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The Dragons Companion

Friendship comes in all shapes and sizes

By Savannah AichemPublished 2 years ago 5 min read
The Dragons Companion
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Small feet toddled along the forest floor, disturbing the leaf litter and the serenity of the forest. A mass of dirty blonde curls bounced atop the head of a small child, no more than a year old as she tried to catch up with a butterfly. It was floating just out of the child’s reach, each flutter of its wings taking it further still from the little one trying so hard to keep up with it. The woods grew deeper and the butterfly disappeared into the tops of the trees leaving the toddler bewildered staring at the sky. From behind the baby came a whisper of wings, and then a large crash as four massive feet hit the ground. The little girl was astonished, her full face splitting into a grin and curious hands reaching out toward the massive creature.

The dragon stood and watched as this small human approached, wobbling along on pudgy legs with arms outstretched toward him. It had been ages since he had seen a human in this forest, so close to his home. The little girl finally reached the dragon completely mesmerized. His emerald green scales shining in the stray sunlight that filtered through the canopy of trees, massive spikes adorned his back the smallest of them almost the size of the child. His teeth shown in a grin that was equal parts terrifying and warm. The child reached up one small hand toward the dragons face, and the dragon bent down to her and allowed her to touch his face. She squealed in delight and threw both arms as far around his mouth as she could, delighted to have made a new friend. A deep chuckle erupted from deep in the dragons chest, touched by this small creatures kindness but concerned about her lack of fear for a creature so terrifying. In a low, rumbling voice he spoke to the child,

“Hello little one, it has been a long time since I have seen one of your kind in my forest. I don’t suppose you can tell me how you made it all the way out here by yourself?”

The child’s eyes grew wide upon hearing the dragon speak, and she looked up at him with huge eyes almost the same color as his scales. She had no answers for him but instead she rubbed her eyes, exhaustion from chasing the butterfly finally setting in. The dragon took pity on her and gently scooped her up in one of his hands, cupping her to his chest. The little girl threw her arms around one of the dragons claws and after several stretches and maneuvers fell fast asleep in the dragons hand. Not wanting to disturb the girl the dragon unfurled his wings as quietly as possible and took off silently above the trees. He flew only a short distance to a rocky outcrop overlooking the rest of the forest high in the hills, safe from those who might try and take his horde. He landed without a sound and walked into his cave, the toddler still fast asleep in his hand. He tucked himself in among his treasures, content that he would try and reunite the child with her family after they both had some rest.

The sun was starting to set when the dragon woke to feeling of wiggling in his palm. He cracked open one eye to see two small ones starring back at him. He opened his eyes and placed the child down on the ground before standing up and shaking the remenants of sleep from his body. The child was delighted at the motion and giggled in response. The dragon smiled slightly to himself and collected his small human companion in his palm once again, ready to bring her back to the nearest village he could find. He had enjoyed the company even if it was brief but he imagined her parents wracked with guilt and worry over losing their child and the thought alone led him to walk toward the entrance to his home and take off into the sky.

The sun was starting to set now and the sky was awash with vibrant color, the little human gasped and looked on too stunned to make a sound at the brilliant scene before her.

“I know you are unlikely to remember this little one, but I hope one day you will remember the joy today has brought you, for you have given me the gift of companionship after so many years of solitude and for that I thank you.”

The little girl simply gurgled up at the dragon in response, making happy cooing sounds as she played with the dragons claws. He started to decend from the sky and saw a nearby village alight with torches. He saw a man and a woman standing at the edge of his forest just outside the village, the woman looking forlorn and heartbroken tucked under her husbands arm clutching a small stuffed rabbit to her chest, both of them staring into the trees. Night had fallen now and the man held a torch in front of him, straining his eyes and hoping to catch a glimpse of a little girl in the trees.

The dragon landed in a clearing not far from them, shock and horror on their faces as the dragon began to move closer. The man stepped forward torch in hand but stopped as he watched the dragon stretch out his long arm and open up his claws. The man could only look on as his little girl emerged from the claws of the enormous creature, unharmed and appearing completely unscathed. The woman ran forward with a sob not caring about the dragon, only about the little girl in his hand. She scooped up the child and crushed her to her chest, brushing down the curls with her hand and crying into the soft hair. The man stepped forward toward the dragon and removing a watch from his pocket held it out to the dragon in thanks, a token to add to his horde. The dragon only looked at the little girl who smiled at him in return and began to squirm in her mothers arms. The woman was confused but let the little girl wriggle free. The child reclaimed the bunny toy from her mother holding onto it tightly and she ran over to the dragon once again. She held out her arms and wrapped them as much as she could around the dragons snout, and then offered him the toy in her hands. The dragon took the toy so gently into his claws and then with one more gentle smile she toddled back to her parents. The little girl smiled sleepily in her mothers arms and the dragon took off once again into the sky, something far more valuable than a watch clutched tightly now in his grip. He would add it to his horde and maybe one day he would visit the girl again, but if not this small treasure would serve to remind him of the kindness of his little human friend.

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