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The Captive

by Brandsandu 10 months ago in Horror
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By Brandsandu

The Captive

A small ray of light entered the room from a small piece of the window my captor forgot to cover. I was taken hostage a few weeks ago and maybe even months, but then I was just not sure. I did not even know my name, or my age, my parent's name, or any sense of my presence. I knew nothing about my life, the past, or the future.

All I can remember was a very bright room, a frame tied to my hands and feet and a lot of pain. The room was empty, except for a large number of machines on both sides, next to the wall to check me, my heartbeat, brain waves and lightning strikes. I remember the loud cries that exploded in my mouth filled the whole room every time they put currents in my mind. Initially, the currents were usually very powerful, erasing memories of the past. Every day I woke up on the sofa not remembering anything yesterday… .yes yesterday. I had no idea how long I had been in the room I was in because I knew I would be coming to that place every day and… I don’t remember anything. But I knew I had at least been there for about a day. But I can’t be sure.

Time didn’t matter to me at the time, I mean I can’t eat, I don’t think. My inner mind was all that kept me alive. I wandered around the room. I had learned to walk because they did not bind me. Why would that be? I was an idiot and I couldn’t hear anything, I couldn’t do anything. They had better things to do anyway. I rubbed my sore temples. My head twitched and twitched, and as I thought nothing of it I focused on my journey. That’s how I spent my time walking or bending, covering my head with my hands, arranging myself in a binding position thinking that the pain … would start at any moment. I just had ice in my tracks. The hustle and bustle of people outside my cell told me that someone was going to pick me up. The thing about these people is that they could not keep the peace. But I didn’t understand them so I think it made sense that they were always wandering around and announcing their presence. One of the guards slammed my door and opened it, muttering something I didn’t understand at the time, but I know it. He said, “he wouldn’t have announced earlier” he just shoved and walked out “today is the day”. I was a little surprised by the noise and was even more shocked when he grabbed me by the hair and pressed me against the wall. I was weak due to lack of nutrition and had no idea how to protect myself, so I did nothing when he punched his fist with a metal bar attached to his hips around my neck.

The stream has passed through my body. My body relaxed and pale and my hands went down to my sides. The pain was less than what I was feeling mechanical, but it was enough to make my eyes pop out and my head throb. When I fainted, I saw a guard showing his friends to carry me. When I regained consciousness, I found myself staring at the ceiling. I rolled over and found myself in a car with tinted windows. I was lying on a small frame at the end of it. There was a man on my left who pulled me back as I tried to get up. I couldn’t move, I wasn’t allowed, so I lied instead. The van suddenly stopped. The man on the left took a funny belt with the straps going up and down and a timer in the middle. He pulled me up and put me on my waist in my dark grey boat, denim jeans. He stood up, grabbed a few buttons from my belt, and pushed me out of the van. I got out and started staring at the changing van and the dust rolling down behind it. For a few seconds, I stared at the different cars and the people on the road. Moving cars was my passion. Those moments turned into minutes and minutes maybe hours.

A few people looked at me with a laugh and their eyes opened as they approached my belt. Suddenly the car that had been passing me began to return to me in reverse gear. The man looked out the window. He asked something but as his tongue caught me I just shook my head. He got out of the car and when he came in front of me he knelt. You mentioned a few other things that point to my belt and I didn’t catch anything other than one word “Bomb”. His hands trembled and were mistaken as he wasted the belt. He pulled out a phone and the time we cried until then. He pulled a handkerchief from the inside pocket of his coat and wiped his sweaty face. He grabbed my arm and approached the car. The previous day was so busy that I did not even blink when I put it inside the car like a sack of sacks. We walk the streets for about half an hour and then I get to the workplace. It was a bright white building from the outside with many windows. A few windows were wrapped in a bright red curtain like a curtain that kept me from seeing what was going on. The man pointed to me and I walked in and out of the corridors and into the room. I bit my lip and screamed. It was the same equipment for pumping currents for me but not the same room.

Maybe I was thinking things were wrong and this place didn’t exist at all. A few men appeared with the same man. I hadn’t noticed his ability to disappear with shadows. I crushed like a wild animal when it took me to the frame. The same machines were attached to the body as they used to inject me. The man in the car would put a metalhead around my head when he quietly said “This will help you” and his face was the last thing I saw. This process felt so much better than I thought. I felt good about doing something I was used to and I once felt that the world was not going with the bosses around me. But when I woke up everything changed. I often feel that my eyes are focused on my heart as if I were expecting an attack on all sides. The best change was that I finally remembered, my name, my years of existence and circumstances while I was incarcerated. The room door opened and a man in the car came in and said “Hello”. I’m Dr Ashley Kinley. I believe you can talk now? “Yes,” I replied. His words are beginning to be heard now. It was a lie all my memory was a piece tucked inside my brain from the “Good” memory puzzles Dr Kinley turned to himself. He smiled slightly and said “Your investigation will begin at 4 pm” he looked at his watch “so you get a rest of about an hour.” I gave him a strange look and he explained that he had been “abducted for a few weeks by a foreign terrorist group. They were planning to make a human bomb as you managed to hold their meeting in a restaurant… ”he looked at me for approval. I nodded. It was all coming back to me now. He cleared his throat and continued “so luckily I saw you with that bomb. Our special agents had received information about the explosion in the area. You see I am a nuclear engineer, so defining a bomb was not easy but could be done for me. He smiled. The door to the door opened. In his memory lost before as far as I know. How did he do it? All I remember was a very bright room, a frame with hands and legs

Kate said her voice and her face both hurt and she was very electrocuted. So, now you are arguing with it. Just as bacteria are resistant to antibiotics when we use too many. The same thing happened to you. We have checked your citizenship details and provided you with your brain and facts such as your name, age and so on. Smiling apologetically “And what’s left to fall” Kinley added.

They began to explain the process in more detail but soon stopped when they saw my eyes shining. You had better rest now, “said Kinley, glancing at his watch. UN officials will arrive soon. ”I nodded as if this was understandable, but this set me free. As my head felt like it was full of mercury and my heart raced faster than the way I used to drive cars. I decided to take a break. At about 3:50 pm I was awakened and taken to you. I have just finished showing my touch to many UN officials on both sides. The man on my right scratched his beard. “Thank you for your time,” he said. The details of the attack and the weapons and your experience are very important. We hope we can arrest others soon, ”he began, stroking his beard. I nodded “You will be meeting your parents at the airport. My eyes are bright and clear for the first time since my memory was cured. I ran happily to the stairs to the car that would lead me to my parents’ arms at the airport.


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Brandsandu Is A Complete 360 ° Branding & Digital Marketing Company In Delhi & Ncr Providing A Complete Solution From Branding To Social Media, From Public Relations To Media Buying To Interactive Solutions.

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