that beach area too,

"Cover the lid with a petal

Don't stop enjoying the pleasures that exist

Rest your head on your lap

Kiss face to face

Sing music to recite Kan Jajadi Kavi"

- that in the middle of the sea,

Together they nurtured their love. How long can you walk around like this without anyone knowing? When will the island leader find out? What will happen to Sundaram life?

-When we think that,

A pirate ship attacks a small castle island. The leader of the robbers is "Jumbu", who has the character of a rabid animal. According to Jambu's orders, the robbers capture all the wealth, clothes, ornaments, weapons and also capture Kalaiyarasi.

For the abducted artist, her eyes refuse to sleep, her ears refuse to hear, her mouth refuses to eat without seeing Sundaram. Like Sundaram who has lost his beloved, "the mad Vengai", "Amboy who has taken off from the bow" goes in search of Kalaiyarasi.

Sundaram was only intent on saving Kalaiyarasi without thinking about anything. Overcoming all the dangers like nature's fury and animal threats, Sundaram approached Kuttan Island.

On the other hand, Vidindal plans to sell himself to the rich,

"Fate may stretch out its hand and cast its net

Villagers can look at me and talk about the price

Many people can gather to buy beautiful things

Will he come to buy a dear heart"

- Sundaram thinks that he will come to save her and she is in distress.

It was very dark then. There was no moonlight that day. At the same time, the fury of nature was approaching. Yes, the climate changes suddenly. The sea is raging uncontrollably, the wind is whirling like a hurricane. Jambu and his men stagger, not knowing what to do.

What if the beetle does not know where the flower is? What if the river doesn't know where the hole is? What if the root of the tree does not know where the water is? Yes, in that dark night and in the strong wind, Sundaram sees Kalaiyarasi. However, Sundaram and Kalaiyarasi are the only ones exempted from nature?

All the things looted by Jambu's gang were drowned in the sea. Jambu and his associates ran here and there to save themselves and their family, but Sundaram and Kalaiyarasi ran nowhere. True love and romance bound both of them. Even with such a strong wind, even a needle-tip amount of air could not pass between the two of them.

The two, battered by the sea water, were laid in a cave-like area under a broad tree. The morning sun covered his beautiful face. But there were many corpses in agony, next to which relatives were pressing.

All the water inside that broad tree began to flow. There, Sundaram and Kalaiyarasi were linked like DNA. Above them the sun showered its cruel rays of light. Both of them slowly opened their eyes and regained consciousness.

Sundaram and Kalaiyarasi saved everyone else alive on the island and created a new island again. They named the island "Puthukudumpam" and taught them to work hard to earn money with the resources available in the area where there was no illegal trade. The people also accepted them as the leader and leader of that island. Along with everyone, Sundaram and Kalaiyarasi got married there and started living happily.

Live prosperously...

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About the Creator

Muthukumar Irulappan

I like to write about true crime and do small investigations. I also write fiction crime and others sometimes....

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