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The Fated End

To raze is to rebuild

By Dany Jean-PierrePublished about a year ago Updated about a year ago 1 min read
Art shared by Aparna Verma

Micah looked at their family, at these people who were supposed to love her.

They laughed and dropped the match, setting the faerie court ablaze. This piece of perfection that was never supposed to break. Fractured aflame with her divine power. Micah bit out a smile. Leaving the people who had abandoned them to be their savior to a demise of their own creation. Her magic thrived under the chaos the fallen rulers caused.

In the words of The Divine.

How else was magic and the earth supposed to thrive if Micah didn't raze it to the ground first?


About the Creator

Dany Jean-Pierre


I started with libraries and now I’m trying to fill one with all of my own works.

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    Dany Jean-PierreWritten by Dany Jean-Pierre

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