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The Lone Wolf Howls

by Leonard Talbot

By Aaron RichmondPublished 2 months ago 1 min read
The Lone Wolf Howls
Photo by Sid Suratia on Unsplash

After a blizzard of blinding white,

A metamorphosis begins to strike against the night.

Skin splits down the middle, as the fibers rend and flay,

Limbs contort disjointedly as they turn out in display.


With each halting step upon the forest trail,

Frozen veins prevent me bleeding out ‘neath winter's veil.

Flesh and frost entwined, the creature begins a shivering dance,

One foot and then the next, hurry quick to catch a glance!


Body twisted and sprouting claws,

Loping forward with monstrous cause.

Predator now of flesh and ice and bone,

Eyes of terror, frozen cries heard by those alone.


The wind carries away a low and mournful howl,

Brokering unholy communion with an odd-looking owl.

The ice grows thick and soon beast consumed,

A thing of crystal, without grave or tomb.


Snowflakes bear witness to the horrid affair,

A face of fear exposed beneath frozen hair.

Deep in the forest, child, horror lies,

A nightmare taiga beneath the skies.


Within the glade, a life irate,

Unable to outrun cold’s steady gait.

Hoarfrost turns to transparent block,

Claiming inventory as to what’s in stock.

A creature poised in eerie repose,

Powerful and mighty, in panic disposed.

A silent howl frozen on the lips,

Emanating deep within bestial hips.


The silence grows in absent waltz,

Frigid landscape accepting ancient faults.

Entombed beast buried beneath crystal flake,

Waiting for final Spring to break.


Final Spring must break.

Short Story

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Aaron Richmond

Words weave, worlds unfold,

Growth, knowledge, imagination,

Aaron's artistry flows.

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  • Test2 months ago

    Awesome story!!! Loved it!!!❤️

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