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The Last Visitor

Haunted by a Demon's Curse

By AkshayPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
The Last Visitor
Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

The old mansion on the outskirts of town was a source of fear and fascination for the locals. Its dark history was whispered about in hushed tones, and the rumors of the strange occurrences that took place there only added to its sinister reputation. But for years, the mansion had remained abandoned, its halls and rooms empty, its secrets locked away.

That is, until the day the last visitor arrived.

The man appeared at the gates of the mansion, seeking refuge from a storm that raged outside. He was a stranger to the town, and his sudden appearance only added to the mystery of his arrival. But the owner of the mansion, an eccentric recluse who rarely ventured out of his home, took pity on the man and allowed him to stay the night.

As the storm raged on, the man settled into one of the mansion's many guest rooms, thankful for the warmth and shelter the old house provided. But as the night wore on, he began to hear strange noises coming from the hallways outside his room. The creaking of floorboards, the sound of footsteps, and whispers that seemed to come from nowhere.

At first, the man dismissed the noises as nothing more than the product of an old house settling in the storm. But as the night wore on, the sounds grew louder and more persistent, until they became impossible to ignore.

The man got out of bed and cautiously made his way into the hallway. The darkness was thick and suffocating, and the only light came from the occasional flash of lightning that lit up the windows. But as he peered into the shadows, he could make out figures moving in the darkness.

They were not human, but something far more sinister. Ghostly apparitions, twisted and tortured by the mansion's dark history. They moved silently, as if they were searching for something, and as the man watched in horror, they began to converge on his room.

Panicked, the man retreated back into his room and barricaded the door, hoping to keep the spirits at bay. But the ghosts were relentless, and they pounded against the door with increasing force, their haunting cries filling the air.

It was then that the man realized the truth. The mansion was not haunted by ghosts at all, but by something far more malevolent. The owner of the mansion had made a deal with a demon, trading his soul for power and wealth. And now, with the storm at its height, the demon had come to collect.

The man knew that he was trapped, with no hope of escape. He was just another victim of the mansion's dark history, another sacrifice to the demon's insatiable hunger.

As the pounding on the door grew louder, the man knew that his time was running out. He thought of his family, of the life he had left behind, and he knew that he would never see them again. But in his final moments, he refused to give in to fear. He stood tall, ready to face whatever horrors lay beyond the door.

And as the door finally gave way, and the ghosts and demons poured into the room, the man stood firm. His spirit would not be broken, even in the face of such overwhelming terror.

In the end, the man was lost to the darkness that consumed the mansion, just another victim of the demon's curse. But his bravery and defiance inspired others, and the memory of his final stand lived on, a testament to the power of the human spirit even in the darkest of places.

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Akshay: Creative storyteller with a wild imagination. Writes Opinion Pieces on Love, Romance fiction, Life & Trending issues from personal experiences.

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