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The Moon Dragon & The Lost Hatchling

A Legend of Illorim

By Michael BivensPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
The Moon Dragon & The Lost Hatchling
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Roused from its slumber was Kath by the incessant giggling of the human hatchling. It had become nearly impossible to get a full day’s rest since taking pity on it.

Kath knew there was no hope now of sleeping until the twin moons rose, the hatchling was having far too much fun attempting to snatch the earthen tendrils that had previously been twitching and bobbing as they had slept. An unfortunate physical response that Kath had come to attribute to the new stress of protecting the hatchling whilst awake.

“Yes, yes, little one. It’s all good fun, I’m awake now though so that’s enough of that” The previously sleeping moon dragon arched its back in an attempt to expunge the exhaustion from its limbs.

Thak, as the dragon had chosen to name it, had quieted down at the arousal and gawked as its caretaker peaked through their borrow and into the surrounding forest.

“Not a thought must go between that child's ears” mused Kath as he scanned the surroundings for safety. It knew that the hatchling was likely hungry and if food wasn’t found soon, the crying would begin again and that had to be avoided at all costs.

Kath didn’t fear the denizens of the forest, indeed its size should never be mistaken for weakness as its natural magic was more than powerful enough to subdue a natural threat. No, what Kath feared more was the piercing wail that all his kind instinctively knew. A wail that somehow exhausted and pained it hear, this wail had begun to haunt them as it could echo like a vengeful spirit within the walls of the small burrows they nested in every day.

Despite the great efforts it took to keep the hatchling quiet and in a good mood, there was a pit of sorrow Kath felt at the idea of finally returning Thak to his people. The Time of Passing had begun as the first few souls had already started their departure from this world, and that meant Kath’s people would soon converge together in the northern plains. There wouldn’t be another opportunity for ten years to return him easily but the more Kath had to experience the daylight, the less capable it would be to actually make it there before the end of the Time of Passing.

Kath slithered through the burrows opening mulling over the current circumstances and soon found some ripe berries and glared at the clear sky with resentment before submerging once again in the borrowed borrow.

Gets food for the child The return of his caretaker with the liklihood of food was enough to subdue Thak temporarily. Knowing it would be enough to hold the child over, a slight bit of magic slipped out of Thak, just enough to gently put the child to sleep until nightfall when it was more reasonable to be awake, and safer.


The next few hours ticked away, and soon the twin moon’s presence could be felt and Kath felt far better know. After a quick check of the surroundings and some more berry gathering, they released the magical hold on the boy and allowed him to rise once again. It wasn’t long before the boy was secured to Kath and they were once again flying north and following the occasional streak of light above their world marking more souls departing.

With each cluster of souls flying overhead, Thak would encahntedly reach out as if hoping to clutch one, mesmerized by the brilliant light and so full of innocent joy. Kath watched the innocence with dread as he feared the hatchling’s people might be among those overhead.

Kath starting to wonder again if maybe it might be better to just keep the child, he could have a good life, learn rare magic that so few others have ever had the opportunity to learn from its kind. The thought crept deeper into Kath’s mind before a gently coo from Thak helped shake the thought.

“No, fate will have to make the choice, it’s not right for me to do so. We’ll travel to the Convergence and there we will either find your people or you will leave with me.”


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Most of my works published here exists as lore from the world of Illorim, an original creation by me that's been supported and cooperatively built through shared story-telling.

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