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The man from the future

This is a science-fiction story. The story is about a doctor and what happens to him with a man who comes from the future

By Ferid XelefovPublished 2 months ago 12 min read

I put the medicine on my tongue and swallowed it. The new nurse was looking at me with a smile. I realized that I had to drink the full glass of water from her smile. The previous nurse was my student. He did not force me to drink water. The drugs were so numb that I didn't want to argue with him. I drank all the water. I gave the glass to the nurse and sat down, looking at the other patients in front of me. Someone was holding a small suitcase and leaning on the wall at the entrance of the door. How many years he did not let go of the suitcase. Supposedly, there is a bacteriological weapon in it. If it opens, it will turn all people into stone in an instant. Well, look at the story. He even went to the toilet with it. I was disgusted by that person, but what will change?! I had to do it. Not only that, there were more than 30 people like him. Every time the door opened, it hit the man with the suitcase and did not react. This nurse is also standing next to me and still looking at me. What is hot?

"Doctor, please open your mouth," he said politely. I don't know, did we deserve this polite behavior? Probably because it is new, after a while it will learn the correct behavior. He still politely asks me to open my mouth. If I was in my right mind, I would get up and do it, thank you again for the weakness caused by the drugs. Holding the lantern to my mouth, he checked the medicine. I had swallowed. After the nurse left, I was alone with the patients again. I wonder if all the nurses and doctors all see me as other patients, or at least one of them believes me? What will happen if he believes? Then let them join me. It's so ridiculous.

"My son will come today," he suddenly touched me and whispered. One day this old man will take my heart out of my mouth. I looked at his angry face. He watches the same thing all day. He tells everyone, he tells me the most since he sleeps next to me.

"Oh man, your son is dead, don't touch my collar" - I couldn't help myself and shouted. He stopped and looked at me with questioning eyes. After looking at it for a long time, the man's eyes filled up, he fell to the ground and started crying like a child. Then the nurse came running, drew an injection and injected the old man. His voice began to fade as the medicine mixed into his blood. It decreased. It decreased. And finally he stopped. My ears would be at peace for at least 6-7 hours. I lay quietly in my seat.

After a while, the door opened. A nurse came in first, followed by 10-12 young people in white robes. They were probably university students. All of them had a doctor's uniform. But it was clear from their looks and actions that their brains were empty. It was the first time that a student came to this hospital. I was glad to see different faces. I have been sleeping in this ruin for more than 5 years.

Nurses and students talked to patients one by one. As soon as the door opened again, Anna stormed in and went to the students. He said that the students are welcome in our hospital and started giving information about the patients. Anna was the head of the psychiatry department. Over the years, he worked as an assistant to the department manager. What a great coincidence, he has been the head of the department for 5 years.

After wandering around for a long time, they finally came to me. I would not miss the opportunity, I would tell them everything. Maybe one of them will understand me. I was not aware of the events outside. Maybe one of these students will know who I'm talking about.

"Hello," one of the students spoke briefly. I waited for the sequel to come. But there was no sound. They were all looking straight into my eyes and waiting for me to speak. Have they never been taught deontology? Look at the treatment of the patient. But hey, they were my first outlet in a long time. Or I could have a way out. I nodded my head with a fake smile and then started talking about everything.


We have been waiting for the year 2000 to come for many years. Everyone saw the solution to all their problems in life, some of them in those three zeros, and some of them in the change of the first digit of a 4-digit number. That's right, the poor remained poor and the sick remained sick. And so does everyone else.

After celebrating the year 2000 lavishly, the dreams of those who had been waiting for the day of big changes for years were dashed. The number of those who could not control their anger increased day by day. The number of patients admitted to our department increased. But one of those patients caught my attention. I have never seen a patient like this in my many years of experience. He was middle-aged, handsome. The style of clothing was very different. It doesn't make sense, in fact, they were dressed in blue konbinzon upon arrival.

"Don't look so curious, Doctor" - Anna handed me the medical card with the patient's information - "This is one of the crazy." He cleared his throat and continued - "I'm sorry, mentally ill." Who knew that after more than 15 years of work, Anna would become more rude and cruel with each passing year.

Taylor Steve. According to him, due to an error in the time machine, he came to the present day in 3872. On the first of January, he fell into the sea and swam to the shore with difficulty. After wandering around the city for a few days, the hungry bastard went to the police department and explained everything, and the police immediately took him to the hospital...

I laughed uncontrollably. It was the most perfect thing I've ever seen. Look at the fantasy.

I approached Taylor. He stood up as soon as he saw me. - "Hello, doctor, I couldn't explain to anyone, they brought me here, I'm not crazy" - he begged me to believe with his eyes. Nonsense.

"No, my dear, you are not crazy, there are no crazy people here at all. Look around" - I pointed to the woman sitting on her bed, looking at the space next to her, talking and laughing - "do you see this woman? He talks to his wife. And when he tells himself that there is no one with him, that his wife has left him, he goes out of his mind saying what you said."

“No, no, no, you've got it wrong, I'm not really sick. Time travel is not allowed. Since the invention of the time machine, we have made the 3rd trip. You are only allowed to go back in time for some important things, and even here you must not tell anyone. According to my assignment, I was supposed to go back to 2985. I don't know how it happened, I was horrified when I saw the date in the newspaper."

"Stop, I see one. How much did you say 2900? Something is not important. Why were you sent to this date?". You need to show that you believe the patient to keep them calm, or they may start having seizures before they can even talk. We will make it more difficult.

"I'm not allowed to say these things, I'm sorry, doctor," he said in a sad voice. - "but you have to believe me, doctor, humanity is under a great threat" - he approached me and began to speak louder - "let me go to the meeting point, I'm sure they are waiting there to take me back" - I called the nurse without telling the patient. Taylor began to plead with her hands lightly gripping the hem of my robe. At that moment, the nurse stuck the needle into the flesh, and as soon as her hand slipped from my gown, she fell to the floor and her voice stopped. I turned back and left with Anna.

For 1 month, every day when he saw me, he asked me to let him go. But finally he realized that his efforts were in vain. He approached me and began to speak more politely - "may I, doctor? I'm sorry, I annoyed you so much, how can you believe me? I want to tell you about my assignment." - look at the bastard, he has been thinking for a month and finally made up a story that satisfied him.

"Yeah, Taylor, let's see what's up."

"You know, at the time of my arrival, the number of people is decreasing day by day, only the last representatives of the human race are left. A virus had spread to the world. The purpose of this man-made virus, developed in a laboratory, was to reduce the human population. The virus dramatically increased the amount of platelets in the body, and people who could not develop resistance to the virus died from sudden clotting and freezing of the blood flowing through their bodies. But the work got off track. At first, the virus was successful, the number of penetrations was reduced and regulated. The virus, which mutated with each passing year, eventually turned into something completely different. We became aware of this when children who reached the limit of puberty turned into monsters. Genetic observations of newborns did not reveal anything. At first, about 10% of children with Normal DNA structure became freakishly shaped monsters, and with each passing century, this percentage began to increase. These monsters mercilessly attacked people, either they had to die themselves or they had to kill their opponent. When the genetic structures of the cells of the killed wolves were examined, everyone was amazed. It was exactly the same human DNA.

After 100 years of research, the trace of George Mathias was found. In 2985, this man developed the virus in his laboratory. I was also sent to kill him. A small error occurred, I arrived in 2000. Even if you don't let me go, they will come and take me away. I believe. They won't leave me here alone" - tears gathered in the corners of his eyes. - "They won't leave me here alone, they will come and take me away, I know" - he began to sob.

"Wow, look at what's in his head," I whispered to myself. I was very surprised. I have never heard such a detailed explanation from a patient. Just don't build it. Interestingly, so far I have not observed a recurrence in any patient. Each brain has a different sound. I left him with tears and walked away from him.

Despite the powerful effects of the drugs, the man waited for years for his friends to come and take him away. His favorite place was next to the window in the empty room. Every time I saw him either lying on the spot or watching the distance from the window. Since 15 years have passed, he did not talk about anything, did not repeat the events to anyone. He just repeated the sentences "they will come, they will take me, they won't let me stay here" and he didn't talk to anyone else. When I entered the room, I turned off the light and saw him sitting in front of the window. He turned back and looked at me. There was no change in their facial expressions. Yellow turned to the window again.

“Taylor, good morning. How are you?" - I knew the future answer.

"They will come" - he began to repeat many times. I gave the medicine and walked towards the door to go to other patients. As soon as I put my hand on the doorknob, there was a sudden brightness in the room. This dazzling light could not have come from a lamp. I immediately turned back. In addition to Taylor, 2 other people appeared in the room. I thought I was visible. One was a woman, one was a man. The two different outfits reminded me of the outfit Taylor wore when she arrived 15 years ago.

"Taylor, it's time, we have to go," said one of the strangers. In two, he approached Taylor. Taylor began to rejoice as if he had seen his native. Then Taylor gave me a look of joy, the woman pressed a button on the watch on her arm, and all 3 disappeared in an instant. I was experiencing fear, excitement, and surprise all at the same time. As soon as I regained consciousness, I started screaming. Anna ran to my voice. I quickly told him what happened. Instead, I saw a mocking smile.

"Doctor, calm down, he must have run away in the evening. This is not the first time" - he answered with a very relaxed voice. I looked around the empty room and took a deep breath.


"That's enough. Let's not tire our patient more" - he tried to push the students away from me with his arms. The students were all watching me in a mesmerized way.

I quickly stood up, "No, they should listen, yes, my dear, haven't you heard of such a person?" - while I was talking, Anne called the nurse. - "I'm not crazy, I've spent most of my life here with patients, I've treated them all" - I often started talking because I felt that my time was running out. I turned my face to Anna. - "Who was the department manager, Anne?! Tell them the truth, let them know that I am a doctor here." I got a needle in my arm. Immediately, my eyes began to blur. I wanted to speak, but I couldn't speak, I couldn't finish the words. It was as if he had put the needle not in my arm but in my chin. I fell face down. I could see the students' feet. They were getting further and further away. The witch did not allow it. Maybe these students were my only way out. When the students disappeared, I closed my eyes and fell into a deep sleep.

Paşa Paşayev


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