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The Mausoleum Wall…

A wall with a soul/souls…

By Christopher “CJ” HerringPublished 4 months ago Updated 4 months ago 3 min read
The Mausoleum Wall…
Photo by Ryan Stone on Unsplash

If walls could talk what I hide would repulse and otherwise shock them ALL! That’s my function as they come to terms with the most basic parts of “the circle of life” which / witch is life and death. I create a beautiful facade. I have so much death and especially decay behind me. So many lives which / witch were well lived, wasted, or even taken by others. My wall literally has soul / souls! Each day the living come / cum here to visit the past. I do mean come to visit and cum even having sex when they can think they are alone! I’m a wall… I’m always here and I always hear and see what they do!

If you have not guessed yet I’m a mausoleum wall! I see thousands of mourners and hundreds of remains every year! The names of each of the deceased are on a plaque on my front. My beautiful marble finish is often admired by them. I hear them compliment my outward appearance ALL the time. I know I’m beautiful. I’m very expensive TOO! Some of the plaques are brass and others are even gold! They are like my jewelry! I’m really marble and not just polished concrete… I’ve heard about others discovering their monuments in the graveyard aren’t marble like they thought and bought. I heard one mourner laughing about it as they visited a deceased loved one here. They often spend hours here when I hear and feel them talking to the dead having all the conversations they could and often should have had in life with my residents. The laughing, tears, confusion, and even paranormal energies that I deal with. The other day one of them was banging their head against the wall! They took it away…

That’s just my front though. They have no idea of what I otherwise deal with. What I hide from them as a protector because if they saw it they would not be able to handle the truth. The rotting decaying flesh or cremations in beautiful coffins and urns on my other side. That is something which /witch they would find upsetting. Some of them see the new coffins and urns usually even before me while picking them as I attend each of the internments with others sobbing or witches pretending to while holding back chuckles. I have heard so many prayers with the ceremonies. I have heard and learned every religious groups’ prayer and final goodbye so many times that I have memorized them ALL! It is what occurs over time that I hide.

The other day I had what was considered to be a paranormal experience. It was based on the biological facts of the physiological decay I hide from them. However, it is also how I cry! During the ceremony for a celebrity who’s music and movies I’ve seen pieces of on mourners mobile phones I could not maintain my composure before the hundreds of other mourners and some of the graves behind my beautiful facade began to weep AND seep TOO! The dark and noxious smelling liquid trickling down my outer wall in contrast to it’s beautiful light and shiny exterior. The attendees screaming in horror as we wept too. Some even passed out or fled screaming. I don’t cry often. Thousands of mourners and reporters were there. I was SO embarrassed and sad. Everyone cries sometimes though. Even an old mausoleum wall like me after ALL the life and death I’ve already seen! Just like I said before. I’m a wall with literal soul / souls. It is part of what and who I am and the very foundation of my functional existence.

Short Story

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Christopher “CJ” Herring

Poetry from a Black gay male poet about the alternative lifestyle experience and life in general. Also, creative writing… I enjoy writing challenges!

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  • Christopher “CJ” Herring (Author)4 months ago

    I think this challenge will make great narration for a short film!

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