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The Dayou Garden

by DannyMox 2 months ago in Adventure
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A sultry summer afternoon, a few tea friends and I were sitting in a small store next to the village park, blowing a fan, drinking tea, talking about the day.

  Suddenly, a familiar figure appeared at the door, only to see him getting off the electric tricycle, parked in front of the store, the car lying across a few empty round barrel cans, it seems, he was just delivering water back and passing through here.

  Oh, the visitor is the "water guy", our old acquaintance, just see him fit, short hair square face; wearing a blue t-shirt, written on the chest "Tim Tim drinking water", the color golden, particularly eye-catching; wearing seven-point jeans; barefoot. In the summer, in the work of water delivery, he likes to barefoot, walking and not afraid of small stones to pinch the feet and foot pain, may be cooler than the foot pain? Or maybe it's just a matter of getting used to it, right? What an odd man!

  "Water guy, I heard that you gambling 'Mark Six' was arrested to the Dayouyuan detention center, how only a few days out?" A tea buddy asked half-jokingly.

  "Yes, you also know. Originally to be detained for 15 days, but then because of gambling was caught in more people, the cell beds are not enough, overcrowded, so I and a few gambling money less difficult friends were released early." The water guy first froze for a moment and then replied awkwardly.

  Then, the tea friends warmly greeted the water man sat down, pouring tea, drinking tea.

  "Waterman, were you beaten by others in the cell?" I asked with concern and curiosity. When I mention the cell, my mind will appear in the "prison storm" in the horrible bloody fight scenes.

  "No!" Waterman answered affirmatively. Then, he was afraid that we do not believe, but also quickly stood up, in front of us turned around, and then said: "You look carefully again, not wearing no rotten, my body is great, like being beaten? Your view is outdated, today's Dayouyuan is very civilized ......" Seeing his naive look, I both wanted to laugh and was surprised, because my memory of "Dayouyuan" is not like this ......

  At first, the name "Dayouyuan", the place, I heard my father say. The "Dayou Garden" is located in the territory of Dayou Village, Dalang Town, Dongguan City, so it got this name. When my father was young, he was imprisoned there twice, at that time, Dongguan was only a "county", and the town of Dalang was not called a "town", but a "commune", and Dayouyuan was not called a "detention center". It was not called "detention center", but "internment station". At that time, that place was specially for the detention of "fugitives" (desperate people who fled to Hong Kong to survive).

  My father was only 18 years old when he fled Hong Kong, and he was at a tender age. In my father's memory, that era and that place was an unforgettable memory of his youth that was both painful and happy. I heard him say that there is a heavy lychee forest, forest, there is a narrow, curved, bumpy yellow mud road, the end of the road is a large garden shelter. That is a place surrounded by mountains, full of lychee trees, high walls around the forest, very high walls and barbed wire around the shelter arched door lintel inlaid with red letters "Dayouyuan Shelter", the door has a hand holding a steel gun of the majestic PLA soldiers guarding.

  This is what my father saw when he was first taken in. I remember that the year was 1964, when the "Great Leap Forward Movement" had directly triggered three years of "natural disasters", causing tens of millions of people to freeze and starve, and the suffering was unbearable. In addition, it coincided with the economic take-off of Hong Kong, and in order to solve the problem of labor shortage during the period of rapid economic development, the British Hong Kong authorities began to implement a new ID card application policy, which stipulated that anyone who successfully arrived in the city and had the ability to work would be issued a Hong Kong ID card, which in effect was tantamount to recognizing the legal status of "successful escapees". This was in effect a disguised recognition of the legal status of "successful escapees," thus encouraging more people to "flee" Hong Kong. In that year, not long after the Lunar New Year, many young people in the village, including my father, discussed their plans to "escape" from Hong Kong. There was another reason for my father to flee to Hong Kong, and that was to go to Hong Kong to find his father (my grandfather, who fled in 1957), to earn more money in Hong Kong with his father and send it home, so that his mother and siblings could live better and not go hungry.

  He was both excited and apprehensive to go to Hong Kong for the first time, and he was afraid that his mother would worry about him, so he discussed with his siblings and hid the matter of going to Hong Kong. Then, he and his two companions from the same village prepared secretly, in fact, the things they prepared were very simple, only fried rice cakes and dried rice cakes to eat, wearing a set of cotton clothes and pants with many patches and a pair of light green army shoes that were a bit torn, and bringing an old canvas bag (the bag contained a flashlight, because the batteries were expensive and not durable, they did not bother to use it on normal days).

  On the day of departure, they chose to leave at 3:00 am. The moon was hazy that night, they carefully dodged the village patrol out of the village entrance, and then walked in the direction of the south mountain, they know, as long as the south mountain can be seen over the Wutong Mountain, Wutong Mountain is behind Hong Kong. Over the Wutong Mountain, through the border fence, swim across the Shenzhen River, you will arrive in Hong Kong. To Hong Kong will be able to get the Hong Kong identity card, is the Hong Kong people, you can earn a lot of money! Because they had a dream of getting rich in their hearts, so they went faster and faster, just after dawn to the south of the mountain, after a short rest to continue on the road, before the sun went down to the Wutong Mountain and hide in the mountain in the dense forest. They planned to wait until after nightfall and then sneak across the border line under the cover of night. Unfortunately, the plan did not change quickly, after nightfall, the PLA border guards led a wolf dog to patrol the mountain, not long, the wolf dog seems to smell the scent of the many fugitives hiding in the dark, in the bushes, and kept "wang wang" shouting, so the border guards held a steel gun with a torch and began to search the mountain, at this time, the darkness of the many fugitives inexplicable fear At this time, the darkness of the many fugitives from Hong Kong inexplicable fear, panic and flee in all directions. My father and two companions also mixed in the fleeing dark shadows, panicked in the dark, bowing and running, I do not know how many times they fell on the way, and then the three people ran apart. My father later said that at that time, because of fear, his satchel and flashlight were lost. What happened? At the foot of the mountain, my father was caught, and his other two companions were nowhere to be found. Then, the border guards escorted many of the fugitives (including my father) to the Tai Yau Yuen Internment Center. When I first heard my father talk about his failed escape from Hong Kong, I felt both sorry for him and secretly happy. Without his misfortune, how could I have had the privilege of coming to this colorful world?

  "How did you get out after being imprisoned in Dayouyuan?" At that time, I asked him curiously.

  "I was beaten to get out! Dozens of people were imprisoned in a small cell, and it was difficult to find a wide space to stand, let alone sleep. Plus, I was so young and aggressive that I ended up getting into a fight with someone on the first night of my incarceration. First a verbal dispute, then a small fight, and then caused a group fight, the whole cell big uproar, I was beaten down the corner of the eye, the corner of the mouth kept bleeding ......," he said at length. Hearing this moment, I did not feel stunned, thinking how horrible Dayuyuan internment ah!

  "The next afternoon, I was released early because I was injured in a fight, and probably the shelter at that time was not in a position to treat people who had been injured in a fight."

  "In that case, why did you later go to flee the port? Aren't you afraid of being caught?" I asked him curiously again.

  "I was forced to go to Fugitive Harbour the second time. I didn't want to go, but in order to bring your Yungu and Xinggu (also his two real sisters) there, I had to go with my head." My father said. Later, he also told me that the two partners he had gotten separated from in Wutong Mountain had successfully smuggled themselves to Hong Kong and gotten their Hong Kong ID cards, after which they wrote back to report their safety, and told him a "secret" in the letter - the barbed wire fence at the border behind Wutong Mountain The letter also told him a "secret" - there is a "smuggling black spot" on the border fence behind Wutong Mountain, where there is a small hidden hole under the barbed wire fence, probably dug out by other escapees, the two of them that night from that small hole across Hong Kong to go. When he knew this well-informed "information", coupled with his sister's repeated pleas, so there was his second escape from Hong Kong experience. So, after the Chinese New Year, he confidently planned to go with his two sisters to escape from Hong Kong. But this time, before he left, he promised his mother (and later my grandmother) that he would only take his two sisters and stay behind, because the family needed him as an "adult" to stay and work. Although he was young at that time, he was already known in the village as a good hand at "driving the oxen to plow the fields". Everything was ready, so one night after the Chinese New Year, he took his two sisters and set out. Because of the first experience, they quickly went over the south mountain and came to Wutong Mountain. Under the cover of night, they hid in a dense bush, planning to wait for the right time to appear to sneak across the border line. The "time" was to wait for the border patrol soldiers to search the mountain, after a short time, as a year ago, history repeats itself, the search began, only to see a beam of light illuminated the night sky, like a long glowing sword in the darkness of the valley slash, make people scared. The light was getting closer and closer, and the dogs were barking louder and louder. At this point, he once again urged his sister to be careful and hide, and wait for the opportunity to sneak across again. After receiving a definite answer, he gently and quietly bowed towards the light source, and when he was close, he jumped up from the bushes, deliberately making a loud noise to attract the attention of the wolf dogs, and when he was sure that the light source and the wolf dogs were attracted, he ran towards the bottom of the mountain with all his might, falling down many times in the meantime, and finally he was caught at the foot of the mountain and escorted to the Dayouyuan shelter.

  "No wonder, once, Yun Gu came back to the mainland from Hong Kong, talking about this incident, she told me that at that time, it was lucky that you lured the border guards away, or they would not have reached Hong Kong, she said she was very grateful to you, a good brother who 'sacrificed his life to protect his sister'!" I said half-jokingly.

  "That's for sure, if it weren't for me, would they have made it through?"

  "Did you get beaten up by anyone the second time you went into Tai Yau Yuen?"

  "No. Maybe it was 'good luck for protecting my sister', or maybe it was because I knew the deputy station manager in the shelter. It turns out that the deputy station chief of the internment station is from our Qiaotou, he knew me from the first time I went in because of the fight incident, to say the least, he is a distant relative of my family. So, the people in the cell to see that I have the station chief's care will not dare to bully me." My father went on to say, "Later, the station chief knew that I was a good 'driving cattle' hand, so he took special care of me and put me in charge of the station's 'driving cattle' work. It turned out that there was a large area of farmland behind the station, and the station was self-sufficient in food, and the main labor force was the 'labor inmates' in the station - those who were taken in for labor reform because they had made mistakes. So, I was working and reforming in the internment camp. After the Qingming Festival, when the seedlings were thriving, I was released early to go home for good behavior."

  "It's a different time now, do you think it's still 50 years ago?" Suddenly Waterman raised his volume and said. So, the sound of his voice brought me back from "memory" to "reality".

  The water man then said: "The cell rules, every night, every hour, two people are arranged to sit in the room in front of the front and back of the duty to guard the discipline, to wake up the other two people in rotation. Detainees have uniform clothing, each person has a number, the rotation system is properly organized, everything has rules and regulations, can not be chaotic. The rules and regulations of the detention center are also hung on the walls, and violations will be punished, so no one dares to violate ......"

  "Ring...ring..." at this time my WeChat phone alert sounded, picked up and saw that it was my son urging me to come home for dinner. By this time it was dark, so everyone went home.

  For this "unforgettable" experience of being arrested for gambling, the water man said once on a whim, and in the days to come, no matter who asked him, he refused to talk about it, perhaps he later realized how humiliating it was for him to "go to jail for gambling". He was so reluctant to talk about this sad event. "Dayouyuan" is really a place that is engraved in his heart! I hope that my peers will never again dream of becoming rich overnight and become addicted to gambling, as others have done, and be imprisoned in "Dayouyuan"! May my descendants not be forced by life to leave their hometowns to "escape from the harbor" and stay away from "Dayouyuan" like my fathers! May my father rest in peace in the bosom of his loving Mother Earth!


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