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The Fibonacci Stairs

Chapter 1

By Kelly RobertsonPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

Every night at midnight, the purple clouds came out to dance with the blushing sky. Converging together, they’d waltz across the heavens, twirling in a celestial ballet that stole the breath of those fated to see it. They danced until the witching hour’s approach, suddenly reaching their climax at the chime of three. Bulging together, the clouds began to spin, a whirling dervish that made even the mystics blush with admirable envy.

From the swirling vortex, a single cone spiraled down to kiss the earth, crafting an empyreal staircase that ascended beyond the comprehension of any living creature fortunate enough to witness it. But time favored not the paradoxical union, limiting the embrace between heaven and earth to a single revolution of the clock. At time’s captious chime, the supernal steps retreated, ascending back into the violet haze that summoned them, forced to await their next performance.

Has anyone ever climbed them?

A silly thought, Nora knew, but her sleep-addled brain pondered it nonetheless. No one climbed the Stairs, whether out of fear or simple disinterest she couldn't say. Why risk ascending steps that had no conceivable end? The very question, it seemed, carried a taboo weight, as though breathing life into the mere thought might evoke the wrath of gods.

But Nora could not sweep the thought away like everyone else. Night after night, she stayed up well past her bedtime to catch a glimpse of the elysian display, consequences be damned. The idea consumed both her waking and sleeping mind, stirring a sense of wonder and awe no matter how many times she’d witnessed the heavens descend to kiss their terrestrial lover.

Forcing her sleepy eyes wider, Nora dreamed of what awaited at the top of the Stairs. She asked the birds what they saw, finding their answers both confusing and intriguing. The dove simply cooed, telling her that only clouds awaited at the top. It, too, could only dream of what the ascent might reveal. The owl preened its feathers nonchalantly and spoke of silver moonlight bathing the spiral steps, illuminating veins of gold trapped within the violet haze. But the crane bowed its head reverently, telling her that only the journey could reveal that truth. It had seen the world below and wept, for how could anyone gaze upon the celestial invitation and quickly turn their face away?

Nora nodded as her gaze tracked up the staircase once more. Curiosity fanned the flames of determination, a ceaseless itch that needed soothing. Her hands gripped the spongy wood of the window sill of her old farmstead. I'll climb them. I'll show them all.

Launching herself from her bed, Nora snatched the satchel she'd previously packed, praising her own foresight, then silently scaled from her window onto the old oak branch that stretched towards her. She shimmied down the tree, careful not to make a sound, and waved to the birds as she sprinted towards the Stairs.

Breathless, she ran, her bouncing pack coaxing every ounce of speed her short legs could muster, until she reached the hill where the Stairs had anchored. Gazing up, Nora marveled at the shades of violet and lilac that glittered down from the heavens. Tinges of gold coiled through the orchid and lavender hues like blood in empyrean veins, forming the outline of the stairs within the cloudy haze. Tentatively, she reached out towards the handrail, then froze, her fingers trembling inches from the glimmering surface.

What if there's nothing up there? What if I never make it back?

Nora cast a longing glance back towards her home. Mama and Papa slept soundly, no doubt oblivious to the ethereal solicitation to explore the cosmos, to seek out something beyond what was already known. Nora's fingers curled in on themselves, her nails digging into her palm until it hurt.

I have to show them. I have to see.

Resolution filled her, brimming over as fear gave way to joy and anticipation. Grabbing the handrail firmly, Nora held her breath as her foot pressed upon the bottom step. A giddy smile spread across her lips as she gazed up the spiraling staircase, squinting and straining to see the top.

Then she began to climb.


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Kelly Robertson

Wrangler of chaos. Creator of more. Writing whatever my heart desires, from fantasy to poetry and more!

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  • Zack Graham3 months ago

    Great cliffhanger, and you gave just enough information to make us all curious. Great job!

  • Donna Renee3 months ago

    oooh I like this one too! So magical!, for one hour each night the stairs appear? I want to know what happens if Nora climbs and doesn't come back down..can she come back the next night? is time even the same at the other end?

  • Lots of beautiful imagery here. Good job!

  • Oh no, I need to know what's at the top! This story was so suspenseful and magical! I loved it!

  • Gina C.3 months ago

    Wonderful and beautifully written :) Well done!

  • Loryne Andawey3 months ago

    Wow! I love the image of stairs coming down to kiss the earth. Beautifully done :)

  • wow.. great story ..

  • aly suhail3 months ago

    Great job keep it up!

  • Roy Stevens3 months ago

    You paint lovely word pictures here.

  • Cathy holmes3 months ago

    This is really well done. Great story.

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