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The Mysterious Barn Owl in the Forest

Some mysteries always remain unknown

By Rakhi ChandPublished about a year ago 4 min read

Once upon a time, there was a remote village, surrounded by Mountains and forest with tall Teak woods and many more. The forest was very dense and dark. The Villagers avoided to cross the forest after evening, because there was a famous scary story about the forest. The villagers thought that if they cross the forest after evening, something bad will follow them and come to their house, it will bring mischief for them and their loved ones too. One day a traveller came to their village. When the traveller was wandering in the village, he came to know about the scary story about the forest, but he didn't believe in any superstition and he was very brave. So he decided to go to the forest at night alone and wanted to prove that the myth was wrong, no mischief will happen to him, if he goes to the forest at night. The villagers were scared and warned him, but he was so determined. According to the plan he packed his bag and entered into the dark deep forest at midnight. He walked and walked and went inside the dense forest more and more. Suddenly he heard some weird sound. He stopped and started looking here and there, but couldn't see anything. He again started walking, again he heard that sound. The most peculiar thing was that, whenever he stopped, the sound stopped and whenever he started walking, the sound begun. Now this time he became scared, because he couldn't find the source of that sound. Now he wanted to go back, but in fear he forget the root of going back. He started running, but the sound followed him. Somehow he found the way back to the village. When he was living the forest, he looked back and suddenly he saw something in the bushes. He lighted up his torch on that thing and was trying to see that. He shouted, "Oh, my God", it was a "Barn owl", looking at him. He laughed after realising that it was an Barn Owl which was following him all the time, it was that Barn Owl's sound which he heard. He become relaxed and go to the village. He went to the house where he stayed in the village and went to sleep being relaxed. Suddenly one thought came to his mind, that it was really weird that an owl followed him. He never listened about that owl follow anyone. Anyway he started sleeping.

In the morning, the caretaker came to his guesthouse to know is he fine or not. The caretaker was a villager and heard about the scary stories of the forest. But he also became relaxed when he saw the traveller fine. They both were laughing. The caretaker gone to his home. At night the traveller was sitting outside his guesthouse, suddenly he heard that familiar sound which he heard last night in forest. He surprised and started looking here and there. Suddenly he became shocked, there was the same Barn Owl, sitting upon a nearby tree, looking at him. Now this time he became scared, he ran inside the guesthouse and closed the door. After some time the sound stopped. He was trying to sleep but suddenly he someone started knocking his door. Now this time he was really scared a lot. He hid under his bed. Suddenly he started feeling chest pain in fear. His whole body started to become numbed, he couldn't feel anything. Suddenly the window opened by wind. He was lying down on the floor numbed, only he can saw a tree outside the window & two mysterious, sparking eyes. Yes it was that Barn Owl sitting on that tree, looking constantly at him.

In the morning the caretaker came & saw the door was closed from inside. He called some more villagers & opened the door forcefully. The caretaker and all the villagers were all in shock to see the dead body of the traveller, looking outside the window.

Sometimes we all have heard about some myths about some weird places. But who knows they are right or wrong. Who was the Barn Owl? why it followed the traveller? was that the same Barn Owl from forest? who knows?


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