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The Desert Sings

The orchestra of sands

By Shelby Hagood Published 9 months ago 3 min read

The crowd cheers while I keep up my moves. I sing to the beat and give it my all. I put all I could into the music. I then end my number and realize, I am just moving to my Zumba.

Time to stop the dream.

I write and love to read it. The beautiful story revealing before my eyes. Everyone will love it. It will become the next summer read with movie in tow. Then I end reading my story and realize, it only has one like.

Time to stop the dream.

I am in a hot air balloon flying up. I reach the clouds and there is a garden. I let my feet touch the puff. I walk across a bridge to the next one. I am then descending. I realize the hot air balloon ride at the fair is over. I am standing on the cotton candy I purchased. I quickly shove it back into the bag.

Time to stop the dream.

I look over everyone from my room in the castle on high. My crown sits on me as I am escorted to a regal dinner. The trip ends and I have to leave the beautiful castle hotel.

Time to stop the dream.

I thought when I step foot in Hollywood that I could keep the dream up, that it wouldn’t stop. I would no longer have to say those words, but it turned into endless days of exhaustion trying to get my name out there and keep up with the fame that was wished for and I closed my eyes and tried to say it.

Time to stop the dream.

It was no longer a dream though, it was real. There is no stop, but maybe I can get away. Not far from Hollywood the still desert town of Palm Springs. It is quiet and I can relax in a hot spring.

If when something comes true and it is no longer fun is it then not a dream anymore? Now it is something called reality.

Time to stop the reality.

How sad that we cannot control every waking moment. What should our day entail? If we are not comfortable with something current, it could all just change at our will. A dream is a world made for us, but the reality comes crashing right down. People's natural reactions. The world's imperfection.

Time to stop the reality.

What would the world be though if not random and unexpected? If nothing was natural it would no longer be true. I ride over the desert on a sky tram. The cactus down below is beautiful but spiky. It is ready for anything to survive surrounded by the dry sands. That is their reality.

Time to keep the reality.

Each little piece of sand is like a human surrounding the giant cactus tower. Grains blowing and flowing continuously. Composed of different elements passed on over time and made into glass mirrors so that we can face our own reflection of who we are.

Time to keep the reality.

We exit the sky tram and I take a walk through the desert. It was silent at first, but after a while the wind kicked up and the sand was all singing in harmony with one another.

Time to keep the reality.

All together an orchestra that could not happen without all the sand together at once, I listened to that white noise and made my decision to stop dreaming and start living. Engulfed in the desert's parched silence, I was nothing but another grain of sand in the wind.

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Shelby Hagood Written by Shelby Hagood

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