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The illegal passenger

Entry to "Sky's the limit" challenge

By Mohammed DarasiPublished about a year ago Updated about a year ago 6 min read
The illegal passenger
Photo by Nahima Aparicio on Unsplash

My home is marvellous.

Everyday there would be an abundance of new food that I had never tasted before. New smells that tingled my senses and made me shiver in joy. A small place where I wasn’t bothered nor harassed. Best of all, those pesky oppressors that are bountiful everywhere you go are but a mere a few here. It was truly heaven.

I have witnessed many of my kin die in vain to these oppressors; we migrated from place to place but all we ever receive is slaughter and pain. All our lives we had to shy away and hide from the oppressors to try and continue surviving and to provide for our families, but the enemy is always there ready to stomp on all our efforts.

I have seen families ripped apart and destroyed in the most horrific ways. Some tortured slowly until they suffocate to death while others die without even having a chance to realise their lives were about to end. The rest of us can only sit on the side, helpless.

After all the struggle and pain, I have finally found a place where I can survive in peace and not have to worry about the oppressors as much. This place is quiet most days, and I found a perfect corner to stay in; it is dim and cosy with easy access to food. Most of the time when the place is empty, the smell is not to my liking, but there are no perfect places.

While I loathe the oppressors for what they did to my kin throughout the ages, I do have to admit that wherever they reside, the smells are always pleasant, and food is always copious.

Unfortunately, happiness is most often short lived, as it seems to be for me and my new place. While the start of the day was filled with amazing and intoxicating aromas, it also brought with it a dreadful number of those oppressors. For my kind, the sweet smell was always bitter sweet, as we know that oppressors are nearby.

When the day started, the usual happened: some of those oppressors started moving things and filling the place with the most unpleasant of smells, and others brought in food. I could sense a particularly delightful smell from the food that I have never smelled before today.

As I said before, the sweeter the smell, the closer those oppressors were. Sometime after the moving about finished, a wave of oppressors started coming in one after the other, making loud noises and running all over the place. I guess these oppressors are similar to us in a way, they all seem to coalesce around sweet smells... Well, this particular smell anyway.

There were a lot of bright lights around the place that kept changing colour. There was also this peculiar floating object that I have only seen once before in one of these gatherings; it was almost the colour of the sun but a little darker, and it had a weird shape. This one looked different than the one I had seen before. It has a weird squiggly line next to a normal line. It looked like this: 21.

Whenever this many oppressors come together, it is never a good idea to go out for anything, including gathering food. That is survival one-o-one. Sadly, however, sweet smells are irresistible to us, and have been the downfall of many of my kin. This sweet smell in particular had thrown my head for a loop; the glorious sensation I felt was beyond anything I had experienced before.

“Don't fold Toby... You’ve seen many fall in similar ways and lose their lives. It’s not worth it, just wait until those idiotic oppressors leave, and you can get all the food you want”. I tried to convince myself. I repeated these sentences innumerable times to myself but I can feel my legs twitching in anticipation.

Somehow, I managed to contain myself for most of the day. I sat there the whole time staring at this magnificent, mysterious food that just kept calling out to me. Eventually the noises died down and it looked like the oppressors had stopped moving. Every now and then one of them starts moving around but then quickly stops... Nothing to be concerned about.

“Now is my chance! I’ve waited too long for this... I can’t wait anymore!”

I can see some of this food fell from the high space and landed on the floor. Perfect!

I move as quickly as I possibly can, while choosing tactical objects to hide behind wherever possible. I reach the food and I stop... “Finally. You’ve been calling for me this entire time and here I am!” I lean in and take a bite.

My entire body jolted with electricity and my visions became blurry for a moment. My senses felt more heightened than they have ever been. As this mystical elixir drove through my body, it felt like each individual cell was celebrating. This heavenly sensation continued as I took a second bite, and then a third, and fourth! I kept going until I couldn’t anymore. This sensation continued to throb my body until the very last little bit went through my mouth.

How can such a sensation exist! This wondrous feeling must be the pinnacle of everything. My life’s purpose, and the lives of those that came before me must be to achieve this nirvana.

After a moment of rest, I slowly turn around and start heading back to my place. I took one step and then I felt it. Something shook the ground from under my feet. I felt myself rising a little bit off the ground with each shake. This dreadful feeling that had been engrained into my, and all of my kin’s, minds.

I look to the left and notice that one of the oppressors had started moving. I got carried away with the otherworldly food that I had forgotten I was amongst the enemy!

I panicked and started running. “To hell with stealthy tactics, I need to hightail it out of here.” I move around the oppressor in an expert fashion; we were taught evasive manoeuvres in case of emergencies.

I walk on top of it to distract it a little bit and open up a window for escape. For some reason this oppressor didn’t behave like they usually do! Why in the world would they choose to change up the routine now! Nevertheless, I maintain professionalism and continue on with the manoeuvre. I quickly move right, then left and then straight ahead. Now it’s the home stretch. I just need to keep going for a little bit and that’s me home!

“I’m gonna make it! Yes! Home sweet home!”.

Just as I was about to reach home, I see this massive shadow forming around me. This odd long shape just kept getting bigger and bigger. I looked up and realised that it was the oppressor. The oppressor somehow managed to outsmart the manoeuvre and find its weakness. This it is for me, it seems.

They say your life flashes before your eye at the end, but that wasn’t the case for me. All I could think about was that food I had just now. That rich, sweet and delectable sensation was all I could think about.

“Worth it…” Darkness.


“The hell was that” said the young man with somewhat of a slurred tone. He felt something under his feet that almost made him fall. He swayed a little and held onto the wall as he tried to take off his shoes to see what it was.

He could see a gooey substance and some brown stuff. “Eeewww!” he turned around to show his friend. “What kind of private jet had cockroaches?!”

His friend gets up from the sofa, clearly drunk and tired. “Huh?” He wipes his eyes, “what do you expect, leaving cake laying around everywhere”. He then turned around and fell back asleep.

“Thats not the poin...” He felt it senseless talking to his friend who somehow managed to fall back asleep immediately. “I’ll just let the flight attendant know. I’m sure my dad will have something to say to the cleaners tomorrow”. He then threw the shoe to the side and continued heading to the toilet.

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Mohammed Darasi

I write fiction, poetry and occasional articles about interesting topics. I recently created a website (just because) which I will be posting my writing in (among other things). it would be great if you check it out.

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarranabout a year ago

    Ewwww it was a cockroach! I was leaning towards it being a mouse or a rat. Never expected a cockroach! Your story was so gripping!

  • Kristen Balyeatabout a year ago

    Great piece, Mohammed! You had my eyes racing from line to line! You created beautiful, vivid imagery! Fantastic job!

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