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The New Business Plan

A heist as a start-up

By simplicityPublished 4 months ago Updated 4 months ago 1 min read

Doll-Up, Riggzy, Trash, and Harper. The fours of us were in it together. Riggzy was the trust fund kid with the higher education, but he was so much smarter than that. The rest of us weren't dumb, but had nothing stellar about us. Me, Harper, came from a middle class family. The others not even that.

The job was fairly standard in an unstandard way, if you know heists. Standard in we were boosting some stuff. Unstandard in what we planned on doing with it. I'm not a turncoat, but let's say the money is right. Plus it made me laugh when I first heard it. We'd be stealing large quantities of building materials: stucco, drywall, wood planks or studs for walls etc. The cartels are building homes in some places for free then giving kickbacks to all of us who helped get it started from the rents they get from tourists. It's a win win. The mafia in the Amazon area and cartels in Mexico are planning some real beautiful rentals. The guys seem almost similar to legit business men. I have no quams about it, I'm a capitalist afterall and an entrepreneur at heart.

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