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By markPublished about a year ago 13 min read

Lemon: Yeah... I know.

Bindel: is approximately time for class's speech.

Lemon: I heard they ship motion pictures to the Federal Army as well. Is it a not on time statement of war?

Bindel: Yes. With this, the men will pop out in earnest. And... the age of chaos that we lengthy for is subsequently beginning.

[Hagane Bridge]

Ban: ...Nevertheless, what turned into the coverage carried out via way of means of the federal authorities after the Tokyo Declaration? A massive paperwork made of a few privileged classes, with none countermeasures, has now no longer been capable of resolve the issues which have been coming because the vintage century... However, the scenario surrounding the complete Earthsphere is already telling us that the time for such wondering is over.

Tetsuya: Captain, this is...

Daitetsu: Yeah... It's the go back of DC Wars.

[Shirogane Bridge]

Van: To all mankind on Earth and in space, I claim here! That we've the strength to shield the Earth Sphere! I claim! The simplest component that could shake off the hazard of the alternative intercourse recommended via way of means of Bian Zoldark withinside the past... is our new Divine Crusaders, [Neuer DC]!

Lee: Noie... DC...!

[Earth Federation Forces Far East Forces Izu Base Command Office]

Ban: As you could see from the preceding Tokyo Declaration, the federal authorities has been hiding numerous the truth. To entrust the destiny of the Earth Sphere to such humans is suicidal. Do you men desire for a meaningless demise that could be a throwaway pahrase for a ruler? And, as a species, are you going to just accept the grotesque give up of being exterminated? no! Soldiers can have a will to live. you may be searching ahead on your future

Sakae: Commander Reika...

Reika: ......

Ban: As someone with life, there may be best one approach to pick now. It is to unite humanity's energy and knowledge to stand the approaching threat. And for that purpose, with the exception of the corrupt bureaucracy... Under the effective force, many medical doctors need to be united!

Reika: ...Dr. Bian's... Another option, huh?

[Presidential Department of the Federal Government of Paris]

Van: Now, what this international wishes isn't always Aegis' shield, however Harpa's scythe! Those who consider our will, come to Neue DC! If he desires to use his powers for the destiny of mankind and the planet, now no longer for desire, he'll now no longer deny any of them! Wills, bring together beneathneath the banner of the brand new Holy Crusader! And, let's win our very own freedom and destiny with our very own hands!

Brian : ......

Member: Your Excellency...

Brian: Not proper after the attack, however on the proper timing. A guy named Ban, that is quite good.

Assemblyman: But if the Federal Army launches a full-fledged counterattack, regardless of how an awful lot they...

Brian: You've been screaming that an awful lot, so that you have to have organized a joker or two.

Member: What could you want to do?

Brian: Talking to Neuer DC proper now may not work... But someday we're going to discover an area to position our half-raised fists down.

lawmaker : ......

Brian: Until then, I'll attempt to maintain the chaos to a minimum. However, there appears to be a few who need the chaos to continue...

Mitsuko: Not Aegis' shield, however Harpa's scythe... That's a very good example. how is it? Giving that call to our plan?

Graien: Even the call, I like it.

Mitsuko: Oh, I suppose it is a very good idea.

Graien: More than that, Neue DC's reins are tightening well, are not they?

Mitsuko: Yes, of course. Just in case, I positioned a bell on it.

Graien: Since Case E has occurred, we ought to hurry up and circulate on. It's too past due after they begin shifting in earnest.

Mitsuko: I know. By the way, what approximately your initial work?

Graien: There aren't anyt any mistakes. Kenneth Garrett of the North American Army additionally promised us cooperation. What's left is what to do with the unique assistant to circulate.

Mitsuko: Because he's helping the SRX plan and the ATX plan... As a company, it is a piece hard for us.

Graien: ...He's a person who is now no longer pretty positive what he is thinking. It appears that he had a courting with the EOT Special Council before...

Mitsuko: Yes, I suppose my father knew a touch bit too.

Graien: Before and after, I do not know how he were given connected to Brian... He averted my eyes and sat down as unique assistant.

Mitsuko: As lengthy as you've got got a courting with the EOT Special Council, you ought to be a member of the Streseman faction, right?

Graien: It appears which you haven't any purpose of forming a faction after the useless sword, however... he's truely someone of interest.

Mitsuko: .

[Inside Izu Base, Far East Army of Earth Federation Forces]

Viretta: ...the state of affairs at the African the front appears to be getting worse.

Aya: Yeah... Ryu appears to be suffering too.

Viretta: The Northern and North American forces appear to be shifting soon... With their support, the conflict state of affairs will improve.

Aya: That might be nice...

Viretta: Ouch, I'm sorry at instances like this... I'm going to White Star.

Aya: Yes?

Viretta: At the request of Major Gilliam, I actually have agreed to help him in his undertaking over there.

Aya: Is that... a degree for Case E?

Viretta: Yes. It appears that the unidentified cellular weapon that attacked Maosa became the decisive factor. Neuer DC additionally cares, however perhaps it truly is the aspect it truly is getting bigger. So... I'm going to White Star.

Aya: Oh, I see.

Viretta: Then please deal with her... her together along with her R-GUN powered tune.

Aya: truly is... at that time, the aspect that got here out of the center... is it certainly that kid?

Viretta: ...Judeka's center, which became shot down in Operation SRW... fell to Earth and became recovered via way of means of Septagin. And judging from the overall performance of the Zfield Crystals that make up the center, you could say which you are yourself.

Aya: But that kid...

Viretta: Yeah... Her regeneration became incomplete due to the fact her center became so damaged. And energy and... memory.

Aya: ...does your father suppose he will get the mourning into the SRX plan?

Viretta: Probably.

Ouch : ......

Viretta: And... she can also additionally have come below us due to the fact she needed to come.

Aya: ... (she needed to come ... below us ...)

[Inside the Ascradle]

Ban: Currently, the enemy forces in northwestern Africa are withdrawing to the Mediterranean coast, wherein they're regrouping their forces. So the troops led via way of means of Colonel Bindel will oppose them and take a check. In the meantime, you move the Mediterranean... and subdue the Duchy of Lixent.

Archibald: Rixent... It's one of the federal territories. The surroundings is lovely and there are gold mines.

Van: Yes. I will gather the land and use it as a bridgehead for the assault on Aviano Base, one of the important bases of the Federation.

Archibald: I see. I'm additionally uninterested in the barren region and wilderness surroundings... Let's experience a holiday at this point.

Ban: However, it's far forbidden to assault Rixent extra than necessary. Minimize harm to civilians as tons as possible.

Archibald: Whoa... Why?

Ban: To permit the sector recognize that we're one-of-a-kind from the vintage DC. Because at some point of the conflict the land turned into attacked via way of means of them.

Archibald: (Oh my gosh... After helping the semi-international federal movement, what do you do now? No rely how quite you grasp the signboard... After all, you and I are humans of the equal kind.)

Van: you understand, Major?

Archibald: I see. Keep it deep for your heart.

Ban: Then it really is fine. to sortie immediately.

Archibald: (To say such things as that to me... This way that my loyalty to Neue DC is being tested. Well, all right. Let's simply obey orders this time.)

[Hagane Briefing Room]

Kyosuke: What are you speakme about? Excellen. Something... is there some thing that bothers you?

Exelen: Yeah... that Einst... it is due to a child named Alfimi.

Kyosuke: ...that man, you mean? You too met in space ... She stated so.

Exelen: Yes. Inside the stone circle floating in space.

Kyosuke: He's a man with a whole lot of riddles. Unlike her different Einst... that man's voice turned into heard via way of means of human beings apart from us.

Exelen: I suppose there are instances after I simply cannot listen it. I'm doing this on purpose... Do you observed it is possible?

Kyosuke: There is a possibility... I guess. Britt stated he had detected Alfimi's presence... however failed to realize greater than that.

Exelen: Uh-huh... Kids like Ryusei-kun stated the identical issue right here too.

Kyosuke: What they've in not unusualplace is that strength... telekinesis. But you and I do not have that strength.

Exelen: Telekinesis check... The TPL check end result changed into absolutely zero. We don't have any mystical powers, are you saying?

Kyosuke: Yeah... But we additionally heard Einst's voice at Chiu Chong. Even aleven though Britt and Ryusei could not pay attention it, anyway.

Exelen: Yes, why best us...

Kyosuke: There's one greater issue she would not realize... She knew that man approximately me. Wasn't yours too?

Exelen: Wow, out of 100. She spoke like she knew me too. He... what happened?

Kyosuke: I do not know. Conversely, I actually have a sense that it will likely be the important thing to the riddle.

Exelen: I'm sorry, however can I upload one greater riddle right here? Me... I experience like I met him somewhere. I do not keep in mind her at all.

Kyosuke: ...then I'll upload one too. I actually have a sense which you and her have a comparable atmosphere. I do not know why... what do you reflect onconsideration on it?

Exelen: Oh, did you suspect so? I haven't any sisters... Is it due to Kyosuke's temper or some thing?

Kyosuke: ...Certainly, even though there may be no confirmation.

Exelen: First of all, why can we pay attention Einst's voice? ...except you clear up that part.

Kyosuke: As Ratuni stated... Maybe there is some thing we've in not unusualplace.

Exelen: We have some thing in not unusualplace... Are you a PT rider belonging to the identical ATX team?

Kyosuke: Then what are Britt and Lamia? In particular, Britt additionally has the strength of telekinesis?

Exelen: Well, it is right. Another not unusualplace denominator is the travel crash from the army academy...?

Kyosuke: that what you mean? Only you and I survived... The accident... But I cannot see something to do with Einst.

Exelen: Personally, I surprise if that could be suspicious...

Kyosuke: ......

Exelen: Come on, come on, Kyosuke. That girl... she'll seem in the front people again, so why do not you ask yourself?

Kyosuke: Huh... desirable or bad, you are absolutely optimistic, you... um!?

Exelen: What, what, what!?

[Hagane Bridge]

Daitetsu: What!? The essential unit turned into attacked with the aid of using the enemy!?

Eita: Yes, four! We are nevertheless engaged now!

Tetsuya: Even aleven though we've got deployed as many gadgets as there are, you continue to have that sort of power...!

Daitetsu: The situation!?

Eita: Allies are thirteen...! It appears that the specialties of the industrially produced Al-Blade and the Chamship Sword Equipment had been showed all through the bandit period!

Daitetsu: ...!

Tetsuya: Captain, help the primary pressure immediately!!

Daitetsu: Ummm, all in 1st magnificence war deployment! Let Shirogane accompany you too!

Tetsuya: Yes!

[In front of the Royal Palace of the Principality of Rixent]

NDC Captain: ...Major, we've got subdued the fortress and disarmed the Guards.

Archibald: Good. Then, what approximately the enemy's essential pressure in northeastern Africa?

NDC Commander: Defeated with the aid of using Bindel Dae, the troops are taking flight in the direction of Aviano.

Archibald: Oh man, they're short to resign.

NDC Commander: The Windel's Blitz Operation have to had been effective.

Archibald: Well, they've a face trouble with Colonel Van and they may do it. Then document the outcomes to the cradle.

NDC Captain: Old.

Archibald: ...For this reason, I'm going to have a touch holiday here. Sir Rudal.

Joyce: It's now no longer sufficient for the nobles to store our united states twice...!

Archibald: I'm sorry. This united states is geographically pretty essential for destiny operations.

Joyce: You're ensuring the people's safety, right?

Archibald: That's as much as you, but... the resistance motion is welcome. Because I can experience it too.

Joyce: ...!

Archibald: But in which is Princess Shine? I need to mention hello.

Joyce: ...Now, the princess is in another country on respectable business.

Archibald: But it is strange. It isn't the same as the facts acquired here.

Joyce: ......

NDC Commander: Major, we have got determined a squadron escaping to the north withinside the territory.

Joyce: !!

Archibald: (Really, it truly is the way it got here out.) Immediately the chase... Oh, no, I'll go.

NDC Captain: Yes?

Archibald: Thanks to Colonel Van's orders, I've had a few complaints. Let's experience looking at this point.

Joyce: Sa, looking...?

Archibald: Huh? No be counted how I cope with the enemy's remnants, isn't always it my heart?

Joyce: Uh...

Archibald: Besides, if it is going well, you is probably capable of capture different game.

Joyce: ...(Shine... please... please be safe...)

[Hagane Bridge]

Tetsuya: ...Captain, the collection of the closing forces is complete.

Daitetsu: Then, with Shirogane withinside the lead, head to Aviano Base.

Tetsuya: Old.

Daitetsu: And, what became the reaction from the Principality of Rixent?

Tetsuya: no longer at all. I assume it has already been occupied with the aid of using Neue DC forces...

Daitetsu: ......

Tetsuya: With this... we've allowed the enemy to improve into Europe.

Daitetsu: Ummm... It's just like the starting of the DC Wars.

Tetsuya: If most effective the wide variety of industrially produced Heukewein have been available...

Daitetsu: The enemy have to have taken all of that into consideration and commenced the operation... however there stays a massive query approximately their manners, Alblade, and their strength.

Tetsuya: What!?

Eita: We've stuck a rescue sign from a unit believed to belong to the Principality of Rixent!

Tetsuya: You belong to Rickcent? Location!?

Eita: The vicinity this is slightly worn at the sixth line... It appears which you are being pursued through the enemy!

Daitetsu: (Escape at this kind of timing... Maybe...?) All participants exceptional conflict arrangement! PT unit, equipped to sortie! This deliver advances to the sixth line! Also, inform Shirogane to attend on the modern-day branch!

Tetsuya: Raj!

Eita: Captain, that is a verbal exchange from Captain Lee of Shirogane!

Daitetsu: Turn it this way.

Eita: Old!

Lee: This is Platinum 1. Lieutenant Colonel Daitetsu, what occurred to the preceding order change?

Daitetsu: ...From now on, we can visit the rescue of the Principality of Rixent troops. Your deliver must forestall right here as opposed to the principle deliver, and accumulate and escort the last allied forces.

Lee: Let me let you know one component, Colonel. For now, it's miles judged that sending the last energy to Aviano is the pinnacle priority.

Daitetsu: ......

Lee: Even so, shifting Hagane to rescue most effective one unit... It's so unreasonable.

Daitetsu: If my feel is correct, there are human beings in that unit who have to be rescued.

Lee: (Persimmon? What a silly component to say.)

Daitetsu: I will take duty for this. Leave the relaxation to me, Lieutenant Colonel Lee.

Lee: ...I see.


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