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The Gift of Adventure

Challenge #2 Tag You’re It!

By James U. RizziPublished 10 months ago 1 min read
The Gift of Adventure
Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

As part of James & Oneg’s Summer Writing Challenge Extravaganza, we present to you the Tag You’re It! Challenge.

Pick a Vocal community and tag/nominate another writer to write a poem or 100-word micro fic about it BUT you only have 15 minutes to write!

I was tagged with the WANDER community by Oneg In The Arctic

The greatest gift you gave you’ll never know.

Loosely tied in twine ready to unfurl at the slightest yank of its knot.

“And this for you Jeffery.” The lawyer paused. “I’m afraid that’s all he left.”

your last days, all you worried about was me.

Despite your grandeur of life and all you’ve touched, it was me.

“Make sure he’s ok, the boy is lost” you’d whistle through hospital tubes.

So here I am halfway across the world with the map you bestow,

Marching through scorched earth blazed by the trails you lay

The greatest gift you gave you’ll never know. The gift of adventure.

You can rest now because, I’ll never be lost again.


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James U. Rizzi

I cant wait to see what I can create here.

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  • Oneg In The Arctic10 months ago

    Such a beautiful and bittersweet story James

  • Tiffany Gordon 10 months ago

    gorgeous work James!

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