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The Hero's Conundrum/Chapter 4


By Angel DelgadoPublished about a year ago 5 min read

Let’s see how they do now without him, now that he is dead. But no matter if he is dead or not, I’m not taking chances this time and we moved our camp again and I will find a safe place for these people. On the way I asked them what happened the day I got shot, but no one wanted to answer, except Sammael that told me I got grazed by a bullet on my head and they thought I was dead.

Then Bansao men came and they had to leave me there to be buried later, he said that he was sure I survived. I asked who killed Bansao men and John said that it was me, that I was so fast that it looked like there were four or five of me at the same time. I think that was what happened before when I killed Bansao and his men, what is happening to me?

We found the perfect spot for our camp and while we set up camp others set up a decoy camp more conspicuous. We have been in this camp for seven days now, everything is quiet and I people started believing that I really killed Bansao, but some think he is planning something big. I went with my crew to find some food, we saw a couple of rabbits then we heard a shot and one of the rabbits was dead. We stayed hidden, then we saw him, Bansao, it can’t be, no it can’t I refuse to believe it. Who the hell is this guy? He must have had a twin brother. He was hunting, but . . . Alone? That’s strange, it must be a trap so we stayed hidden. I sent John to scout the area and waited, while Bansao or whoever he was, set up a bonfire and started peeling the rabbit. John came back and said that he was really alone, something is wrong. We ambushed Bansao holding him up at gun point, he was not scared, he even smiled.

“So, you got me” he said with a grin in his face, I started asking him questions and Sarah was telling me to kill him.

“Quiet Sarah! How can you be alive? I killed you, I emptied my clip on your corpse.”

“That is not the question you should be asking.”

“Talk, NOW”

“He he . Do you think you are the only one who can move that fast?” as he looked at Sammael, then I pointed my gun at him and warned him

“Don’t you dare touch him asshole!” I looked at Sammael but he wasn’t scared, how does Bansao knows about my speed? Who the hell is Bansao?

“MARDUK FOCUS!” yelled Joseph.

When I looked at Bansao he jumped at us pushing us away, Joseph grabbed him and started punching him, but Bansao grabbed one of the punches with one hand, kicked him in the abdomen and he landed like six feet away. How can he do that to the biggest in or crew? Then Sammael started fighting him and he was fast, almost as fast as Bansao, Sammael pulled out a knife and stabbed him in the arm. When did he get so good at fighting?

I remember when we found him, he was naked and eating a raw reindeer and there was a dead bear at his side. When he saw us he jumped back and went on attack position then he looked at me and I told him that we are not going to hurt him. He lowered his guard and he just said “Yeah I know” Then I gave him a sheet we had for him to cover himself until we got to the camp. On the way I asked him where he was from and he said that he came from a kingdom far away looking for someone but didn’t want to talk about it. I explained to him what have been happening here and he said something that shocked me.

“If you really want to stop this conflict, you must join forces with Bansao.” I stopped walking and everyone else stopped too and I started walking towards him.

“That asshole is a murderer and that will mean that we have to surrender to a murderer.”

“Answer me this then. What will you do when you win?”

“We will start building a place to stay, a community”. He laughed

“To maintain a community means that you must defend it and rule it. There will always be people like Bansao and there will always be fight, unless we all start working together. Maybe Bansao is the way he is because he thinks the only way is through violence. Don’t get me wrong I’m willing to follow you and your path, you are going to take care of me and I will take care of you. But I must warn you, if you continue this path, your war will be for ever and I will always look for a chance to try and change your mind.”

“You have a point but Bansao will never change his mind. Let’s do something, you help me and I will help you find that person you are looking for.”


Back on the fight, Sammael retracted after stabbing him and we started shooting at Bansao but he hid behind a tree. One of my bullets hit him in the other arm, now he is wounded we have an advantage on him.

“It’s over Bansao, you are surrounded”

I yelled, we started getting closer to him but he caught us by surprise throwing us a flash grenade, he is too fast. When I recovered my sight I saw him running away and started following him. My crew was yelling at me to stop, it was a bad idea I know, but I can hear that one of them came along to follow Bansao. How do I trigger that speed that I have been using? I lost him damn it, he is hiding, I know. So I started searching for him and then SNAP, a bear trap got my feet, I fell on the ground holding my pain and my scream and then suddenly he was in front of me pointing a gun at my head. He asked me:

“Do you want to know the truth? About you, about your spe. . . ” but before he finished he was shot in the head by Sammael and I passed out from the pain.


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Angel Delgado

Amateur writer, fiction lover. I hope you enjoy what you find here.

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