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The hundred thousand foot tall fairy tale

by Melissa Ingoldsby 3 months ago in Fantasy · updated 3 months ago

“How can you be a dainty princess when you are so tall?” The people cried, and she countered, “How can you NOT?!”

The hundred thousand foot tall fairy tale
Photo by Marcin Jozwiak on Unsplash

a long time ago, in a distant land, in a deep part of a dream or perhaps something like a dream, there lived a ten thousand foot tall princess. or maybe she was one hundred thousand feet tall. there is different accounts of the story, but all know of her general sense of humor and demeanor. she had curly, short brown hair. her brown, wavy locks looked like something out of the 1920’s, and it suited her bright blue eyes. she loved in deep, rich manifestations of color and music, but to most, it was overwhelming. the princess, named Kizzie, had light brown skin and was of noble an ancestral claim of the Giant Clan aTigress. They all spoke slowly and surely, and died out over the years, as their kind did not live long and the smaller folk did not take kindly to their existence as a whole. only a few young giants were left, including her, the last of the dying aTigress’s monarchy. her parent’s had died several years ago. she had not yet become Queen. Kizzie did not find a suitable partner to rule with yet(though this was not the only factor as it was her age as she was only sixteen). Giant Kingdoms had their princess and prince’s coronation typically at eighteen.

Kizzie was a princess, but she didn’t care for titles. she used her power to gain favor with the poor giants, and the smaller people who seemed to like her company. she painted fifty foot murals for them, of golden and sapphire and indigos and bright yellows. she only painted in swirls and symbols and patterns and did not paint literal objects or stills. she was a great thinker, something she attributed to herself. she argued about anything and everything. she argued so much, she contradicted herself at times, and in such a strange loop—-she’d only argue that was her intention to do so. Kizzie would argue that the nursery rhyme, “Mary, Mary, Quite contrary, how does your garden grow?” was about her!

despite gaining favor amongst several types of peoples, she was exceedingly lonely. the people would sometimes hear Kizzie come into town and say as loudly as they could, “How can you be a dainty princess when you are so tall?” They cried, and she countered, “How can you NOT?!” there would be a hush amongst everyone, and not a single argument further would be uttered. she smiled boastfully to herself. ‘Why, I am so clever. I am so very good at arguing, aren’t I? My mother would often tell me so.’ And she would gently dance in the breeze, twirling like a ballerina near a river, trying to remain quiet and dainty like she told the humans before she could do. her heart did a dance as well, and it felt like an accusatory pulse inside her huge chest, pumping and twisting and choking her blood. A thought churned up in her brain, making her face turn bright red.

I am so alone.

And it’s all my fault.

despite her gallantry and ways of sharing the spoils of the land and her art with all people’s, she was often selfish and thought only of herself. one day, she destroyed an old barn that a poor family had been meaning to fix up, but couldn’t due to worsening weather and droughts. she made this a personal passion project of hers to fix up the old barn her huge heel had smashed into, and also help the family out of poverty. she brought out the trees from her Kingdom so they could get the fresh lumber that they needed to rebuild the barn. she gave them magical seeds that grew in the roughest terrain. she gave them more land as well. upon hearing the human family’s turnaround, a very wealthy horse and bull breeder wanted to gift the giantess princess with a young mare or baby bull. the man’s wife was also a very talented seamstress and created a beautiful and extremely large outfit out of silks and creamy fabrics, with golden marigolds and flowers sewn into it(she had asked Kizzie beforehand if she wanted a gown or something more practical, and of course, practicality was her preference).

it took her one hundred days to make it. when Kizzie wore the outfit, it suited her, for she hated gowns and dresses. the man let her pick between a bull and a horse. she immediately picked a bull. it was a young bull that was a male. she named it Aros, after the Greek God of war.

“Much like yourself, lass! You won’t let anyone bring you down or push ye around!” The wife said with a chuckle, her ruddy cheeks lined with freckles. Kizzie immediately liked the wife. “But why don’t ye like dresses?”

Kizzie scoffed, “I don’t like anyone looking up my skirt! Why, do you ye want to?”

the wife and husband laughed. the huge wind that it created from the princesses booming voice made the little human’s move a foot backwards. That only made them laugh more. but, they parted after awhile and Kizzie felt lonely again. her bull, Aros, provided some degree of comfort and amiable companionship. the young bull grew and grew with her love and care. he grew so big, he was fifty feet tall, and just as wide. he had a bit of blue in his hide, too, and he licked Kizzie’s hand when she would cry in the huge fields with the silver mountains and green rivers below. The blueness in his tough fur reminded her of the sky and of her huge tears.

“Aros, must I suffer in this life so long? Must I prevail on earth when so many are destroyed?” She would miserably wail.

Aros headbutted her knee in response.

“Ouuch!” She exclaimed.

just then, the pain turned into something else for Kizzie, the giantess princess of aTigress. she changed it. she realized suffering was good. suffering taught you lessons. if there is no pain, there is no joy. just as there is no life without death. she wanted to immerse herself in the life of others and learn of how they taught themselves to be self reliant despite hardship. and to better rule her Kingdom, she must try and understand others and stop wallowing in her own singular pain. Aros seemed to like his master’s expression and nuzzled himself under her leg. she patted his head. as she got up from her meditation, the ground rumbled. her stomach rumbled, too.

“I must go back to my castle and find something to eat!” She said. “Come, Aros, lets go!”

as she went into Giant country, she almost knocked into someone. it was a beautiful giantess.

By Marius Muresan on Unsplash

she wore rags and held a staff in her hand. Kizzie inquired of it.

“Why, it’s my magical staff. I use it to help stir my potions to help out the other giants who cannot sleep or have other ailments. It creates a strong green light that jolts my ingredients into life,” the giantess drawled out in a salty, hot breath. her voice was like magic that drew Kizzie to come closer and closer. she stepped back, though, as her father told her to be wary of sorcerer’s charms.

Kizzie eyed her with a suspicious gaze. She saw a brown package underneath the woman’s arm. “What powers that staff’s green light? Black magick?!”

The giantess laughed. “Absolutely not, I was raised up that way. My powers come from love.”

“You must make much wealth from this power,” Kizzie stated. She didn’t ask it, she assumed—-completely ignoring the rags the giantess wore.

“Not at all. I do charity, and use it for family and friends.”

Kizzie frowned, looking a bit embarrassed by her careless response, and her face turned hot.

“You are the Princess of aTigress. Correct?” the giantess sorceress asked.

Kizzie nodded. forgetting all customs and manners, she clumsily curtsied and nodded, “Yes, I am. I am princess Kizzie of aTigress. What is your name?”

the giantess curtsied back. “Saoirse, my liege. I apologize for bumping into you earlier.”

Kizzie shook her head. “I bumped into you, I apologize.” she sighed. “Would you like to have tea with me, as a way to make up for my impertinence?”

Saoirse smiled and laughed gently, nodding. “You are very different from how I pictured royalty. You are…” she put her large pointer finger with the painted nail(it was a pale pink) on her chin in contemplation. “Humble.”

Kizzie crinkled her nose, “I am not.”

Saoirse laughed, “And funny.” she looked at the bull. “Who is that fine looking creature?”

Kizzie nodded, “My companion Aros.”

“Ah, how did you acquire him?”

Kizzie proceeded to tell her of how she accidentally damaged a poor human family’s old barn and fixed it with her Kingdom’s sturdy trees and resources, and helped them out of poverty. from there, a wealthy human couple gave her the bull and the flowery garb she wore. the giantess was impressed by that act of love and said so. Kizzie said it sounded the same as her acts of charity for others with the magic staff of green lights.

throughout their entire country, there was much poverty and famine, and Kizzie was thinking of ways to help out her people and other people as well. ogres, fairies, unicorns and other such people—all were in need in varying degrees.

the brown package that Saoirse had under her arm happened to be a potion to help an ailing young giant who was very ill. they both stopped over to give the giant this medicinal treatment potion first, even as Kizzie’s hunger was getting more and and more apparent. it was rewarding to help them without expecting anything back. they had a light lunch after. tea with cream and cheese and cucumber sandwiches with a light white cake was their picnic outdoors. Aros stretched his legs and ran about as they conversed over the giant’s existence as a question of survival—-even as their numbers were dwindling drastically throughout the years. this question had no easy answers and frightened Kizzie, and was very important to her as Saoirse could see this, as Kizzie’s eyes welled up at the mention of giants dying off completely in the coming future. then, to cheer up her new friend, Saoirse proceeded to sing a beautiful song to Kizzie. her rich, velvety voice made Kizzie feel enamored with nature and peaceful.

“Helping others brings me joy unlike anything in the world,” Saoirse said after the song. “What about you? I see that you enjoy to do things for others.”

Kizzie nodded. For once, she did not wish to argue this point. The song had made her relax more than she ever had her entire life.

For once, Kizzie wished not to argue at all.

rumors circulated of her new friendship with the lowly giantess. Kizzie did not care of such things. they worked together for almost a year and a half and bonded over creating new and innovative ways to keep giants from getting ill and living longer. Enriching the youth, and teaching them of old customs and of their rich history. Kizzie started up a school to teach younger giants the magic of Saoirse’s beautiful potion making art. Kizzie no longer felt lonely.

One day, as Saoirse was creating a river of green light through a boiling cauldron in the huge castle, Kizzie, locked eyes with her best friend. There was a misty, steamy affection in the gaze.

“Kizzie, my dear, why do you look upon me so?” Saoirse’s bright brown eyes lit up and seemed to shine through the light of her staff.

“I must, Saoirse. You are still as beautiful as the day I bumped into you.”

Something hot and moist hit the air.

They stopped everything they were doing.

Saoirse took Kizzie’s hand, saying nothing but her look was…

…. Utterly passionate.

Love was literally in the air, green and pink and red lightning.

The light didn’t hit them. It engulfed them.

And then…

They kissed.

They kissed like nobody’s business!

They were married soon after. Kizzie and Saoirse were coronated as the two Giantess Queens of aTigress.

And so, with magic, love and charity, they lived contrarily, I mean——

Happily ever after.

The end.


Melissa Ingoldsby

I write short stories and poetry. I hope you find yourself in between the spaces of my words.

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Melissa Ingoldsby
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