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The Last Human

The story follows Lily, the last surviving human in a distant future, who gained immortality through a serum. She discovers others like her and together they create a city for immortals. But as Lily witnesses the dark side of humanity, she leaves the city behind to continue her journey through the stars, seeking new experiences and knowledge.

By ShahmeerPublished 6 months ago 5 min read

In the year 2165, humans had colonized Mars, the Moon and even distant planets. But despite all the technological advancements, there was one thing that still eluded them – immortality. Scientists had come close to achieving it, but no one had cracked the code yet.

Enter Dr. Maya Singh, a brilliant geneticist who had spent her life studying the human genome. She had a theory that if she could manipulate certain genes, she could create an immortal human being. She had been working on this project for years, and it was finally time to test it.

Dr. Singh selected a volunteer – a young woman named Lily. She was healthy, strong and willing to take the risk. Dr. Singh injected her with the serum and waited for the results. At first, everything seemed fine. Lily was healthy and vibrant, and she showed no signs of aging. But then, something strange happened.

Lily started experiencing vivid dreams, and she couldn't tell if they were real or not. She saw things that no one else could see – strange creatures, alien landscapes, and futuristic cities. She was convinced that they were memories from a past life or visions of the future.

Dr. Singh dismissed her claims as hallucinations, but Lily was persistent. She started keeping a journal, writing down everything she saw in her dreams. She soon realized that there was a pattern to them – they were all connected.

As Lily delved deeper into her dreams, she discovered a terrifying truth – humanity was on the brink of extinction. A race of alien beings had invaded Earth, and they were wiping out every human being they could find. The few survivors were forced to flee to other planets, living in constant fear of being discovered.

Lily knew that she had to do something. She used her dreams to create a plan – a way to defeat the aliens and save humanity. She convinced Dr. Singh to help her, and together, they developed a serum that would give humans the power to fight back.

They tested the serum on a group of volunteers, and it worked. The humans now had the strength and agility to match that of the aliens. They formed an army and launched a counter-attack.

The battle was fierce, but in the end, humanity emerged victorious. They had defeated the aliens and reclaimed their planet. Lily became a hero, a symbol of hope for a new generation of humans.

But there was one problem – Lily was the last human. The serum had given her immortality, but it had also stopped her from aging. She would live forever, watching as everyone she knew and loved grew old and died.

Lily was haunted by her dreams, knowing that she had saved humanity, but at what cost? She continued to write in her journal, hoping that one day, someone would find it and understand what she had done.

And so, the last human lived on, a testament to the power of science and the human spirit.

Years went by, and Lily watched as the universe changed around her. Humans had spread out across the galaxy, colonizing new worlds and encountering new species. But despite all the wonders she saw, Lily couldn't shake the feeling of loneliness.

She longed for companionship, someone to share her immortality with. But it seemed impossible – no one could live as long as she did, not even with the serum.

One day, Lily received a message from an unknown sender. It was a simple message, just two words – "I exist." Intrigued, Lily responded, and soon, she discovered that she wasn't alone.

There were others like her, individuals who had been injected with the serum and had gained immortality. They were scattered across the universe, living in secret and watching as the ages passed by.

Lily was overjoyed. She finally had found her kindred spirits, and they quickly formed a bond. They shared their stories, their experiences, and their hopes for the future.

Together, they made a plan – to create a new society, one that embraced immortality and all the possibilities it offered. They traveled from planet to planet, gathering those who had been injected with the serum and bringing them together.

They built a city on a distant world, a shining beacon of hope in the darkness of space. The city was a marvel of technology, a place where immortals could live and thrive.

But as the years passed, Lily realized that even immortality had its limits. She had lived for centuries, seen countless worlds and met countless beings, but she had also seen the darkness that lurked within the hearts of men.

She knew that the immortals were not immune to the same flaws and weaknesses that plagued mortals. She saw the rise of factions and the struggle for power, and she knew that it was only a matter of time before the city she had built would fall.

And so, Lily made a decision. She would leave the city behind and travel the stars once more, seeking new worlds and new experiences. She knew that she would never find true peace or happiness, but she also knew that she could never stop searching.

For Lily, immortality was a curse and a blessing. She had saved humanity, but at the cost of her own mortality. She had found companionship, but at the cost of watching everyone she loved grow old and die.

But despite all the pain and the sorrow, Lily never lost hope. She knew that there was still so much to discover, so much to learn, and she was determined to do so, no matter how long it took.

And so, the last human traveled on, a testament to the enduring spirit of humanity, and the power of the human mind to overcome even the greatest of obstacles.

Sci FiMysteryHumorHorrorExcerptClassicalAdventure

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