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The Museum of Odd Cases || Solving a decades old case (Part 1)

In the future, in 3028 a Museum was established. The Museum Of Odd Cases. It displays the statues of the victims of odd and unsolved cases of the past. A unique feature of this museum is that it can display a hologram of a small glimpse of the victims last moments

By SRenaSPublished about a month ago 4 min read


"James! James! Look!"

"What is it Emily?"

"It's the statue of that famous singer who went mysteriously disappeared years ago."

Emily looked at the statue in awe. The wavy long bright brunette hair, green eyes, pink lips along with a unique looking hair clip on the hair. The statue felt... too realistic. It appeared to wear a brown long coat with a white t-shirt and a skirt that reached up-to the knee. Probably what she was wearing before she disappeared.

"Ah, I remember that case. It truly was a really odd and cold case, making it one of the most well known case of that time. The case of lana Delancy."

"Can we look at what happened to her-"

A voice from behind suddenly interrupted the brown and purple haired woman.

"Emily! James! Come on we don't have all day, we gotta explore the other side of the museum too you know?"

"Jake, chill... let's go”

With that, the three continued to explore.

This is the Museum of Odd Cases. A Museum established in 3028. It displays the statues of the victims of the most bizarre and odd cases of all time. One of the most eye-catching and intriguing features of these statues are, it can display a hologram of a small glimpse of what led to the victim's demise. This Museum easily got the attention of crime investigators and paranormal investigations. Also popular among normal citizens.

Jake, James and Emily were a part of a secret organisation. They were sent to investigate this museum as there were reports of staffs seeing strange "people" at midnight in the Museum. Most of staffs wanted to remain anonymous in the reports. The three had one job, to find out about these mysterious sightings and report them back to the organisation.

"Wait, hold on." The black haired man stopped walking mid way to the next hall in front

"What is it Jake?" Emily looked at Jake with curiosity.

"Why are we here again?"

"Oh. My. God. JAKE. Why did we even bring you with us?!" James yelled at Jake in annoyance.

"Oh come on James calm down. Jake we are here because of the reports of staffs seeing a strange woman at midnight in the museum"

"Oh! I remember now. But, It's broad daylight right now. What's the point of being here at this time if the strange looking woman is seen at night?"

The purple and brown haired man looked at Jake annoyed. It was very clear, he was giving Jake the 'are you serious' look.

"We need to look around the museum and observe every corner and aspects of this place at day time. We don't know if things change during midnight. And if something happens, we know every corner of this museum and it will be an advantage to us, you idiot." James explained.

"Now, now, James. No need to get so worked up. Let's just continue looking around- Wait, do you see that statue?" Emily pointed towards a statue, rather a old looking man man, maybe around his 80's. He was wearing a black suit and glasses. Brown hair, with patches of white hair, probably due to old age.

"Isn't that Mr. Armlang?" Jake raised up an eyebrow.

"Yes. A famous writer back in the 2000's. He was found dead in his villa." James replied.

"Let's go take a look at what happened that led to his death"

They approached Mr. Armlang's statue. Emily tapped on a button just beside the display name of the statue. A hologram appeared, displaying the death of Mr. Armlang.

'Mr.Armlang was working on his new book in his study room. Suddenly, a knock was heard from his front door. He got up to check who it was, only to find no one to be seen there. He didn't think much of it and returned back to his study room. Not long after, another knock was heard. He got up to check again, and found no one there once again. About 10 mins later, the knock was heard again. But rather this time it was a loud bang. It startled Mr. Armlang for a moment, but he once again got up to check the front door, this time quite more annoyed. And once again, no one was there. He angrily went back to his study room, deciding if he hears another knock again, he will ignore it. Just as he was about to sit down, he suddenly felt immense pain in his back and collapsed to the floor. His back started to bleed, like someone had stabbed him from behind. And soon enough blood scattered all around him.

The next morning, his brother came to check on him as he did not pick up a single call since last night. He found his brother's lifeless body laying on the ground. After much investigating, the police declared he was stabbed and bled to death. To this day, they never found the murder, neither the murder weapon. Making it one of the oddest crimes in history.'

"Wow... that really is terrible. I wonder how this even happened? Like no murder weapon?"

"He didn't even try to get up after he fell, this truly is strange." James added.

Suddenly, something else caught Jake's attention. In a distance, there was the statue of twins. "The River Twins."

What could possibly happened that led to the death of these twins? Why were they named 'The River Twins'?

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