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The Mirror and a Job Gone Awry

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By Amethyst ChampagnePublished 2 months ago 7 min read
The Mirror and a Job Gone Awry
Photo by Михаил Секацкий on Unsplash

The mirror showed a reflection that wasn't my own.

My eyes were dark, and blood was splattered across my face. My makeup was smeared as well. And I held my blade in my right hand, which only meant one thing.

Not again.

Glancing down at the floor, I had to grip the cabinet with my bloodstained hands so I wouldn't fall. Blood pooled on the ground beneath the bodies, each sliced in various ways.

What had I done?

Shaking my head, I tried to recall what had happened, but it was as if a black hole had swallowed my memories after I'd approached the front door. And I usually remembered each grueling detail.

I stared at the scene again, cleaning my sword before re-sheathing it. This hadn't been the plan. I had been sent to that house to steal an emerald necklace. Not to murder everyone inside.

Zipping up my jacket, I tiptoed around the bodies, careful not to step in the blood. I still had a job to do and didn't want to be thrown in jail again.

Luckily, I remembered disabling the house's security system and cameras from my car, so the police weren't on their way.

Once I reached the hallway, I sighed and walked toward the back room, noting all the mirrors hung on the walls. That was where the vault was. Where the necklace was.

I slipped on my gloves, then began picking at the lock on the door. Not all security precautions were electronic.

As I unlocked the door, I heard voices. Shit! No one was supposed to be there. I quietly slipped into the back room, holding my breath as arguments.

According to my boss, the family I'd just killed was part of the mob that had stolen it from her years ago.

It was an heirloom that had been in her family for hundreds of years, which was why I'd been sent to steal it back. I was one of the best cat burglars in the world.

But, this time, I had done more than that and couldn't remember anything.

And if I didn't calculate my next moves carefully, I'd be either arrested or dead, and then my boss would never get the necklace.

Creeping to the vault, I pulled out a device designed to crack the code, pressing it by the wheel. I had to be quick, hearing two sets of heavy footsteps down the hallway.

They were most likely men, which meant they would probably underestimate my fighting capabilities. And that would be their fatal mistake.

I opened the vault door, seeing a treasure trove of jewelry. Of course, the girly girl inside me wanted to wear a pair of topaz earrings, as it was my favorite gem.

But I managed to focus on the prize.

Propped on a clear stand was the emerald necklace. It wasn't gaudy as I had imagined; it was a simple chain with a medium-sized stone at the center.

Grabbing a velvet drawstring bag out of my black backpack, I carefully lifted the necklace from its podium, listening for steps. But none of them came toward the back room.

I placed the necklace in my backpack, eyeing those topaz earrings. Oh, screw it. I snatched them from the second shelf. No one would miss them anyway.

I then quietly closed the vault and crawled to the door, listening to the men talk. What would I do now? Going on the offense wasn't the best idea, considering what I'd just stolen.

And I didn't want to black out again.

So, reaching into my pack, I pulled out a flash grenade and a smoke bomb. I grinned. They would be so disoriented by the time I reached them that they wouldn't be able to see me, much less fight me.

I opened the door, ensuring it didn't betray me by squeaking. I saw shadows, but not them. Good.

Then, pulling the clip on the smoke bomb, I threw it down the hallway, covering my mouth and nose with my gator so that I didn't inhale the smoke. And so they couldn't identify me in case my idea went awry.

I readied the flash grenade as I heard coughing down the hall. I also heard footsteps move closer to me. It was now or never.

Throwing the flash grenade, I squeezed my eyes shut and covered my ears. A loud bang quickly followed, accompanied by stumbling and falling.

That was when I snatched my chance.

Bolting down the hallway, I found two men lying on the hardwood floor, groaning as they tried to reorient themselves.

I jumped over them, avoiding the blood as I made my way out of the house. However, as I exited the house, I swore I saw the mirror ripple like it was water and someone had thrown a rock into it.

No. I was imagining things now.

Shaking my head, I walked outside, the light breeze hitting my face. Another job completed.

I spotted a black limo parked down the street and quickly ran to it, getting inside. The driver pulled into the street and began driving.

Now, time to face my boss.


"Well done." Grinning, my boss held the emerald necklace.

I nodded, seeing how the jewel sparkled in the dim lighting. My boss was not one for brightness, which was fine with me. I didn't need to see her face. Just needed to hear her voice.

I told her what had occurred, minus me taking those topaz earrings. I knew she would want them, too, if I mentioned them. And that was a battle I would lose.

But she seemed pleased with my massacre spree, managing to see a faint smile on her lips.

At least someone was pleased with it.

"I assume you want payment."

"I do."

Setting down the necklace, she grabbed her checkbook. Yeah, she was old-fashioned that way, but my online bank never questioned me, so it was of no consequence to me.

As soon as she handed me the check, I quickly left the building, the sun almost blinding me when I stepped outside.

Finding a bench, I slung my backpack onto it and pulled out the earrings. Damn, they were even prettier in natural light. I quickly put them on. They were surprisingly light.

Then, I headed back home.


Returning home, I sat on the couch, closing my eyes. What an exhausting day. More so than usual. But at least I'd been paid.

I still wore the topaz earrings, which felt slightly heavier, but I didn't wear jewelry often, so I wasn't concerned.

What did worry me was my blackout. That hadn't happened in a long time. So, what triggered it? Why had I decided to slaughter that family? And would it happen again?

Stomach grumbling, I rose from my couch, walked into my kitchen, and opened the fridge. But the hair on the back of my neck stood on end. Something wasn't right.

I grabbed my blade and crept silently around, finding nothing. The earrings grew a bit heavier, and I frowned. That was weird.

Setting my sword on the kitchen table, I attempted to remove them, but they were stuck! My heart hammered in my chest, and I ran into the bathroom, flipping the light switch up.

The topaz stones glowed brightly in the mirror. What the hell was going on? What had I taken?

Heart racing and throat tightening, I tried backing away and removing them again but to no avail. As if my feet were glued to the floor and the earrings to my ears.

Then the bathroom mirror rippled like the one at the house, only more intense. I couldn't do anything except stare at the impossible sight.

What on Earth had I taken?

A liquid mirror hand suddenly appeared, reaching for me, and I yelped. Oh my God. This was how it ended for me. Not at all what my mind had conjured up.

The topaz earrings grew even brighter until I couldn't look at them, yet they remained cool to the touch. They also started pulling me toward the mirror hand as if they were magnets.

Bracing my hands against the edge of the counter, I tried pushing myself away. But it was no use. I wasn't strong enough to fight whatever was occurring.

Suddenly, the mirror hand grabbed my shirt and yanked me forward.

Then everything went black.

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  • Michael König-Weichhardt2 months ago

    Wow, what a thrilling and action-packed story! The descriptions were vivid and really pulled me into the character's world. I loved how the main character was a skilled thief, and how the story explored the consequences of her actions. It was also interesting how the story delved into the character's past trauma and how it affected her in the present. The twist at the end with the earrings was unexpected and left me wanting more.

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