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The Great Sino-American War

The Unforeseen Conflict: An Account of The Great Sino-American War

By MAKING REAL MONEYPublished 9 months ago 3 min read

Once upon a time, in a land far away, the citizens of China and the United States of America were living peacefully in their respective countries. But one day, something unexpected happened.

In the distant land, two nations, China and the United States of America, were peacefully coexisting until an unexpected event occurred.

The leaders of China and the United States had a disagreement over a trade agreement, and it soon escalated into a heated argument that divided their two countries. Neither side wanted to back down, so they declared war on each other.

The news spread quickly throughout China and the US, and people started preparing for the worst. In both countries, young men were drafted into their armies to fight in the upcoming war, while families stayed behind to worry about their loved ones who would be fighting in foreign lands.

One such family was that of Li and Zheng from China, who had two children: a daughter named Mei-Ling and her older brother Hao-Feng. They were devastated at the prospect of their children going off to fight in a war they didn't understand or agree with.

One night as the family were sitting together for dinner Li said to her children “We must all remain strong during these uncertain times ahead and keep hope alive in our hearts” Her words seemed to echo through their minds as they thought about what was coming next for them all.

Mei-Ling looked up at her parents with tears streaming down her face “But why do we have to go to war? Can’t we find another way?” she asked pleadingly but deep down she knew there was no answer her parents could give that would make any sense right now. Hao-Feng put his arm around his sister’s shoulders to comfort her as he listened intently for his parent's response.

Li reached across the table and took both of their hands in hers “No matter what happens we will always be here for each other even if we are apart” she said softly before rising from her chair. Zheng followed suit then walked over to Mei-Ling giving her a hug before leading them all upstairs so they could get ready for bed.

Once everyone was tucked into bed Li returned downstairs where she suddenly heard faint voices coming from outside. She rushed out onto the porch expecting to find someone standing outside but instead found two dragonflies hovering around each other like old friends exchanging stories about far off places. She smiled as she listened then returned inside feeling more peaceful than before.

Later that night after everyone had gone back to sleep Hao-Feng woke up suddenly with an idea forming inside his head - he knew what he had to do now even if it meant risking his life he would fight this war with honor so that his family could one day live in peace again. He quietly got out of bed then left his home without waking anyone up knowing that if he failed or got hurt it would be better not knowing what might happen next.

Before sunrise Hao-Feng was already at the frontlines ready to take part in this long awaited battle - he stood tall amongst all those gathered there waiting for someone else to make the first move but no one did instead everyone just held their breath until finally someone yelled "CHARGE!" at which point everyone screamed loudly as they charged into battle...

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