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The Island

There's no escape

By Lucy TorralbaPublished about a year ago 6 min read
The Island
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When you die you're whole life flashes before your eyes or so the old saying goes. Seeing and feeling absolutely nothing makes me think I'm either in Hell or possibly purgatory.

Thump thump, thump thump, thump thump, that slow and steady sound is getting louder as I start to feel my body come back to me. So I guess I really am alive.

Trying to move my hands and feet proved that they've been waiting for me all this time. I was never a fan of bondage, yet what does it matter to them. My struggles were interrupted by someone opening the door and saying, "You're finally awake Tamara." I didn't need my sight to tell who talked just now. I knew it was a ghost from my past that I thought I'd never see again. Feeling my blood begin to boil I respond with, "That's no longer my name Aunt Patty."

"That's Director Anderson to you, Tamara", she said with a bit of bite in her voice. Had my eyes been opened I would've glared daggers at her. "Like I give a shit Aunt Patty and stop calling me by my dead name", I responded with the same bite. Hearing her get closer didn't phase me at all. "Listen here girl, I will not take any kind of attitude while you're here and under my watch. You will do as I say when I say. If I say 'jump' you say 'how high'. If you don't follow the rules I'll have some scientist make you wish you died that night." Turning my head to the sound of her voice I said, "I did die that night Aunt Patty. You and your goons have been hunting me for the last decade with little success until last night. So count your blessing for finally finding me."

Before another word could be said the sound of a door being opened interrupted us. Heavy foot steps came close enough to the bed that I could smell the after shave. "General Armstrong this is Subject 1, we finally found her", Patty said changing not only her tone but her posture as well. "At eases Director, have you told the Subject where she's at and what we do here?", Amrstrong asked Patty with a deep voice. Rolling my closed eyes didn't go unseen.

"You will show respect to us soon enough", Patty's voice had the same bite as before. Instead of responding I decided to spit at her. It must've touched some part of her, the sound of two people struggling against each other brought a smirk to my face. "Enough Director, do not let this Subject rattle you!", Armstrong yelled. Patty calmed down for the moment, "Go back to your office I'll take the Subject away."

"Yes General and thank you", hearing the sound of Patty's feet hitting the floor before the door opened was so satisfying. "Wipe that smirk off your face Subject", he said to me. Tilting my head towards his voice he continued to talk, "Why haven't you opened your eyes yet?" "What does it matter if my eyes are opened or closed, I can still hear you Aqua Velva," I said with a snicker.

Armstrong came closer to the bed, "Looks like you've got moxie, let's see how long that's going to last here." The sound of a small button being pushed brought even more people into the room. A chill ran down my spine that I'm sure Armstrong saw. "We're taking you to the area where we keep subjects like yourself." The bed was being hauled into what I could only imagine was a long hallway. Armstrong talked the entire ride there, "We call you all Subjects due to the fact you're no longer human. We study you, feed you, and of course experiment. You're going to have a collar around your neck that prevents you from using your abilities and if you try to use them anyway you'll be shocked with 20,000 volts of electricity. Depending on how you act with others like yourself and all the guards on duty there will be some small rewards. For example, picking a movie on Friday night, books we have or can get, and maybe even pen and paper if you like to draw", I could hear a smirk in his voice. He continued on his speech, "Unlike the others you're going to be in solitary, we keep the most deadly Subjects there. You're also going to have a bracelet that has your number and a specific color on it. The bracelet is a key to your room that'll also give you access to the other public rooms you're allowed in. We have the areas where we keep you Subjects heavily monitored. If you decide to get any wise ideas about escaping you're going to be very sorry if we let you live afterwards."

"So it's kind of like a mental institution meets heavy armored prisons? We're limited to the things we can do, no visitors, and escapes are met with gunfire", I said sarcastically. A second barely went by, someone removed the pillow from my head and attached the collar. Feeling the cold metallic collar around my neck made my body break out in goosebumps.

Another small button was pushed for me to feel the 20,000 volts go through my body. I heard some of the people around the bed snicker as they watched my body convulse. "That was a small taste of what we will do if you disobey us in any form or way. You're not the only one who's tried to escape from here and you won't be the last", hearing the smugness in Armstrong's voice made me want to use his head as a soccer ball.

"Now that I have your full attention I'm going to place the bracelet on your right wrist. Before we let you socialize with everyone else on the other side do you have any questions", hearing the smile in his voice made my blood boil. "I'm going to need some glasses like the ones I was wearing when I was caught. Unless you plan on getting me a walking stick", I said with my head tilted his way.

"Luckily for you the glasses you were wearing are still intact and aren't scratched", he said while putting the bracelet on my wrist and the glasses on my open palm. With both hands I checked to feel if Armstrong was telling the truth. From what I could feel of the materials they were my glasses, before putting them on I had to wipe away the possibility of smudges.

Finally having my glasses back on I let out a sign of relief. Being able to see Armstrong I could tell he must've been in a war or seen enough of one to make him look older than he actually was. The people who snickered at me had the same look Armstrong did, only younger. Looking back at Armstrong with daggers in my eyes felt comforting for a second. Armstrong pressed the button yet again with the same smile lacing his lips. My knees buckled while the rest of my body felt rigid. My hands went straight to the collar in vain. When the bracelet touched the collar my right arm went limp to my side. Satisfied with the pain he just inflicted on me yet again Armstrong pushed the button twice and the pain was gone.

"Looks like I forgot to mention; if you try touching that collar with your right hand it'll paralyze your arm for the day. With that being said don't touch the collar at all or it'll shock you until one of us turns it off. I've seen Subjects die from the collar before and it's not pretty", he said looking down on me. Tilting my head to look him in the eye, I saw him look to his men and give a slight nod. Two pairs of hands grabbed each of my arms to lift me off the floor and push me to the now opened door where I'd spend the rest of my days at.

Sci FiYoung AdultSeriesHorror

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