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The Lost City - Part 1

The Discovery of Eldorado

By Syed Usama HashmiPublished 9 months ago 4 min read

John had been fascinated by ancient civilizations, and he spent years researching the lost city of Eldorado. The legend stated that Eldorado was a magnificent city located deep within the Amazon rainforest, filled with immeasurable wealth and treasure. After years of research and failed attempts, John finally discovered the location of the fabled city. He gathered a team of explorers and set a course for the Amazon. It was a dangerous journey. But John was convinced that the reward would be worth the risk.

After days of travel on land and river, they finally reached their destination deep in the Amazon. John and his team hacked through thick vegetation, fought off dangerous animals and even encountered a lost tribe on their way. They were exhausted and on the verge of giving up when they finally reached their destination: Eldorado.

At first, the city was quiet, and his team explored unhindered. However, they soon heard strange sounds, like whispers, coming from the ruins. No one knew what it was or where it was coming from, but everyone was on edge. The next morning, they woke up to find that one of their members had disappeared.

John knew that they had to leave, but he couldn't leave without finding his missing team member. His team agreed to continue exploring for one more day, but they never found him.

As everyone gathered to leave, John noticed a stone tablet on the wall that he hadn't seen before. It was inscribed with strange hieroglyphics and had a map etched onto its surface. John knew that this was the key to finding his missing teammate and he couldn't leave without it.

He quickly removed the tablet and started heading towards the exit, however it was too late. They were surrounded by strangers wielding ancient weapons. Their leader, who was dressed in gold and jewels, approached John.

"You have come to steal our treasures, outsider," said the leader, his eyes flashing with anger. "But you shall not leave this place alive."

"We don't want to steal anything," John said, holding up his hands in a gesture of peace. "We just want to find our missing teammate and leave."

"You lie!" the leader spat. "You are like all outsiders who come here seeking our wealth. But you will not find it. And you will not leave."

John tried to negotiate, but it was clear that they were outnumbered and outmatched. He looked back to see if his team was prepared to fight, but they had disappeared, as if swallowed by the jungle.

John realized that their situation was dire. He had the map, but they were trapped. The strangers showed no mercy and didn't appear to be willing to negotiate. They were tied up and taken to an unknown location, deep in the jungle.

John lost count of how many times they had been tortured and interrogated during the weeks that passed.

"Please," John begged, his voice hoarse from screaming. "We don't know anything about this artifact. We just want to go home."

"Stop lying!" one of the strangers shouted, hitting John with a stick. "We know you have the map. Give it to us, and we will spare your life."

"We don't have the map!" one of John's team members yelled, tears streaming down his face. "We lost it when we were captured. Please, just let us go."

The strangers were interested in the map, and John knew that he couldn't give it up even if it meant his life.

One day, he overheard their captors talking about a powerful artifact that could bring death to the entire world. The artifact was hidden deep in the jungle, and only the map could lead them to it. The strangers had been searching for it for centuries, and they believed that John's map was the key.

John knew that they had to escape and warn the world about the danger that lay ahead. He made a plan with the remaining members of his team, hoping that it would work. They knew that it was their only chance.

They waited for the right moment and made their move, fighting their way out of the enemy's stronghold. They were able to escape to the jungle, but they knew that they were being followed.

They had to find the artifact before their captors did, but the jungle was vast and dangerous. They encountered all types of creatures, from snakes to jaguars, but they persevered.

Finally, they found it: an ancient mechanism carved from stone and gold with strange symbols etched onto its surface.

"This is it," John whispered, staring at the ancient mechanism in awe. "This is what they were looking for."

"What is it?" one of his team members asked, her voice trembling.

"It's a weapon," John said, his eyes darkening. "A weapon that could destroy the world."

"What do we do with it?" another team member asked, his voice filled with uncertainty.

"I don't know," John said, his mind racing. "I have to decide whether to take it and run, or destroy it. Either way, it's a risk."

John knew that the artifact could destroy the world if it fell into the wrong hands, and he had to make a decision.

Does he take it and run, or does he destroy it? Whatever the choice, it would have grave consequences, and he knew that whatever choice he made, his life would never be the same.

The end of Part 1

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About the Creator

Syed Usama Hashmi

I like to write stories since forever but never properly try it before. So now I'm publishing my writen stories and see how it goes.

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