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The imposter

The imposter

By Tapiwa ZinyukePublished 2 years ago 9 min read
The imposter
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I was having a picnic with all my friends. I was a bit worried when one of my friends arrived late. This friend's name was David and it was not usual for him to be late for anything. When he arrived we were just about to pack up and leave as it was getting late. He apologized for being late and took us out for dinner. The next day was a Sunday so me and my family went to church. All of my friends went to the same church but on this particular Sunday David didn't show up. When I got home I tried calling him but it went straight to his voicemail. I got worried and I ran to his house and when I got to his house no one was home so I walked back home

I woke up early to go to school on a Monday morning . I took a shower, brushed my teeth and left for school. I got to school and the gates were closed and the strange part was the police who were all over the school grounds. I decided to mind my own business and walked back home and told my parents that the school gates were closed. I also told them about the police. We tried to call the principal but his phone was off so we decided to pay him a visit the next day but later that same day a letter from the school was in our mail box. We opened it and it said the school was going to be closed until further notice but not stating the reasoning. It was rather odd to see the school make such a decision at such short notice without discussing it with parents. My parents decided to pay the principal a visit leaving me alone in the house. About 45 minutes after they left someone rang the doorbell. I went to go see who it was and to my surprise it was David.

I opened the door, let him in and offered him something to drink. I then asked him where he was on Sunday. He told me that he had been at a family friends wedding. We talked for a while until he suddenly received a phone call, he answered it in kitchen and when the call was ended he had to leave so I walked him out. A few minutes later my parents got home and they looked rather shocked and traumatized. I asked what was wrong but they just sat down in front of the television and started watching. I had nothing else to do so I joined them, about 10 minutes later breaking news came on and my parents started looking for the remote and when they found it they turned the television off and told me to go to my room. I stood up about to leave for my room but I had seen a glimpse of my school in the breaking news report and I confronted my parents. They told me about what they discussed with my principal. They said that a dead body had been found in the school grounds. They aren't sure who the person is but they are sure that it is a fellow student who was murdered. That night I went to bed so worried that I did not sleep

I got out of bed the next morning and I heard my parents discussing something in their bedroom. I went closer to their door to listen. They were talking about moving out of the neighborhood. I got mixed feelings when I heard this and decided to take a bike ride to the lake. I was sitting by the lake when I suddenly heard footsteps coming toward me and I got scared and started running, after less than thirty seconds of running I heard gunshots and that is when I started thinking that the murderer was coming for me to. I found an abandoned log cabin and I got in, locked the door and started praying for my life. The gunshots started getting closer and louder. I got scared and I started sweating while praying. The front door of the log cabin I was hiding and praying in was kicked down and someone with loud boots walked in, I stopped praying and started begging the person who had walked in not to kill me and he started laughing. I thought I was about to meet my maker and then I realized that I recognized that laugh, I opened my eyes and to my relief I saw David. I was speechless for a few seconds before I went unconscious and the next thing I remembered was being at home being fanned by my mother with my father and David sitting on my bed. David left again without saying a word and my mother told me to have some rest.

I woke up later that same evening to get a glass of milk when I saw a dark figure of a man looking at our house. I did not make it obvious that I had seen him and I got my glass of milk and went back up to my room. I continued to monitor him from my window and I eventually got suspicious and decided to call the police. As the police approached our house the man got into a black vehicle and drove off. I went outside with my parents to meet the police officers and I told them everything and the police officers volunteered to watch over us incase the man came back. They watched over us for two weeks but we did not see any sign of the man or the black vehicle that he drove off in. We thought we were safe and that the man would never come back but literally a few hours after the police left I saw that vehicle parked in front of our house again. I thought that maybe it was a different car and jumped back into my bed. A few minutes later we heard one of our windows shattering. We panicked and my father grabbed his pistol and walked downstairs but to his surprise there were three intruders and they had rifles. My father immediately dropped the pistol and got on his knees while two of the intruders made their way upstairs and grabbed me and my mother from our rooms. They didn't want any of our money but it was me they were looking for and that is when I got terrified. I was so terrified that I started begging God to spare my life. They forced me to stand up and they dragged me to their car but the police had already been alerted by our neighbors and they defeated the three intruders by firing guns that had rubber bullets.

The police officers declared that it was unsafe for me to stay at home because they suspected that I was a target so they took me into protective custody for a month and then they escorted me home and my parents had been waiting for me in our driveway and I went to hug them. AS we were about to walk into the house David arrived and we all had drinks together to celebrate my return and he left a little later. Two hours later someone rang our doorbell. It was my school principal and he had not come with good news at all. He told us the identity of the corpse that was found in the school grounds and it was rather scary. The corpse was David. All of us were terrified because of the fact that we had seen him two hours earlier. My parents began to pack so that we could move out of the neighborhood by 8pm. I left the house to go and see David and as I was about to arrive he was actually leaving the house looking a little bit suspicious and he got into his car and and drove off and I was idiotic enough to follow him knowing that he was an imposter. He drove for about half an hour until he stopped at an abandoned warehouse and I followed him in and he was talking to three men. He said that he needed a new face and a bus ticket to leave the city by tonight because he thought that me and my family thought we were onto him and that is when I started recording a video. One of the men said David had to get rid of us before we exposed them. I was hiding myself so well until my parents called me. My phone rang so loud that all of them knew someone was in the warehouse with them. All four of them pulled out their guns and started searching the premises and at the same time blocking the exits.

I looked around and I noticed one unguarded exit and I ran as fast as I could towards the exit. The four men noticed me and they started chasing me while firing their guns at me but they all kept on missing. As I was running I saw an unoccupied taxi driving toward me and I flagged it down and it stopped. I quickly jumped in and told the driver to go to the nearest police station and then I called my parents and told them to meet me at the police station. I arrived at the police station, paid my taxi driver and five minutes later my parents arrived. I handed over the footage on my phone to the police officer who was handling our case and I told the officer and my parents what happened. The police officer told me that they would not be easy to find so they had to use me as bait. They asked me to go back home and pretend to be packing my bags and I did and to my surprise it worked. David came into the house wearing gloves and he wanted to make it look like suicide so he handed me a gun and tried to force me to shoot myself but that is when the police came in and arrested him and the other three accomplices were already in handcuffs. The police told us about several crimes that had been committed by these criminals and they thanked me for being brave. The next day we mourned our beloved David knowing that he was in a better place.


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