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The Method Mission

Uncover the Scientific Method

By Kylecovey SmithPublished about a year ago Updated about a year ago 9 min read
Follow three friends as gather six magical stones on a scientific planet.

One day, three friends named Jericho, Hunter, and Lita were at their favorite hangout, the Palace of Sweet, and were discussing their science project, which was to give a synopsis of the scientific method. “What are we gonna do?” Hunter said. “We must present a diagram and outline of the scientific method by Thursday, and today is Tuesday, and we haven’t made any progress.” “Chill, dude,” said Lita. “We still have a day and a half to figure something out. Yeah, but when it comes to the scientific method, we all are wearing dunce caps. Oh! I just wish there was an easier way to learn more about it since the science books give little information,” said Jericho.

Then suddenly, a mysterious light shrouded the trio. In less than four seconds, they found themselves in strange but magical land and a whimsical being appeared. “Greetings, I am Electromagnus, but you can call me Magnus, and welcome to planet Spectra, the world of science.”

“Thanks for the introduction, but why did you bring us here?” Lita asked. “I bought you here because of the wish you made, the wish for you to find an easier way to learn the scientific method.” “You mean you can teach us how to learn it?!” Jericho asked. “Yes, by going through the Six Trials of Science. To help, you are granted this map of Spectra, and by going to each one of the six locations marked on the map, you will have to solve a puzzle relating to the method presented by the guardians. If you manage to solve each question, they will give you their own power cell. Now that you know what to do. Ta-ta!” The trio immediately began their trek through Spectra. Their first stop was a hike through the beautiful Nature of Purity. “I’m starving,” said Hunter. He then noticed a grapefruit tree and dashed toward it. “C’mon, guys, give me a boost. I’ll get one for each of us.” Out of nowhere, a wolflike creature appeared. “I am Windra, and you shall not feast on my grapefruit tree, nor obtain my stone unless you solve this riddle. To develop a theory for an experiment, one must have a what?” “Think, guys, think,” said Lita. “When you want to know if something works or if you’re trying to figure something out, you—” She gasped. “You have a problem or question! A Purpose!” “That is correct. You have passed the first of your trials. You may have my grapefruit, and I present you with the Red Alpha Stone.”

“Awesome. We get food and the treasure!” Jericho said excitedly. “Yeah, but we still have more to cover, so let’s go.” The next destination on the map was Village of Energy. “So, this must be Energy Village. This place is so hightech,” said Jericho. “No kidding. I wonder if they have jet packs here.” “WE DO!” The trio quickly turned around and saw a young boy descending from the air in a jet pack. “Hi, my name is Kwami. What brings you here to Energy Village?” “We’re looking for the Beta Stone. Do you know where it is?” “Certainly, but you will have to answer the village chief’s riddle to get it. Please follow me.” The friends followed Kwami to the chief’s high-tech hut, which was filled with robot helpers and automated devices, such as a self-cooking stove, a voice-operated TV, and even a time machine! “Chief Pyra, these explorers wish to gain our village’s Beta Stone.” “Very well, but they must correctly answer this riddle once and once only.” “Bring it on!” Hunter screamed. “I like your enthusiasm. Okay, here it is. A topic that is of interest to you, and you give your opinion and wish to find out more. What are the steps to this idea?” “Hmm . . . Wow, does anyone know the answer?” Hunter asked. “Well, I do know that if you want to find out more on a topic, so you Research. You also give your thoughts and opinions on the topic, so therefore you make an Observation and Research!” “Impressive.” Chief Pyra ordered one of her robots to get the beta stone to the trio. “Here you go, the Blue Beta Stone.” “Thanks! We are really making progress,” said Lita.

The next area on the trio’s spelunking adventure was Covalent Canyon where they encountered a stubborn troll. “Please let us try and solve your riddle. We need to learn about the scientific method,” Lita begged. “No! You will only get it wrong just like everyone else who tried to solve my riddle, so what makes you think you’ll be any different?” “At least give us a chance,” said Hunter. “Fine! But you’ll never get it right.” “The special word in science means to predict an outcome, but it is not a theory.” “Oh, I know this one. It is called a Hypothesis, an idea you can test,” said Jericho. “What in the?! How did you know that! You’re the very first person who has ever gotten that correct! Whatever, here, the Green Gamma Stone is yours. I have to think of a new riddle.

“We’re already on our fourth trial,” said Hunter. “The next thing we have to find is the Delta Stone, which is in the Genex Caverns.” And so, the three amigos ventured into the spooky caverns. Just then, Lita stepped on a switch, which activated a trap door, thus making them fall on a net and encountering a caveman. “What’s going on here? Oh great, I’m here thinking that I caught my dinner, but instead, I see a bunch of trespassing kids. Let me guess, you’re here to try and solve my riddle?” “Wow, you’re smart,” said Jericho. “Hey, I may be a caveman, but I still have a brain, and my name is Frank.” Frank released them from the net and gave them the riddle.

“When you use materials for a certain process in the scientific method, you are conducting a what?“Dudes, we have to think here. What do scientists do when they gather all their materials?” said Jericho. All of them shouted, “They Experiment!” “Nice, you’re pretty smart yourselves.” Frank the Caveman pulled a glowing rock out of his loincloth. “Young travelers, I give you the Yellow Delta Stone. Now if you’d excuse me, I have some cave fish to catch.”

Shortly after gaining the Delta Stone, the group encountered a rabbit ninja. “Hello, my name is Xieetros, and welcome to Metal Forest. No one has ever made it to my section of the six trials of science, so you are the first.” “Cool, give us the riddle,” said Hunter. “Sorry, but it’s not going to be that easy. I’ll give the riddle, but you will also have to tell me five objects that are lucky.” “Okay, five things that are lucky . . . a horseshoe, a four-leaf clover, a rainbow, a shark’s tooth, and umm . . .” “If you don’t answer in ten seconds, consider your trial a failure. Ten, nine, eight . . .” “Oh no!” “What is another lucky object? Seven, six, five, four . . .” “Wait, it’s your foot, a rabbit’s foot!” Jericho screamed. “Finally, that should have been your first choice.” “Okay, here is your second challenge.

When one closely examines an item and points out all of its features, the act is called what? Here’s a hint, it rhymes with paralysis.” “Hmm . . . this is a tough one, and there aren’t many words that rhyme with paralysis,” said Lita. “Well if you don’t know, I will begin the countdown. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four . . . Come on, think you guys. A few more seconds! Three, two . . .” “I got it! Analysis!” “What in the! How? No one has ever come this far in the trial, let alone having both of my riddles solved. There is no doubt in my mind that you deserve this. I present to you the Purple Magna Stone.” All right! One more to go!” Hunter said excitedly. And so Xieetros the Rabbit Ninja bowed in respect to the trio, and wished them the best of luck on their final trial, as no one knows who the final guardian is, leaving the outcome of the mission a mystery.

Jericho, Hunter, and Lita arrived at their final stop, Proton Temple, seeking to conquer the final obstacle in their adventure. “Well, we’re here, so where is the trial guardian?” Lita asked.

“The final guardian is me!” The trio turned to see where the strange but familiar voice was coming from, and to their surprise, it was their old friend Magnus. “Are you shocked to see me?” “Magnus, you’re the final guardian?” Jericho asked. “Indeed I am. If you were a guardian this whole time, why didn’t you tell us?” Hunter asked. “If I told you who I really was, then you would have begged me to tell you the scientific method, and you would have never gone on the journey to learn it yourself.”

“Wait, so you had us learn about the scientific method by tricking us into going on an adventure, encounter the other guardians, have them ask us questions about each individual feature in the method, and end up here inside your temple, just for us to teach ourselves the entire concept of the subject?!” “Yes.”

“Oh, well played. Yeah, but you gotta admit this has been an awesome exploit,” said Lita. “However, you have not yet completed your excursion, as you must answer the last riddle of the 6 trials of Science. Are you ready?” “Yeah”!! Everyone yelled. “Here it goes. “When someone has reached the ending of a movie, book, experiment, or in your voyage in this case, what is the word that sums everything up?” “Magnus, I think we all know what that word is,” said Hunter. “You know it,” said Jericho and Lita. “The word is Conclusion!”

“Very good, young ones., I am so proud that you’ve learned the scientific method, and I know that you’ll ace your project. Now, your prize is none other than the Orange Omega Stone.” The six stones began to shine bright and were in an alignment.

The light from the stones opened a huge portal to Earth. “Thanks for everything, Magnus. We would have never learned the scientific method without you. We owe you one,” said Jericho. “No problem., Anytime!”

The trio traveled back to their world, and on Thursday, they passed their assignment with flying colors, much to the curiosity of their teacher, Mrs. Yumi. “Wow! How did you three ever learn about the scientific method so easily, especially in just the few short days we discussed it?”

Hunter replied. “Well, Mrs. Yumi, let’s just say Jericho, Lita, and I had a very reliable source.

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Historian, Linguist, Author (Voyages of the 997 & The Method Mission), YouTuber/TikToker (Master Mojo) and now Vocal writer enjoy and critique my writing as please.

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