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The neighbors and the weeds

by BlossomParker 3 months ago in family
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I have two neighbors who have moved away one after another over the past few years. Between spring and autumn, there is much less cheerfulness. After a rain in the summer, the grass in front of their houses grew wildly, and only then did I remember that it had been a long time since they moved away. However, those stories inside and outside the house are like the couplets on the porch, the color recedes, but does not flake off and disappear ......

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into. After the drought, the second master worked hard, and with the support of the eldest who went out to earn a living, life became more and more prosperous. The second master has two daughters and a son, after graduating from junior high school, have gone out to work, and now have a firm foothold in the city. They have been picking up the old couple to the city for nearly ten years.

The second master's yard contains a grape tree, when I went to play as a child, the second master always had to pick a large bunch, the 90s in the countryside, stomach just filled, grapes are considered a luxury. The children of these families still get to use it year after year, until several years after they moved away and the yard was handed over to his own family. And over the years, I have been away at school, these things did not stay in mind. The reason for this is that the children in the village were stealing grapes from the walls and breaking the grape racks. When I had the chance to pass by again, the green branches of the wall from previous years had disappeared. The memories and bounty of the tree, because of a child's gluttony, also faded away with my sorrow.

There is no such thing as a banquet that doesn't end, and there are no permanent neighbors.

In a trance dream, I saw my second grandmother holding me at the age of two or three, and my mother playing games, while her face, but how can not remember ......

The brick house of Uncle Liu's family is just five steps from the gate of the second grandfather's house. A big storm two years ago, the roof has all collapsed. It is too old.

I remember that the tile roof of the beast, there are doves (as a child always think that it is a real pigeon, but every time to take a slingshot and hit), a unicorn, and a dog-like monster, it is said to be to avoid evil things. However, people go to the house down, and then to avoid evil is useless. There is one thing I am extremely curious about in Uncle Liu's old house, and that is the family tree hanging in the main room, from top to bottom, such as the inverted tree. Unfortunately, I couldn't read when I was looking at it, but I didn't have the opportunity to read it. Summer home to see Uncle Liu, his face has been crossed a few "ditch", after greetings, no longer have to say. Later, I heard that Liu Dainiang was paralyzed and had been bedridden for more than half a year. This hard-working housewife, I saw her most as a child is cooking, going to the ground, serving the family, now, she can finally rest ......

The life of a rural person is not even a minute to live for themselves. The people in my generation before me started working when they could walk, grew up and started a family, and then had to raise their grandchildren when they were old. They also complained and quarreled, but after complaining, they continued to carry their own burdens. Maybe in their hearts, living for their relatives is living for themselves!

The Chinese say, "A distant relative is better than a close neighbor. Du Fu poem "willing to drink with the neighbors, call across the fence to take the rest of the cup. Live close, live for a long time, will naturally pay attention to this "neighborly" feelings. When the rain comes, you will not hesitate to help neighbors to collect food; when it comes to red and white wedding, the women wash and clean, the men carry the coffin to move the table, never shirk; usually if there is a new delicious things, will also be sent to the neighbors, no matter how much, eat is a lively, and the atmosphere.

The "urbanization" like the "gold rush", perhaps the gold rush, so that the cold place more cold, so that the lively place more lively. I don't know how my neighbors who are out of town are doing now, I don't know if they remember their old home, and I'm a naughty child ......

However, they should always not have to worry. The second master, uncle Liu, those wasteland in front of your house, my father has used pesticide spray several times, have been clean. Leaving those that stubbornly resist, I also used a shovel to eliminate them. If you will come back one day, you won't be lost or sighing in the barren grass.

This is the way home, after all.


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