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The Horse Lord

The unsuitable heir

By Hywel LatimyrPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

It was crocodile tears, that Prince Harrold announced to the court that his father, the king, has fallen ill and would almost certainly be dead by the morning. He had suddenly come under a mysterious illness. An Illness that just so happened to have very similar symptoms of henbane poisoning. A type of plant that Prince Harrold just so happened to growing on his lands for 'experimental' reasons. He apparently enjoyed feeding it to his pigs, as they seemed to get a strange sort of kick out of it.

As the entire court wept, the court jester, seeming to be in a mood lighten the mood, began to sing a nice little song for the crowd:

The old great King has popped his clogs

Did he drop one too many logs?

His dying whisper is mine to say

That not everyone will get their way

For the bastard who thinks it's in the bag

Should know he hath left it all to the nag

The Jester bowed to the audience, who were in fits of laughter by the time he had finished. Prince Harrold looked around confused. Such simple minded fools, laughing at the idea of the king shitting himself to death. Although the thought did bring a slight smirk to his own lips.

Prince Harrold remembered as his three older brothers all themselves contracted this mysterious illness. All with the same symptoms and all after he came to visit. It was an odd coincidence indeed. 'Oh why not?' Prince Harrold thought to himself, as he joined in with court's intense and seemingly endless laughter.

They all looked at him, continuing to laugh as they did. Prince Harrold was starting to get annoyed.

"Why is the laughter of my father's, your King, slow demise of so much amusement?" The Prince hissed toward the court. The court stopped their laughter, all looking toward him with a somewhat serious look.

Suddenly, the court Chancellor appeared. "The King is dead, Long live the king!" He shouted at the top of his lungs. The court followed "Long Live the King!"

Prince Harrold smiled, walking towards the chancellor. But the chancellor gave him a somewhat funny look. Suddenly, two knights came from nowhere and wrestled Prince Harrold to the ground.

"What is the meaning of this? I am the king!" He attempted to yell through the the crushing strength of the Knight's knee that was clamping down on his neck.

"I'm afraid the king's first order of business" The chancellor spoke in a slow and slightly smug voice "was to arrest you for the murder of Prince Edward, Prince Richard, Prince Cuthbert and the late King Edward." The chancellor looked down upon the prince, as everyone around the court cheered and celebrated the prince's arrest.

Suddenly, the royal announces entered the room. "Three cheers for King Mr Horse!" He shouted. "MR HORSE!" Prince Harrold screamed. He looked up. He wasn't sure if he was hallucinating, perhaps from a lack of oxygen or if this was all a bad dream, but he saw His father's prize White Arabian horse walking into the court.

The Horse, who was called Mr Horse, looked towards prince Harrold. Or at least, the Chancellor waved a carrot in the direction where Prince Harrold was being detained. "Your Father" Spoke the Chancellor "Decided that Mr Horse would be a worthier successor than you"

Prince Harrold couldn't believe what he was witnessing. Everything he had ever worked for, was to be undone, by a horse. Unable to move, yet still reluctant to accept his fate, Prince Harrod could only scream in anger. But the screaming stopped nothing, as he was thrown into the dungeon, never to be seen again.

(PS, I haven't proof read this as I ran out of time. So sorry if there are any errors.)

Short Story

About the Creator

Hywel Latimyr

I kinda suck at writing but I enjoy it

Anyway, here's a dumb little haiku:

The gunslinger draws

His opponent does the same

oh dear, they both died

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