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The Grail

A lifetime story.

By Lazywriter41Published 2 years ago 5 min read
The Grail
Photo by Tiana Attride on Unsplash

It's not once upon a time, or long ago, this tale is happening as we read it in a mystical fairy world where humans co-exist with animals that can speak. Not very far or not very near to a triumphant life, there is a naive guy just like you and me, who is plagued with an irresistible desire for the treasure to end his sufferings. But, the glory is tucked away in the towering mountains, separated by the sweeping ocean of shallow depth that can smother your breath of life. He hasn't witnessed this town that he deems as spectacular and magnificent but heard many stories. Some of them would give him beautiful dreams that sing a lullaby, and the other gives him nightmares that shook him out of sleep, probably the little life too.

Unsettled by the thoughts ravaging him, he decides to cross the unknown path, but disappointed as he stares at his resources: the empty hands and the heart reserved of hope. Nevertheless, as the moon peeks at him, he sneaks out of his home, leaving his parents innocent of his adventure, and so forth; his journey begins, or he thought so.

The moon is drained of his trip, so she blankets the clouds and bids good night. Alone, restless, the guy marches for miles and miles till he lost the count. The unsteady wind accompanies him and warns of the approaching storms. Nervous, his eyes gawk at the leaves dance to the wind and reach their final destination, the earth, which is eagerly expecting her long-distant companion, rain. Witnessing the friends welcoming, his moist face search for the shade while his mind is absorbed with the fears of the uncertainties that he must prevail.

By TRI WISNU HADI on Unsplash

Wet and shivering, he locates the smoke coming out of a small shelter in the middle of nowhere. He realizes that this land is often burglarized, so he reluctantly treads to the nearby leaned tree. The mist out of his breath blends into the smoke reaching him from home. Sniffing, he ponders the burnt log wondering what tree might have donated its life. He wonders if the occupants are good or bad, but his eyes stop blinking as they spot an ax. But the chopped logs next to it reason the leftover optimism in him. And he starts analyzing every hint he can find about that house. As the rain picks up its pace, he finally realizes to go and see for himself. He takes a couple of steps, pauses his eyes at the dropped board on the soil, the lodge. Smiling, he notices a younger person rushing into the lodge. But the smile is fragmented when the lodge-keeper, Mrs. Bear, places out a plank: No Vacancy.

Disappointed, he enquires for any availability till the storm sleeps. The lodge-keeper doesn't raise his hope, but grasping the guy's ambition, she sings about a boat owned by the captain, Mr. Shark, who travels to the mountains, but its last trip sails at the first light in the morning. He deduces that he has to march ahead non-stop, and even if he does, that chances of making it are minimal. The lodge-keeper is kind to offer him a meal, and the most crucial element he believes he needs good luck.

As the rain would take small breaks, the guy leaps on the slippery earth. As the mist blinds him the path, he has slipped, injured, hurt and broken but never stopped. His terror has advanced; the first light breaks in, heightening his dread of fumbling the boat. Now, his legs witness the speed they never received, his eyes gaze at the white ship that they never dreamt they could. The blazing whistle of the boat scatters the birds nested on her, and the anchor is unhooked. As the ship begins sailing, Mr. Shark notices a faint running guy. Petrified, the guy leaps at the vessel but misses and disembarks into the blues of the ocean.

By Grant Durr on Unsplash

Mr. Shark cannot modify his proceeding for a stranger, so he kills any spirit that guy is clinging onto bearly. Surprisingly, Mr. Shark offers his tailpiece for the shaken guy to attach on. Quivering, the guy's eyes glance at the bold dark carved words 'The grail.' Leaning and crawling onto it, the guy sets his foot into the boat. As the guy gets to his feet, the old Mr. Shark confronts, "Boy! You would have sunken for your bloody leap." The guy gasping heavily returns, "It was my leap of faith, and I guess I was lucky.

Mr. Shark's serrated face yells, "I don't believe that. Because I ride on gas. Not on luck. And I don't suppose you rode on luck too. If you were lucky, you would not have been needed to hop in an ocean". "Might be, I am fortunate enough to reignite the hope with the help of a few," the guy figures. Mr. Shark nods, "You aren't fortunate. You are grateful, perhaps. Do not be confused with luck and belief". Mr. Shark's remark ponders the guy, but soon, his mind recognizes, "I suppose I should thank you for your tail too." Howling loud, Mr. Shark's snarled teeth invites, "Welcome to the Grail!"

The guy's eyes greet the distant mountain as they sail ahead. And he wonders if luck has any sense in his journey if he has not believed in himself and sought relentlessly. Even though he has not reached his target, he achieves the most important treasure, believing in himself and working for it.


By Raimond Klavins on Unsplash

Luck does not define us. We define it. But what really shapes us is the faith and belief we place into ourselves. When we want something, we got to try that with patience and discipline, and there's no other alternate way. Once we believe, everything seems possible, and the rest is up to us.

This narrative has a personal significance to me. It portrays some of my life experiences, and I want to gift this original story to my nephew, Gautam Aryan. One day, I want him to know this tale not because it is based on me. But, because I want him to understand that failure is optional but giving up is not.


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