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"The frog Prince of heaven :Ferdinand's journey beyond the pond"

Love/ fantasy

By Gobika SenthilkumarPublished 25 days ago 3 min read

Once upon a time, nestled between two towering mountains that kissed the sky, there lay a lush and verdant forest known as Evergreen Hollow. Within this enchanted realm lived a humble frog named Ferdinand. Unlike his pond-mates who contented themselves with lazy sunbathing and insect-hunting, Ferdinand harbored dreams that soared higher than the tallest trees.

From his tiny lily pad perch, Ferdinand often gazed at the distant peaks where the clouds danced and whispered secrets of lands beyond. His heart fluttered with a longing he couldn't quite explain—a yearning for something grand and beautiful that lay beyond the boundaries of his familiar pond.

One crisp spring morning, when the air was sweet with the scent of blossoms and the song of birds filled the forest, Ferdinand made a decision. He would embark on a journey to the summit of the tallest mountain, where rumors whispered of a gate that led to the heavens themselves.

With each determined hop, Ferdinand left behind the safety of his pond and ventured deeper into the heart of Evergreen Hollow. The journey was fraught with challenges—a treacherous stream, a thicket of thorns, and a mischievous squirrel who tried to divert him from his path. But Ferdinand pressed on, driven by a belief that there was more to life than what met the eye.

As he reached the base of the towering mountain, Ferdinand paused to catch his breath. The peak loomed above him, its snowy crown piercing the azure sky. Undeterred by the daunting climb ahead, Ferdinand began his ascent. Every leap took him closer to his destination, fueled by determination and a heart that beat with hope.

Hours turned into days as Ferdinand navigated rocky cliffs and narrow ledges. At times, he slipped and stumbled, but each setback only strengthened his resolve. Finally, after what felt like an eternity of perseverance, Ferdinand stood before the gates of heaven itself.

The gates were magnificent, crafted from shimmering gold that glowed with an ethereal light. Flanking the gates were majestic angels with wings that sparkled like diamonds, their eyes filled with kindness and wisdom beyond measure. As Ferdinand approached, his heart fluttered with a mixture of awe and anticipation.

To his surprise and relief, the angels welcomed him warmly. They sensed the purity of Ferdinand's heart, his unwavering courage, and his unyielding determination. They explained that such qualities were rare and precious, deserving of a place in the heavenly realm.

Inside heaven, Ferdinand was mesmerized by the splendor that surrounded him. Meadows of eternal spring stretched as far as the eye could see, where flowers bloomed in shades that defied earthly imagination. Rivers of crystal-clear water whispered secrets of the cosmos, and the air was alive with the melodies of celestial birds.

Amidst this paradise, Ferdinand encountered the princess of heaven, Aurora. She was radiant, with eyes that reflected the stars and a smile that could melt the coldest heart. From their first meeting, Ferdinand felt a connection that transcended words—a bond that echoed across realms and ages.

Aurora, too, was captivated by Ferdinand's humble spirit and unwavering courage. They spent days exploring the celestial gardens hand in hand, sharing dreams and aspirations that flowed as freely as the rivers that crisscrossed the heavenly realm. Under the silver moon, they whispered secrets that only lovers and kindred spirits could understand.

As their friendship blossomed into a love that illuminated the heavens, Ferdinand and Aurora knew they wanted to spend eternity together. With the blessing of the heavenly elders and amidst a chorus of angels singing, Ferdinand and Aurora were married in a ceremony that enchanted the heavens themselves.

It was a union of two souls destined for each other—a love that defied boundaries and surpassed all understanding. Their wedding day was a celebration of hope and possibility, a testament to the power of dreams and the resilience of the heart.

And so, Ferdinand the frog, who once dwelled in a humble pond in the earthly realm, found his true home in the embrace of the princess of heaven. Together, they danced among the stars, their laughter echoing through the cosmos. Their love became a beacon of light and hope, guiding lost souls and weary travelers alike.

In the realm of Evergreen Hollow, Ferdinand's tale became legend—a story of courage, perseverance, and the transformative power of love. For generations to come, frogs would gaze at the distant mountains and dream of the day when they too could follow in Ferdinand's footsteps and discover the wonders that awaited beyond the boundaries of their ponds.

And so, in Evergreen Hollow and beyond, Ferdinand and Aurora lived happily ever after, their love a timeless reminder that dreams do come true for those who dare to believe.

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    GSWritten by Gobika Senthilkumar

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