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The "chaos" of skateboarding teenagers: maybe you can't achieve anything for a while

The "chaos" of skateboarding teenagers

By davidPublished about a year ago 11 min read

Han Han likes physics, martial arts, and skateboarding. Han Han is my college roommate.

"Is this skateboard yours? The martial arts team plays this, I almost know what kind of student you are."

In the office, Han Han's graduation thesis tutor said this to him, and I heard these words clearly through the crack of the door.

In October 2018, in the first half of the senior year, we were planning to have a meal of ice cream in the hot Hangzhou, and we didn't want him to eat a "cold eye" in the office first. When I was thinking about whether he could eat cold food for a while, he walked out of Teacher Zhang's office with a chuckle.

We both ordered an ice cream.

"I don't play skateboarding anymore. Now I can't even jump at level 1, let alone 'Big Chaos' at level 10." In the ice room, Han Han ate ice, and even his words were not warm.

"Mr. Zhang said that his student places are full. Unless I help him apply for an extra place from the school, he can't do anything about it. I said hello to him last semester and did his graduation project with him. This semester suddenly there is one less place. , I'm really unlucky."

After Han Han finished speaking, he looked at his Sonic skateboard, and his line of sight was like a conduit for complaints. I also feel bad for him. Both of us knew that this was Teacher Zhang's trick, just to find a reason to eliminate students he didn't like.

Skateboarding does not mean that a student has a bad character. This is completely Mr. Zhang's prejudice against young people. I wanted to say this to Han Han, and just as he was about to speak, his phone rang.

"Huh? Baby."

It was his sophomore girlfriend Lulu's phone call, "Oh, okay, then I'll place an order later." The young couple hung up the phone after a few chats.

"What's the matter? How can a couple hang up after less than a minute of phone chat." I'm very dissatisfied with Lulu's relationship with him, but I'm just his brother and can't make decisions for him.

"She wanted a bluetooth earphone, she told me to buy earphones, and she bought earphone shells." After Han Han said, my disgust with Lulu was extreme.

In the popular culture of tavern dating in colleges, many college students begin to lose themselves, and the sinking of values ​​often occurs at a certain moment. In my junior year, the handover ceremony of the student union was held in a small bar.

The student union is not a martial arts team, it is a "serious society" with "real power" in the university. As a new member, Lulu wants to toast us old ministers. The head of the Organization Department, who brought her in, got a little bubbly, but he started chatting with me who was not familiar with me. There was one sentence that was very harsh.

"The one with exposed breasts and long thighs, I recruited such a great guy, right?"

I blocked his drunken head from leaning towards me with my hands, for fear that the poison in his thoughts would stain my white shirt.

It turned out that the student union recruited me at that time, just because I was handsome, I was a little lost.

After three rounds of drinking, I was the only one from the northeast who was still sober. Lulu was in a mess. Lulu couldn't stand up, so she pulled the head of the Organization Department who was near her at some point, and asked him to help herself to the bathroom.

This is my brother's girlfriend, I went to help Lulu, but she slipped away. She grabbed the organization minister's wrist and insisted that he help her there. I suspect she didn't drink much.

Eat too slowly, and the icy ice will melt.

The memory of a year ago is still so clear. I'm not qualified to stop anyone, but it's my responsibility to let my brother know everything, even if Lulu told me that it won't happen next time.

"Don't buy it for her, you can share it." I finally couldn't help but recall with Hanhan what happened in the bar a year ago. Han Han, who had just been beaten by the tutor, was a little overwhelmed. After a while, I asked the waiter to change him a spoon.

The ending was quite happy, the old spoon was given to Sonic skateboard, the martial arts team clothing was left to the junior, and the girlfriend became the ex. Hanhan also found a new tutor, passed the thesis, made a new girlfriend, got a failed course, and passed the power and electronic technology course exam, Hanhan can graduate.

"I want to open a store, do you have an idea?" Hanhan's life was very expensive, some values ​​in the society began to attack him, and he became money-oriented.

I asked him in a puzzled way: "Aren't you going to be a graduate student majoring in physics? What about your Einstein dream? What kind of store are you opening? It's a waste of time."

Han Han obviously wanted to be sloppy, but he may have really thought about it. He said: "In this society, money is king. When I get married, I want a car, a house, and a betrothal gift. Now I go out for a maximum salary of 8,000 yuan a month. Only doing business and making money is king.”

In June 2019, I successfully graduated. Han Han's power electronics technology course exam has not been passed, so he can only temporarily leave the school.

I don't know what impacted his dream of physics, and I don't know if his "big chaos" has been practiced. I only know that he worked in the JK plaid skirt business for a year after graduation, and worked in script killing for more than a year. In the two years when the epidemic harassed from time to time, he made a total of 20,000 yuan, and he stopped doing business. It seems that he is not the material.

On the sixth day of the first lunar month in 2021, I came to Hangzhou on a business trip and asked him to meet.

It has been two years since Mianmianbing went bankrupt. We found a hot pot restaurant in the cold Hangzhou and sat down. His tears faintly glittered in his eyes.

"Hangzhou is so cold, I freeze to death." Hanhan took off the Bluetooth headset and put it into a headphone box without a headphone case. The mandarin duck pot was steaming hot, and we chatted.

In the past few years, Han Han has been working in a business that he is not good at, while applying for class signing and applying for exams at the school. Due to the reform of education in the school, only one teacher, Mr. Wang, is left to start the class, and the students sign the class. The power of life and death is in her hands.

However, Mr. Wang was worried about his teaching pass rate and refused to sign Hanhan for classes, and graduation became impossible. Hanhan has applied for the relationship many times, but Mr. Wang has always been unselfish. As for his love, it was more complicated. After graduation, he broke up. Later, he met a girl. He thought it was not bad, but it turned out that the other party was already married and even had a baby.

Listening to him talking about his years, I don't know whether to cry or what to do.

"It's best to wash the meat piece by piece, and the road is best to walk step by step." Han Han suddenly said this, I put down the meat plate in my hand, and dared not pour it into the pot.

"Are you saying that this is the case in my life? I didn't take this course well when I was having fun, and now I'm not even qualified to take this course, and I can't get my graduation certificate.

"If I don't graduate, I will not be recruited by companies. Companies will ask me why I failed to pass a university course. I matured too late, and I can't find a place to regret it.

"One or two girlfriends are like this. I was a kid who loved physics and dreamed of doing basic physics research, but now I'm sitting in front of a hot pot with nowhere to go."

I remember every word he complained clearly, and I seemed to hear something from it, but I couldn't describe his regret and helplessness, so I had to take a piece of boiled meat and put it in his bowl.

I drank a lot of wine that day, the corridor was very quiet, only the boiling hot pot soup was bubbling.

It snowed in Hangzhou. The last time I was a freshman, a boy from the martial arts team took me to a snowball fight without fear of the cold. Countless snowballs swept across the sky quickly, some scattered halfway, some smashed together and shattered into beautiful snow powder, and some hit the coach of the martial arts team who came to stop everyone from playing. .

The suspended team members gathered together obediently and put the snowball in their hands behind their backs, thinking that they could throw the snowballs to their friends immediately after apologizing, but after being educated for a long time, they had to quietly throw the snowballs behind the snowballs. on the ground. I was worried about being scolded too, so I hid from a distance and watched them get trained.

"I don't know how to go to practice when I have time to play? Let me tell you, some of you are recruited by me, and some are trained by yourself, and I didn't stop me." Coach Hua was very angry, and he didn't recruit him when he ordered a few. of people, including the boy who had the cheek to go to the martial arts team to train because he liked it.

"You are not the ones I recruited, or you don't know how to make progress. Do you know why I haven't kicked you out yet? The catfish effect."

I was sitting at the bus stop looking at the snow, thinking about it, and thinking about what the coach said that day, I just felt cold.

I have a very good friend who likes martial arts. He has the cheek to go to the school team to practice qigong. Even if he is not good at kung fu, he is always kicked and beaten and treated differently by the coach. He also said that this is training his fighting ability.

I have a very good friend who likes skateboarding. He was kicked out of the group at the final registration time of the graduation project by his appointed mentor. The mentor also satirized his hobby, and he could only be at a loss.

I have a very good friend who likes physics very much. Although he failed his graduation, his physics scores can be said to be invincible, but he was abducted by some things. He chose love, chasing money, and choosing A situation he never imagined. Even if only I think he was actually chosen.

The cars in front of the bus stop passed one by one, and I looked at the busy pedestrians. I can't see through their original intentions, I can't understand the sound of their busy footsteps, and I can't recognize the faces of these people. I just feel that everyone is you, everyone is you, my friend.

You are a weakling defeated by indifference, your original love and desire are slowly disappearing under my nose, everything you want to do becomes something wanting to do you, you feel that no one will help you, everyone is trying to get from You take an effort here. Finally, even your friend and I couldn't find you, a physicist I miss so much in the crowd.

We were finally in the crowd and slowly dispersed.

I am Hanhan.

I am used to eating soft ice alone in the hot summer, and I am used to cooking slices of mutton in a hot hot pot in the cold winter. I dreamed of being a groundbreaking physicist like Einstein.

In July of that year, two years later than my peers, I got my graduation certificate and took a graduation photo with my teacher wearing a bachelor's uniform. I touched the trees on the campus and smelled the flowers on the campus. I looked at the student council and passed by the martial arts team, the coach still walked by without any expression.

"Hello, coach." I said hello to him, but the coach didn't smile.

The Sonic skateboard made a sound on the campus. In the center of the campus square, under the eyes of everyone, I jumped up the front foot to fear and escape, and kicked the back foot to hard work and struggle.

The wind blows, I graduated.

On the plane to Thailand for my graduation trip, I remembered what a teacher said that day in mid-February.

"You have always been a very hard-working child and a person with great potential. People will make detours, but they have high ambitions and will always slowly get back on the right track.

"Maybe you haven't achieved anything for a while, but there is no problem with graduating from my class in front of you. Remember to work hard. You have always been great. As the saying goes, it's never too late for Tsinghua University."


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