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The Dancing Purple Elephants

Dream State

By Denelsia WalkerPublished about a year ago 3 min read
Purple Sky Delights

Every night at midnight, the purple clouds came out to dance with the blushing sky. Tribeca had not seen her sister in over five years. Imani knew Beca loved sleeping outdoors in warm weather. She tremendously loved stargazing.

Beca was super excited to see Imani and spend long overdue quality time. Seemingly, Beca is a lightweight when it comes to the rules of engagement on the journey to relaxation. Imani said, "Come here, lady, and help me set up this tent underneath these gorgeous purple clouds!"

Beca and Imani set up the tent as they reminisced of their former Girl Scout days when they would go on trips to many new foreign landscapes and gatherings for camping—swapping dear stories by recollection from their memory banks. The terrain and picture-perfect painted amethyst atmosphere with slight hues of ruby, sapphire, a touch of vanilla, and conversation were welcoming at day's end.

Punaluʻu Black Sand Beach beckoned the ladies for a sensational skinny dipping nightcap and swim. Each happily obliged with the warm, peaceful waves of the deep blue ocean. Beca floated on her backside, ogling at the sky, while Imani treaded lightly in the seawater.

Beca said, "Imani, I have never seen majestic purple clouds. I wonder what the meaning of this delightful slice of heaven is." Imani said, " Well, sis, there is no simple answer.

In spiritual terms, it means you are discovering more about yourself. Regarding weather, Stratocumulus clouds are what the purple clouds are called when it's cold outside. Sapphires reign the stratosphere mixed with traces of red ruby kissing the smoky air pollutants from a volcano fire, causing a mysterious purple haze. The sun's angle during a storm, such as a hurricane, redirects the sun's rise to reflect the magnificent shade. When the sun is low and travels through more than required, or it's ordinary particles to reach us, humans, it gives this delicious color."

Beca pondered while looking at the quiet sky over the answers Imani provided. After reflection, she said, "No matter the weather or what it may seem like, looking at the sky reminds me we are all connected on Divine Mother Earth." Imani said, "You are correct. Let's end the night on a euphoric higher note."

The ladies glided out of the water, dried off with their towels, and each put on their clothes. Imani pulled her light pink sleeveless cotton dress over her long flowing blonde hair, slender 5 foot 7 inches tall, 165 pounds blue eyed sun-kissed frame. Beca slides her medium women's white t-shirt and green boy shorts, and short kinky free twisted, coiled hair onto her 130-pound, 5-foot 2-inch tall cocoa frame.

Both ladies sit on the outskirts of the beach by the tent. Letting the waves rush over their feet and toes in the Smokey Quartz sand. Imani reached into her picnic basket. She gave her sister two beautiful fine white china dining plates to hold with silverware and cloth napkins as she fixed each of their dishes with treasures.

On The Treasure Chest Menu were,

A shredded baked chicken salad sandwich on rye bread made with grapes, pecans, dill pickles, and celery in Miracle Whip. A container of homemade potato salad made with diced potatoes, sweet onions, boiled eggs, celery, relish, carrots, and Honey Dijon Mustard in Hellman's. A spinach salad with homegrown tomatoes, green bell peppers, red onions, Greek cheese, pecans, and Ken's Lite Raspberry Walnut Vinaigrette.

Imani is a great host. That is why she is the best at planning luxurious travel destinations and on-the-island; weddings for individuals internationally. I love seeing her pictures flourish on social media of her organized wedding events.

Two bottles of Magic Hour Blackberry Red Blend California Flavored Wine - 750 ml, chilled to perfection, is now poured into our Lady Glass Cup stemware nonstop. She had left a bottle on her Oya altar earlier with the food as well. The scrumptious dessert was Hocus Pocus cannabis-infused baked brownies.

After eating our meal, we took a short brisk stroll on the beach. As we looked at the stars while smoking purple clouds, we discussed the constellations in the sky and plans. We heartedly laughed at what we thought were purple elephants dancing on the crimson night skyline.

We arrived back at the tent around 2:45 a.m. It was such an excellent time to experience with my sister. We drifted to bliss. We were awaking to the purple rain around 8 a.m. We then gathered everything, including our flip-flops, for a mad dash to the car.


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