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The Miracle on Ash Beach

Shark Tales

By Monet GrahamPublished 3 years ago 5 min read
The Miracle on Ash Beach
Photo by Derek Thomson on Unsplash

Despite it's name, Ash Beach is one of the most alluring beaches on our planet. I apologize, where are my manners? Hi there, my name is Logan Alf, and I'm a citizen of the Toubuowul Republic. We are located in the Skittlez Galaxy, approximately 30,484,043,938,9494 light years from the infamous Milkyway. If you're reading this, you've probably discovered my hidden manuscript of the amazing events that occurred on the most exciting day of my life!! .. Well up to today that is.

By Pablo Heimplatz on Unsplash

To be fair, let me start at the very beginning. It was a majestic summer day, with birds echoing their enthusiastic melodies and the wind carrying along their vibrations. My Dad woke me up with a loud "BANG!!" on my bedroom door. "Logan you got 9 mins to be dressed and in the car or so HELP ME..!!!!". I guess he was still a little upset about my unintentional destruction of his most prized possession...the Luxury sports car that shall never be named or mentioned again... Anywho.

Ash beach has a tradition where every summer millions of people gather to celebrate our nations conception. Every year it's always the same...well almost every year. We traditionally start the day with a dawn meditation and then a feast of a breakfast all shared by the whole family. Then we would normally leave our home sometime soon after breakfast to ensure that we reach the festival on the beach right in time for the lunch special of the day! Grilled chile shark fillets. And you guessed it, for the past 4 years I've been able to obtain my manly rest all through out the joyous festivities just to be awaken from slumber right on time for lunch!! Win!!

By Matheus Ferrero on Unsplash

However, today life did not go as planned. After fussing with the pants I found on the floor beside my bed, by the skin of my teeth I was able to jump into our family's van as it was rolling down hill, ready to start it's adventure.

As we neared Ash Beach, I thought I felt a flicker of unease. I just couldn't put my finger on it, but something...was just off. As we finally pulled into the Ash-East Parking Lot, I could smell the grills getting prepped. I licked my lips, the anticipation of the spicy juicy goodness I was about to experience was almost too much to bare. Just as this yummy thought trickled into my brain, I heard a scream. Not just any old scream. But a blood chilling, thinning, soul crushing scream.

By Stephanie McCabe on Unsplash

As I turned to my right, I quickly was able to locate the origin of this impending sound. I couldn't believe my eyes. The ocean was swarming in bundles of sharks. When I say bundles, I mean there was not even an inch of room between these sharks. In fact, it looked like some sharks were fighting just to be. It was like 100 alien spaceships just unloading sharks into our waters. And this was the final outcome.

By Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Even more in horror, the beaches waters were slowing turning a dark color. I wasn't close enough to see exactly what could've been causing this however, I was able to catch a glimpse of what I believe was a torso slowing falling below sea level. I was paralyzed. I heard my family screaming in horror, I heard random strangers running past me in all directions. Still, I was not able to take my eyes off of these sharks. I don't know how to really put this in words but there was something about these sharks that did not seem..normal.

By David Clode on Unsplash

The eyes. I don't know why it took me so long to realize this, but their eyes were none like I've ever seen in my life! It's like their eyes knew. They knew we were killing their families for a cuisine delight. They knew we were the culprits. And they knew they would've had to catch our attention for us to ever listen to them.

There was one guy, named Jerry Stoine who I assume didn't have the empathy to understand the message these sharks were yelling loud and clear. All I can recollect, is seeing Jerry running down the beach and into the bloody water screaming profanities at the top of his lungs. Then one of the alpha sharks leaped at least 30 feet in the air and swallowed poor Mr. Stoine whole. Instant silence, chilling silence.

By Steve Douglas on Unsplash

It felt like we were all in a fixation stance for hours. The fishermen who were planning to board ship and catch the menu's highlighted item looked upon themselves and began the slow journey back home on foot.

It seems as soon as the fishermen were out of sight, the sharks seemed to quiet down. They weren't swimming as ferociously anymore. Their eyes seemed to have gone back to their normal size and colors. I heard the murmurs ..."when they are not threatened they do not attack".

Which leads me to the finale of this event. I decided to write this manuscript to record in history the lessons we all received today. And in turn, hopefully can help future generations and other living species. Your actions have an affect on all living things around you. Please be mindful. Our government decided to ban any future attempts of catching and killing sharks for the sole purpose of celebrating our nation's birthday.

We decided that our legacy should not be centered around the mass killings of these beautiful sharks. Instead, we decided from now on to celebrate our unity as a people, and the understanding of how everyone plays an important role and is never lesser than the other.

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