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The Lightbulb Man

by Alfred Cosme 2 months ago in Short Story

A Demonic Entity inside a Painting.

Painting of the Lightbulb Man

In ancient times, he was known as the shiny one., and was mistaken for a Angel. Until you got close enough to see, it’s true form and by then you were deceased. A demon collector of souls. Roaming the planet for his next kill and absorption of the next energy he came across. After millennia he dwelt in the woods and waited for campers to come and get lost. That when he would show them his flashing light bulb head. They would think they were being rescued but to their surprise it was time for there demise. He would suck the energy right out of their bodies, making his head shine brighter. Most who encountered him were devoured but one man got away. He went crazy after what he witnessed and the disappearance of his friends. He repeatedly reported it to the police and park rangers but no bodies were ever found so no one believed him. But he said one day you will see and heed my warning once you see the light, it’s to late. He was sent to a mental institution where he created a painting of the light bulb man. Which he shouldn’t have, it being a demon and all. The insane asylum put up the picture on the wall. Many stopped to look at it as they passed the hall. But it was a curse whoever looked at the painting that night the light bulb man would appear to them amd drain there souls as that was his food amd goal. Almost everyone at the ward had circum to the lightbulb man. That the place was shut down. But the picture remained up on the wall. Over the decades urban legends were made about the place and high schoolers would dare each other to enter the place. Many wouldn’t pass the front doors but one kid thought himself brave and smart and that this was just all made up stories. So he entered and all was dark amd damp. The steps leading up to the painting almost collapsing. But he endured and climbed and got to the top and rubbed off the cob webs and dirt and got a glimpse of the demonic force. He went to turn around amd go but out the picture a light started to glow then a long arm reached out amd aucked him in. He was a goner for sure never seen again. The kids waiting outside seen a bright flash amd heard a scream which sent them scrambling back to town yelling it got their friend. But no one would listen. So a group went back and decided to burn the place to the ground. They circled the building pouring gas then with a match boom the place was a blaze. But what they did not know was they set the light bulb man free. As the painter trapped him in that part the art kept him stuck inside but now they set him free. As the watched the fire every ember burn, that’s when they seen the bright light coming from behind them. They thought maybe it’s the police or firemen but then again to there surprise was the figure who came to their demise just one look amd you would go blind and he snatched the whole group up amd swallowed their essence their souls as that was his food amd main goal. He allowed one to escape to see if they would make a painting of him in another place , where he can dwell until it’s time for his next meal. No one knows where it came from but it has been around fir many years from the Indians to other ancient civilizations speaking of such a creature. There is only one mention of the demon in the book of the dead. And the Egyptians had a secret underground place in the middle of not were they wrote of this thing and the trouble it would bring. But how you could control it with Solomon’s ring. But that hasn’t been seen in millennia, the crusaders took it amd buried it with all their other treasures not knowing the power they had. Now it’s lost to time but the demonic entirety still walked the earth and fed on those who stepped into his turf. Brought to America in a ancient sarcophagus this is something that history missed. But til this day the light bulb man walks in the mists of the forest and anyone lose is in for it. So if your ever lost and see a bright light run the other way especially if no sound just brightness because if you fall for his tricks your soul is his...


Short Story

Alfred Cosme

I write as a hobby. Mostly as hobby to pass time. I do a lot of reading and research and formulate theories, history, and more. I love the writing process and also always have been a poet. I write a lot of poetry✌🏼❤️

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