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The Capes of Planet Poloto continues..

Season 1. Episode 3... The Black Cape.

By Anthony LeclairPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
  1. Episode 3. Buddie's Grandpa looks at little Buddie and said, “ Okay! there it was, the Black Cape, The most powerful cape of all, The King kept this cape to himself because he did not want the black cape to get into the wrong hand. This Black cape had the power to make any alien wearing it transform into any creature and was able to teleport from place to place that the alien wearing it would desire. So as the King was explaining the ability of the capes; but not to let everyone know too much, especially the twins named, Flinitra and Misko, who were not present at the time, so they thought." Buddie looked at Grandpa Noyazi, with excitement on his face, wondering all about what Grandpa was going to say next, especially about the twins. " Okay grandpa, okay grandpa, tell me more about Flinitra and Misko, who are they, come on! are they going to steal the Black Cape? Grandpa said with a alien-sounding voice, " Hush boy, we'll get to them, now who's telling the story? me or you? " Buddie look at Granpa with a smirk on his little alien face and didn't say a word. So then Grandpa continued with the story. "So King Lovayi was making plans with the other aliens' council members, who he apparently trusted. Just as the King was speaking, Flinitra and Misko, were hiding in a secret chamber right below the King's quarters where they can listen to everything the King and his members were saying about the Capes. But not only was the King talking about the whereabouts of the Black Cape he also mentioned the other 4 Capes that were hidden away in other parts of the planet." Grandpa looked at Buddie and smiled and said, " Don't you want to go out and play with your friends?" Buddie then looked back and said," Finish the story, Grandpa please" with a big smile on his face. Grandpa looked and just shook his head and laughed and said, " Let's continue this story later, plus, didn't you tell your friend Mosha you were going to meet up with her this afternoon at the park?" Buddie suddenly jumped up and said," Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I better get ready and let mom know that I'm leaving to see Mosha, thanks, Grandpa. You'll tell me the rest of the story tonight after dinner, right? Grandpa looked back at Buddie and said " Of course, now go outside and have some fun, I'll see you back here for dinner." ” Buddie quickly jump up and ran straight passed the kitchen and looked at his mom and said, “bye mom, ill be back for dinner, love you.” His mom then looked at him and smiled.
  2. Buddie’s mom’s name was Katra Noyazi, and she was a single parent of only one child, Buddie Noyazi. Katra took care of her son and her Dad Grandpa Noyazi. Katra went into their living room and looked at her dad and said, “ I heard you tell telling those silly stories to Buddie, and you know how he gets.” Grandpa then responded back. “ I know, I know, just having fun with the poor lad, especially after the disappearing of his dad” you and he have been through a lot, and I'm just trying to cheer him up.” Katra then looked back at her father and smiled. Katra then walked back to her bedroom, and began to weep, looking at the photos of her missing husband and her son, speaking to herself, while tears dropped from her eyes saying “ Where are you, Jhaja, your son and I need you back.” To be continued.....

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Anthony Leclair

I was born in 1977 in South America, Brazil, and was adopted when I was 7 years old. I started writing to help ease my anxiety and to let people know my thoughts and how creative I can be with my storytelling.

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