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The Empress Of Cincinnati

She wears a crown of platinum, diamonds, that are each worth a trillion at least a pop per diamond, and it is laid out in 24 karat gold solid, satin dresses back dating in the 1600's.

By Angelina F. ThomasPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
The Empress Of Cincinnati
Photo by Hanyang Zhang on Unsplash

The Empress of Cincinnati is one crazy bitch, she thinks everyone has to bow down to her and eat her crotch. What is wrong with this crazy ass girl. She has went to jail so many times for trying to get ate out it is ridiculous. The jesters go after her turn her into the warden to lock her up, because she thinks when she boards a bus, or walks down the street everyone should blow her and we're like "no woman, you're nuts" someone take this girl away with the ASPCA laugh out loud in the white coats, give her butt dog g tranquilizer so she will quit thinking and going about her way as if everyone owes this goof doof a blow job because she is the Empress Of Cincinnati. Wow this bitch is crazy, she thinks this nutty shit up, and then wonders why everyone looks at her like she has 19 heads on her shoulders. Others that walk by by the justice center down town is like, "This broad is grandiose. Can you believe she expects me to blow her?!? I am alarmed!" I cannot be around this girl, when I see her I run or whoop her ass because I don't know this girl from Adam, I do not want to blow this crazy nutty broad. Every time I see her I hide and run fast. That is how much I dislike her, and her grandiose behavior. I am like how is this woman or this girl out here instead of locked away in the asylum. Do not let the Empress Of Cincinnati get pregnant just because what Dr. Jeckle and mister Hyde is she going to poop out of her episiotomy?!? The Empress Of Cincinnati is called that because she thinks she is of royal blood, and all must bow down worship her, and blow her knob. I will not eat her ass I will make it do what it do let her ass beat up my fists laugh out loud. Lord do not let this girl have a damn son, and him believe from birth that he is the Emperor of Cincinnati he will try to make everyone blow him like his mom did everyone, and be in and out of jail looking in the eyes like he doesn't know why the hell everyone else has an issue with him. She must not know what is going on around her, and stuff because she is something else. It is funny too, she is unbelieveable. What a motherfucker. She does not give any one blow job but believes everyone else should get her together like the prince in the bath tub on the movie coming to pretty women blowing him under the bubble bath water laughing out loud, Laugh my ass off, oh my God this shit is hilarious. I am laughing on the inside just at work doing my thing whatever that may be.

I love making my work at my own hours, but thanks be to the Good higher power above I do not believe I am the Empress Of Cincinnati, I mean if I were that way in my thoughts, I would be in and out of jail at all times. Just a huge revolving door. Thank God I do not have this silly girl's issues. I wish there was a home for this poor girl to get the care she needs, and could please stop believing she is Royal Empress Of Cincinnati, and that all must kneel, and blow her twat. She could be sleeping in the bushes waiting for a blow job and dreaming rem sleep dreaming of newbie blow jobs, and her subconcious telling her, reminding her of the poorly performed B J's she got.

Ms little Empress Of Cincinnati said "Hot dang it these blow hard's really suck at blowing anything, their hopeless at giving B J's! laugh out loud

Enjoy my new piece of work, my fiction/fantasy. Pledge, tip, binge read, please dearies I do NOT bite!!


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Angelina F. Thomas

I am a very beautiful mother of mixed daughters with expensive taste. I hope and pray to my Abba father that my wishful thinking and my ability to dream huge truly pays off. So be it. Amen.

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  • Justin Douglas Lee4 months ago

    I laughed the whole way through this.

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