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The Emberstream's Gift: why blood is red?

Arden's Quest for Truth and Redemption

By aly suhailPublished 11 months ago 3 min read
Photo by Cassi Josh on Unsplash

In the dawn of time, when the world was still young and the veil between the mortal realm and the divine was thin, the lands were blessed by a mystical river known as the Emberstream. Its waters shimmered like liquid flames, flowing gracefully through the heart of the ancient forest. The river's beauty and enchanting hues were a testament to the magical energies that flowed within it, and it was said that those who drank from its sacred waters would be granted blessings beyond imagination.

At the edge of the forest, where the Emberstream originated, stood a magnificent tree known as the Sentinel Oak. Its vast branches reached toward the heavens, and its roots delved deep into the very essence of the earth. The Sentinel Oak was said to be the guardian of the Emberstream, entrusted with safeguarding its magical powers from falling into unworthy hands.

Among the woodland creatures that inhabited the forest, there was a curious and kind-hearted squirrel named Arden. He had an insatiable thirst for knowledge and a deep love for the natural world. Arden often wandered close to the Emberstream, drawn by its mesmerizing glow and the captivating stories told by the elder animals.

One fateful evening, as the sun dipped below the horizon and painted the sky with hues of red and gold, Arden ventured closer to the river's edge than ever before. He watched as the ember-colored waters whispered ancient secrets and danced with ethereal magic. The allure of the river's blessing beckoned to his heart, and he decided to take a sip from its sacred stream.

As Arden's lips touched the shimmering waters, a wave of warmth surged through his body. He felt an overwhelming surge of power, and his fur began to glisten with a crimson hue. Arden had become infused with the magical essence of the Emberstream. The forest creatures marveled at his newfound beauty, and they believed that he had been chosen by the river itself.

Word of Arden's transformation spread throughout the forest, reaching the ears of Vexel, the envious and cunning raven who harbored a deep resentment toward Arden. He yearned for the river's power to elevate his own status and control over the woodland creatures. Consumed by jealousy, Vexel hatched a nefarious plan to steal the river's blessing for himself.

Under the cover of darkness, Vexel flew to the Sentinel Oak and whispered wicked incantations that twisted the guardian tree's heart with fear and doubt. He fed the tree lies about Arden's intentions, convincing it that he sought to claim all of the Emberstream's magic for himself and leave nothing for the forest's inhabitants.

The Sentinel Oak's branches trembled with uncertainty, and its leaves withered under the weight of doubt. No longer trusting Arden, the tree decided to intervene and confronted the young squirrel near the river's edge. Arden tried to explain that he had no intention of hoarding the river's magic and that he merely sought to understand its wonders. But the tree, deceived by Vexel's machinations, remained resolute.

Heartbroken, Arden vowed to prove his innocence and restore the Sentinel Oak's trust in him. Determined to uncover the truth, he embarked on a journey to seek the guidance of the ancient spirits that dwelled deep within the heart of the forest. Along his quest, Arden encountered many trials and tribulations, facing challenges that tested his resolve and courage.

Finally, after a long and perilous journey, Arden stood before the spirits of the forest in a sacred clearing bathed in moonlight. They listened to his plea with compassion, their eyes filled with wisdom. The spirits revealed the treachery of Vexel and the deception that had clouded the Sentinel Oak's judgment.

With newfound clarity, Arden returned to the Emberstream, where he confronted Vexel and exposed his lies. The cunning raven, caught in his deceit, could no longer maintain his facade and confessed his wicked actions. The forest's creatures gathered around to witness the revelation, and they united against Vexel, banishing him from the forest forever.

As a testament to Arden's unwavering courage and commitment to truth, the Emberstream bestowed upon him a final blessing. Arden's crimson fur, once seen as an anomaly, became a symbol of his purity of heart and his connection to the river's magic. From that day forward, all creatures knew that blood was red because of the divine blessing that flowed through the veins of the young squirrel who had braved the trials of the Emberstream.

The Emberstream's magic continued to flow through the land, blessing the forest and its inhabitants for generations to come. And whenever the woodland creatures beheld the red hue of Arden's fur, they were reminded of the enduring power of truth, the importance of courage, and the enduring magic of the Emberstream.

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