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The Elite Ending

by Marie Kynd about a year ago in Horror
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who can we trust, if not the people in charge?

M: “It isn’t the end of the world” used to be a saying..wasn’t it?

I send in a private chat to the only friend I know in the compound, and the only person who has just as much as to lose if the administrators found out what I had been so careful to hide during the two week quarantine to make sure everyone was healthy, despite the intrusive tests they had conducted in our arrival. We had all passed initial health checks before someone was rumored to have a cough, confining us all to our upscale rooms with a chatroom our only way of communication.

S: My mom used to use it all the time! I remember when you broke up with me, she had looked at me and said “Baby, it’s not the end of the world..she’ll come around if it’s meant to be.” Sure felt like it was though….

The mention of his mother squeezes my heart, thinking of my own and how Sean and I had been lucky enough to grow up with two sets of parents since our families were so close. I grab at the silver heart locket around my neck, a symbol of everything I once had to find it now all gone.

M: It felt that way for me too…

M: Do you wish your mother had taken the other locket instead of me?

I send without thinking. Looking at the extraordinary room I’m confined in wondering what would happen to Sean and I if they found out we only had copies of the silver lockets that everyone else paid ten million dollars for in order to reside in this bunker.

S: Marilyn, you know our parents… besides I’m sure your parents told you the same thing mine told me. They promised until death, and there was no way they were willing to live without the other.

My eyes grow wide at his use of what I refer to as my “outside” name on the laptops they gave us, not sure who’s monitoring the chats. Both Sean and I taking on the identities of billionaires childrens upon entering the Admin.

I look at the details on the heart that had been scanned like a QR code to let us into the underground bunker where they divided us into age groups and we had gained our new identity. My father working until the end to get us clearance into the bunker, and Sean’s father etching the lines on the locket, all of us separated and unable to say goodbye before leaving each other forever.

M: Is it wrong that I feel like I can’t live without you?

I know he has no reason to reply to me, not after our complicated history when there was a world left to be complicated in.

<<S is offline>>

I sigh and turn my chat offline as well before getting underneath the most lavish sheets my skin has ever touched as I wonder what my bed back home looks like now. My mind replaying what I watched about China deciding the only way to remove the virus completely was to destroy the place it came from, which they naively deduced was the U.S.

Once their button was was ours.

I toss and turn before I begin to drift off before a blaring alarm sounds through my room from the laptop as I run towards it.

ADMIN: The problem has been dealt with. Quarantine ends tomorrow at 6 am, doors will open where you can proceed to breakfast. You may then proceed to your selected job of the day. Thank you and welcome to the New World Order.

I reread the message over and over before talking to the main group chat of everyone in the compound around the ages of 25-35, notably called the “green group.”

M: What do they mean, the problem has been dealt with? Kind of spooky. Haha.

I watch as the people I once considered celebrities in my lifetime respond to my question,I read the funny responses, and almost log off before a comment catches my eye.

J: When we were first here, the person in the bunker next to me had a nasty cough. She claimed she had strep, but a few days ago I heard her scream and suddenly the coughing stopped. My guess is they threw her outside.

More conspiracy theories roll through the chat as I wonder if the Admin is actually capable of throwing people out despite the price they paid to get in.

My private chat opens up as Sean sends me a message.

S: Do you really think they’d throw people out?

M: I don’t know.

I wake up the next morning and throw on some mascara before going downstairs to rejoin the group of celebrities I still feel out of place around. Some of them talk back and forth with ease about what they miss most about home, and I don’t realize who I’m looking for before I see Sean and my heart dances before halting altogether when I realize he’s flirting with one of my favorite singers.

As if he can sense me nearby he turns to look at me just as I’m turning away as I grab a bowl of fruit and turn to see him coming towards me in a pair of khakis and a polo shirt that he could have never afforded in our previous life. His dimples and brown curly hair, stirring a hope for the future in me that I thought had left me entirely.

As soon as he gets near me I set down my bowl of fruit and throw my arms around his neck, which proves a difficult task since he stands at a whopping 6’4 compared to my 5’6. Despite the fancy soap he now puts in his curly brown hair I breathe in a little deeper to smell the comfort of Sean as he hugs me back.

“Hey kid.” he smirks after putting me down. We move past a group of previous presidents all in conversation of what they would have done differently before moving to a corner of the room where we can watch everyone around us. After a moment Sean leans into my ear, and I welcome the proximity of our bodies.

“So that chat about the girl coughing in the room next to Jeff? It’s all true.” He gossips as we both pretend to look at the work board.

“There’s no way they just threw her outside right? Who was it?” I ask as more people file into the velvet seats, clearly having taken all the time they needed to get ready this morning.

“Vice president.” He says carefully, trying to not say her name around so many people. I look around trying to spot her, trying to prove him wrong and end up completely shocked as breakfast ends and everyone scatters to their daily jobs, leaving me with no choice but to believe him.

Sean and I share a look as we both move to the Admin hallways, knowing that as they monitor daily jobs this part of the bunker is always empty at this time of day. Though stress is high as we look through the rooms and try not to attract any attention, I can’t help the giddy feeling sneaking around with Sean gives me as we reach the office at the end of the hall.

As soon as we’re inside Sean sits down and gets to work looking through the roster of guests and gupls before showing me a word bolded next to our missing bunker mates name.


“What does this mean?” I ask in a panicked whisper as Sean continues looking through the computer. He slows down when he reaches another section that causes him to motion for me to read over his shoulder.

GREEN ADMIN/25-35 protocol:

To ensure human kind’s survival, the physician on site shall match all healthy males and females together based on genetic molds and altercations that suit each other best. Any married couples may remain together, unless homosexual, with the remaining individuals subject to any partner genetically compatible to commence reproducing right away. To avoid any complications and missteps, these assigned partners will be the only pairing allowed for any one specific individual.

“I can’t bear the thought of you with anyone else.” Sean finally says when we make eye contact in the small room we both wish we hadn’t chosen to stumble upon.He grabs my hand guiding me to his lap as we both sit on the small office chair wondering how many more stolen moments like this we have together. I play with his curls for a moment before moving my hands to his face, shocked to see a woman standing at the door observing us, causing me to stand quickly and Sean to exit out of the documents.

“Whatever you’re searching for, I suggest you stop. I wouldn’t ask questions while you're here.” She warns stepping aside to let us out. I walk in front of Sean as she calls out from behind us. “I can assume you’ll keep all the found information to yourselves?”

Neither of us answer, knowing a rhetorical question when we hear one. We make it as far as my room before I pull Sean into it and close the door behind us, my thoughts moving faster than I can hear them before Sean is kneeling in front of me and my thoughts urge me to listen.

“I’m sorry I wasted so much time being mad at you.” He says in a near whisper as I move my forehead to touch his, my eyes closing at the calming effect his skin has always had on mine.

“I’m sorry I put you in a position where you had to be mad at me.” I sigh before continuing. “Back when there seemed to be an endless amount of life to be lived, I thought I had seen my life as though I already lived it. It was all so easy and safe… and growing up watching these movies where everything was always on the line and someone was always in jeopardy, I thought that “easy and safe” were bad things. I thought that with you… it was just too easy. I’d give anything to have it easy with you again.” I stop, realizing I’m crying onto my very expensive sheets as Sean’s hands find my hair and comb through it.

The moment is interrupted by guards pushing through our door and pulling us away from one another. I shout in protest, not really sure what else to do as I’m pulled off my feet and pulled through the corridors as a few celebrities come out to watch Sean and I get pulled to the front of the bunker, my eyes pleading for help though knowing theres nothing I have that they may want. The guards in hazmat suits take us from the other ones as I realize what’s about to happen and everything goes black.

I open my eyes to Sean above me as I see a smile on his face and can’t help but smile back when he locks eyes with me. Was it over? Was I dead?

“We’re going home.” He smiles as he puts me down slowly and I realize we’re in our old neighborhood as people I used to go to school with circle the streets I grew up on as we walk towards his house and I wonder if I’m dreaming. I walk in hesitantly seeing our parents huddled around the tv as Sean grabs my hand and gives it a sure squeeze as we all learn the news at the same time.

“The elite have been confined to a bunker, a new way of life, for the people, of the people has started the apocalypse to finally get the awakening the American people deserve.”


About the author

Marie Kynd

An english major that loves a good story, and loves writing one even more.

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