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The Last Colony

Captain Mia Richard And Her Team

By KenaPublished about a year ago 2 min read

Chapter 1: Arrival on Kepler-438b

Captain Mia Richards had dreamed of spaceflight since she was a little girl. She had studied her way through the academy and managed to get a spot on the mission to Kepler-438b, a potentially habitable planet in a neighboring star system. After years of traveling through space, her crew finally arrived on the planet's surface.

As the team began to survey the landscape, they quickly noticed something peculiar - not a single sign of life could be found among the vast forests and rolling plains that stretched out before them. Mia had been expecting to see some sort of foundation for a potential colony, but there was nothing. It was as if the planet had never been touched by the hands of man.

Chapter 2: The Colony's Beginning

After weeks of exploration, the crew finally found a suitable location for a colony. They began the terraforming process, using advanced technology to modify the planet's atmosphere and make it habitable for humans. Mia had taken on the role of leader, guiding her team every step of the way.

Over time, the colony began to take shape. Buildings were constructed, and the necessary resources were harvested from the planet's natural resources. The colony slowly began to grow, with more and more people arriving from Earth to start a new life on Kepler-438b.

Chapter 3: The Collapse

As the colony grew, tensions began to rise. Resources were starting to become scarce, and people began to compete for them. The original team that had first arrived on the planet started to split apart into factions, with some wanting to share resources while others insisted on hoarding them.

Things came to a head when a catastrophic event occurred. A section of the colony's artificial atmosphere malfunctioned, causing a massive explosion that destroyed half the colony. Panic set in, and the people began to turn on each other. It was every man for himself as the survivors scrambled to try and make it out alive.

Chapter 4: Alone

Mia was among the few survivors, but much of Kepler-438b was now uninhabitable. The colony's entire infrastructure had been destroyed, and with it, any hope of sustaining human life on the planet. Without the resources to create another colony, they were doomed to a slow and painful death.

Mia and her team were forced to make a difficult decision. They repaired their ship and left the planet, heading back to Earth. The journey home was long and difficult, and the crew was wracked with guilt over the failure of their mission. But as they finally landed back on Earth, they realized something incredible: they were the last humans alive.

Chapter 5: A New Beginning

The natural resources of Earth had been depleted long before they left on their mission. Humanity had exhausted the planet in their pursuit of progress, and the people left behind were forced to live in the ruins of a once-great civilization.

Mia and her team set to work, using everything they had learned on Kepler-438b to create a new colony on Earth. They were determined not to make the same mistakes again, to work together and build a new society based on cooperation and trust.

With time, the colony grew. More and more survivors made their way to them, and the new society began to flourish. They rebuilt what was once lost and created something new and brilliant. And as the years went by, they never forgot the lessons they had learned on Kepler-438b, always striving to put the needs of the colony first and to never take for granted the precious gift of life.


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