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The courtyard in early winter

by BlossomParker 2 months ago in Classical
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Another year of winter, the yard ginkgo leaves overnight fell all over the grass, yellow leaves, semi-yellow grass, like a soft bed, the sun shines warmly on the earth, no summer enthusiasm, shining on people, lazy, if there is a pillow, you can sleep comfortably on the grass will be.

Looking at the yellow veins of the ginkgo leaves, a silk, curly leaves, like being baked, it is hard to imagine, that is, a month ago, full of eyes or emerald green emerald green, oblique to the top, efforts to stretch, semi-circular arc edge leaf veins edge, color from green gradually into light green, like the auspicious clouds in the Chinese painting. This year, due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, the Spring Festival passed hastily and without trace, the spring yard, what a sight, it seems to have not noticed, in the whole day home isolation and intermittent work, quietly dropping away, the summer heat did not take long, even the autumn has ended.

Yesterday, father-in-law from the hospital to my home to take a break, my wife said on the phone, father-in-law hospitalization rest is not good, want to think of my home a good night's rest. After work, I rushed home and saw my father-in-law lying in the guest room, the radio playing Qin cadence, the voice is not loud, the mouth shouted, "I do not have to invest the money", I was stunned, Dad, "you and talk about it?" Father-in-law saw me ask him, said there was a person outside the window and he spoke it, I immediately realized it was hospitalization drugs hallucinated, said aloud, Dad, it's okay, you get some rest, I'll go and talk to the people outside. On the drive to pick up the children, home at night, my wife said that my father-in-law rested after dinner, did not say anything. The next day, early in the morning, I sent my father-in-law, children all the way, first to school, then to the hospital, and so I sent my father-in-law to the hospital, my father-in-law and I in a snack bar, a bowl of oil tea sesame, my father-in-law looks much better. Due to the impact of the epidemic, the hospital requires that the escort must nucleic acid test before hospitalization to accompany, before that, father-in-law has been a person in the hospital because of cough, and over time, produced irritable heart. Asked the doctor, a few days ago, a new antibiotic was used, and father-in-law may not adapt to the new drug and hallucinated. The doctor immediately stopped the new medication, and my father-in-law's asthma was not reduced, but his phlegm was basically gone and he did not have a fever. My father-in-law is nearly 80 years old, with black and dense hair, more than ten years ago, together with my mother-in-law, to look after my children, from babbling to school, the children are in their third year of high school this year, do not want to, time flies, more than ten years have passed. My father-in-law is already in his 80's and 90's without even realizing it. After discussion, I discharged my father-in-law from the hospital and returned to my home in the eastern suburbs to recuperate at home.

When I returned to the courtyard where I live, it was already afternoon and I was really a bit tired, so when I looked up and saw the ginkgo tree, I immediately became much more awake. Under the ginkgo tree, there are old people picking ginkgo fruit - white fruit, white fruit outer skin like apricot dried, moist very attractive, children under the tree picking leaves, a string, very beautiful, this is a natural beautiful book card, there are a few ladies dressed brightly, holding a cell phone in the selfie, posing a variety of graceful posture, photographed the most beautiful scenery in early winter.

Yes, the days slip by unnoticed, and loved ones grow old in a flash. Pay attention to the beauty of the moment, care for the loved ones around you, and live a life with taste.

The yard under the warm sun is so beautiful!


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