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The Legend of the Sea Serpent

Philippines Urban Legend

By Charles CarlosPublished 6 months ago 3 min read

Bakunawa, the sea serpent, had been lying low in the depths of the ocean for months. It was becoming a nuisance to the people of the islands as they believed that the dragon would steal the seven moons, leaving their world in darkness. Bakunawa had no interest in the moons, however. The serpent was merely bored and felt restless in the sea. Bakunawa wanted something more than the empty depths of the ocean.

One day, Bakunawa spotted a young girl from the surface of the ocean. She wore a purple dress that flowed like silk in the breeze. The serpent was captivated by the girl's beauty and grace. Bakunawa realized it wanted nothing more than to be with her. The dragon rose from the depths of the sea and snatched the girl, named Liwayway, from the shore before vanishing beneath the waves.

Liwayway's parents, seeing the dragon take their daughter, warned the people to hide their children. They feared the serpent would return for another victim. However, a young man named Diego refused to stay in hiding. He was in love with Liwayway and knew he must save her from the clutches of Bakunawa.

Diego spent days building a raft and packing supplies, preparing himself for the long journey to find Liwayway. Finally, with the raft finished, he set out to sea. The young man had heard stories of how people had driven the dragon away with loud noises, so he brought with him pots and pans.

As Diego sailed farther and farther out to sea, he could feel the dragon's presence. He banged on the pots and pans as he saw the serpent rise up from below. Bakunawa was amused by the tiny human's attempts to scare him away. Bakunawa grabbed the raft and pulled it beneath the waves.

Diego was terrified but refused to give up. He knew that he had to do whatever it takes to save Liwayway. He gathered his courage and spoke to the dragon in a soft voice, saying, "Oh Bakunawa, please have mercy on me. I have come here not to harm you but to ask for your kindness. All I ask for is a mere moment of your time."

Surprised by the young man's bravery, Bakunawa paused and listened to Diego's words. The young man explained that he had come to rescue Liwayway and begged the serpent to release her. The dragon was hesitant at first, but Diego's words of bravery and kindness touched its heart.

Bakunawa hesitatingly brought Diego to its lair where Liwayway had been kept. The young man was overjoyed to see Liwayway but was saddened to see how weak she had become under the dragon's captivity. He took her hand and together, they spoke to Bakunawa. Diego told the dragon that the people of the island were not its enemy and they wanted to live in peace with the sea serpent.

Bakunawa was moved by the young couple's words. It had never known such kindness from humans before, and it had never realized how much pain and fear it had caused. The dragon agreed to release Liwayway and told Diego it would no longer come up to the surface to steal the moons.

With the dragon's promise to leave the moons alone and refrain from harming humans, the people of the island began to view Bakunawa with less fear and more respect. Diego and Liwayway returned to the island as heroes, with the young man earning the title of "Dragon Tamer." Finally, peace reigned over the island, and there was a newfound respect between humans and the mighty sea serpent, Bakunawa.

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