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The Little Man On The Rock.

Boundless wonder and infinite possibilities.

By william MPublished 2 months ago 4 min read
One of many rocks in Ireland.

On a crisp and chilly morning, as the initial rays of sunlight pierced the dense forest canopy, a gentleman embarked on his customary morning walk. He gracefully traversed the ancient woods, his footfalls producing a symphony of crunching leaves beneath his feet. This gentleman, simply identified as John, was an early riser, and he reveled in the serenity that nature offered during these tranquil moments.

As he ventured further into the heart of the woods, John's observant eyes caught sight of an astonishing spectacle. There, perched atop a moss-covered rock, rested a diminutive man. The sight was so utterly unexpected that it left John momentarily stupefied. This little man, standing no taller than a foot, was attired in garments that appeared to be relics of a bygone era. His coat bore a deep shade of green, and his boots were embellished with lustrous buckles.

Approaching this tiny figure with caution, John extended his hand, assisting the bewildered man to his feet. The little man seemed chilled and disoriented, shivering in the brisk morning air. Without hesitation, John made a compassionate decision to extend his aid.

"Come with me," John uttered softly, cradling the minute stranger in his palm. "I shall escort you to my dwelling and provide you with nourishment."

With the minuscule man securely ensconced in his hand, John retraced his steps to his cozy cottage nestled at the forest's edge. He gently positioned the little man upon a diminutive stool by the hearth, in hopes of providing warmth. The gentle warmth emanating from the hearth gradually rekindled the stranger's vitality as he gratefully accepted a bowl of hearty soup and a slice of freshly baked bread.

As the little man savored his nourishment, John could not help but be captivated by the peculiar aura surrounding his guest. His attire was unlike anything John had ever encountered, and his demeanor possessed an equally enigmatic quality. It was as if this little man had stepped forth from the annals of a distant epoch.

The passage of hours was marked by the sun's slow journey across the sky, and John and the little man continued their conversation. The petite stool upon which the visitor was seated appeared to acquire an air of regality, as though it were a throne meant for a figure of great significance. As the afternoon sun cast elongated shadows within the cottage, the little man's demeanor underwent a subtle transformation.

With a sudden and fluid motion, he produced a gleaming gold sovereign from the folds of his curious coat. He delicately placed it upon the small seat, its brilliance nearly blinding in the soft illumination. John, taken aback by this spectacle, observed in astonishment as the little man stood and, with a courteous nod, proceeded toward the window.

Before John could react, the small man inexplicably vanished into thin air, leaving behind only the enigmatic gold sovereign upon the petite seat. John rushed to the window, surveyed the room in disbelief, but the little man had disappeared without a trace.

For the remainder of his existence, John contemplated this extraordinary encounter. He cherished the gold sovereign as a poignant reminder of that mystical morning when a diminutive man, dressed in a manner transcending time itself, had graced his cottage with his presence. It became a tale he shared with reverence, a narrative destined to be passed down through the generations, leaving a legacy of wonder and imagination.


John shared this remarkable encounter with his neighbors and acquaintances, hoping to find someone who would embrace his fantastical account. Regrettably, his efforts were met with incredulity, as those around him dismissed the story as either a creation of an overly vivid imagination or perhaps an elaborate scheme to garner attention.

Despite the skepticism that surrounded him, John clung to the memory of that fateful morning. He frequently sat beside the same moss-covered rock in the forest, as if anticipating the return of the diminutive man. However, the mysterious visitor remained elusive, leaving John with naught but the golden sovereign as evidence of the inexplicable event.

As years flowed by, the story of the little man discovered atop a rock one morning transformed into a local legend, passed down from one generation to the next. Some regarded it as a charming folktale, while others dismissed it as sheer fabrication. Yet, for John, it was a memory etched deeply within his soul, a constant reminder that the world harbored marvels beyond the comprehension of ordinary folk.

Thus, during the tranquil evenings by his cottage's hearth, John often gazed upon the gleaming gold sovereign, his thoughts drifting back to that enigmatic encounter. He sought solace in the knowledge that, even if the world refused to embrace his account, he had encountered a moment of enchantment and enigma that would remain with him for the remainder of his days.

The little man's inexplicable disappearance remained an unsolved mystery, and John never beheld him again. Nonetheless, the memory of their brief encounter served as a reminder that the world was a realm of boundless wonder and infinite possibilities, where even the most implausible narratives could materialize on a crisp and chilly morning within the heart of the forest.

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About the Creator

william M

Hello, I'm William, I am a resident of Ireland.

I enjoy crafting short stories, especially those passed down from my father. These tales, whether factual or not, are entertaining, so I hope you all enjoy reading them. Believe them or not :)

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