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The Last Heist

Micro Heist

By M DannenfelserPublished 6 months ago Updated 6 months ago 1 min read
The Last Heist
Photo by Kunj Parekh on Unsplash

Clarence, a wily and seasoned time-thief, held an enviable yet exhausting power. He had stolen enough time from the world to live forever. But his immortality was a monotonous purgatory. Each sunrise brought the same sigh, each sunset the same longing for an end.

Haunted by echoes of laughter, whispers of love, and the silent tick of relentless solitude, he hatched his final heist - stealing his own eternity. The plan was daring: to corner Time itself.

With every tick of the clock, he crafted his scheme, meticulously plotting his own demise. When his moment of success came, he confronted Time and demanded, "Give me an end."

Time, a fickle master, agreed, but with a caveat. "Return the day you cherish most."

Clarence didn't hesitate. He chose a day with Margaret, his lost love. Their laughter echoed in the morning light, their confessions etched in the afternoon shadow, and their love blossomed under the moon's soft glow.

At midnight, Time reclaimed its due. The memories of Margaret blurred; her laughter, her tears, her touch, her love, all faded into a forgotten abyss.

Left with his newfound mortality, Clarence was truly alone.

He wept.

Time, no matter how much or little, was worthless without her.

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About the Creator

M Dannenfelser

Married Midwesterner who loves reading, writing, and cats.

Part-time daydreamer, full-time nerd.

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  • A. Lenae5 months ago

    So poignant and powerful. I love that the start of the piece introduces a mysterious, foreign concept and then progresses into something that haunts anyone who has truly loved and lost. Your writing is beautiful.

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