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The Liberated

The Last Windows, Man, and Woman

By Moriah C.Published about a year ago 3 min read
The Liberated
Photo by Daniel McCullough on Unsplash

The outside world was unknown to her, but she could catch a glimpse of it through the window in his room. She had truly believed that she had the last window in the world. But she now saw another, clearer window standing right in front of her, and a man more alive than herself beside her.

Just a day before, the woman had been alone in this dangerous, new world. In the weeks following the disaster, one could hardly tell that a vibrant city had once stood there. The tall skyscrapers and apartment developments had been decimated into rubble. Under rainy skies, fires burned here and there and contributed to the heavily polluted air. However, there was one structure that was conspicuously intact- the last of its kind for miles. A large church window with thick, wooden borders and nine, blue stained-glass panes stood tall in the air. It possessed a grandeur that allowed its viewers to imagine it as a portal to a magnificent world, except it only had one viewer in this new life.

As he rounded the left of this window, the man saw a woman in a red raincoat holding her legs and crying quietly. She seemed to hold the awareness that she was the last person alive for miles- if not on the whole earth. Although her window could not guard her against the rain, the fires, or the sizzling of burning flesh, the large window was her shelter. She hadn’t moved from it since the decimation of the city. But as her observer rounded the window corner, she snapped her head up and glared at him. Her rage-filled eye instantly pierced his. “Who are you?” She said.

“I’m alive,” He replied. “A survivor, like you.”

“I haven’t survived,” she exclaimed as she gestured to the city rubble. “They are all gone! Every last one of them gone!” She paused and turned to him. “Can’t you see it?”

"Yet you are alive?" He asked.

She was standing and pacing back and forth by now. "I am a life. A life floating meaninglessly through the universe on this gigantic, burning rock!" She cried, she kicked the dust, and wearily stumbled back to her resting place. "But what are you? Who are you? Are you alive?"

She added sarcastically." Are you a figment of my imagination?" She paused and looked up in fright. "Were you sent here to kill me?"

"What? No! I am a person like you! It is not all bad here, you have to get up and move out of this!" He waved to the rubble and the shade the ominous window cast. "There are more of us! At least, I think there are. There has to be. I will show you what I found." He extended his hand to help her up. Then a frightened look came over his face and he paused, "Wait, why would you think I would kill you? Who would send me?"

"Did you not see them before all this destruction took place? There were soldiers covered in armor from head to toe running in formations- with swords! They were unlike any military we have ever seen before. They seemed to be hunting the citizens instead of helping us." She replied.

"I saw them." He gently replied. "But we are safe now. Do you think they are still out there? Look." He paused and looked around at the destruction. "We are the only ones here and are safe. But if you would like, come with me. My dwelling is away from the city and its destruction."

The woman stood up and looked around at the rubble. She then encircled the large blue window that she had grown fond of. The church window that protected her by walling her in from the destruction and shielding her from the rain and smoke. The window that had provided her last shred of protection with its cloudy stained glass panes. She shifted her perspective back to the man and realized that she and he were alive and were the only living beings for miles.

She returned to the man and looked into his kind eyes. "Okay, I will go with you."

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Moriah C.

Welcome! My name is Moriah and I am a history student in university. I write fiction, poetry, and musings on social and religious issues. If you enjoy my content, please comment, like, share, and subscribe to know when I post!

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  • Conceptsalsoabout a year ago

    Is there another chapter coming? What happens next?! 😲

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